Pandora and Essence Autumn 2014 Update

pandora-autumn-2014-cover7Just a couple updates this morning for both the Pandora Essence Autumn 2014 Collection and the traditional Pandora Autumn 2014 Collection, as the new collections are finally hitting the stores.  The Essence Balance bead has been on short supply since it’s release last fall and recently it’s been retired completely due to the difficulty in sourcing the grey moonstone.  Instead, there will be a new design featuring the yin yang symbol in CZ which will be released with the Essence Autumn 2014 Collection for $75USD.

pandora-kiwi-and-fern-new-zelandIn other news, there will be a new charm coming out with the Pandora Autumn 2014 Collection that will be not be available in North America. It’s called the Pandora Kiwi and Fern representing New Zealand. It’s similar to the Pandora Southern Cross & Kangaroo charm for Australia which was also not released in the US or Canada.  It makes sense that there would be a replacement as the Kiwi was retired last month but I’m sad that it won’t be sold everywhere.  It’s likely that all over markets will receive this bead, just like the Southern Cross & Kangaroo.

Has the fall collections arrived at your store?  What do you think of these new designs?


  1. LOVE the essence balance… may have to get myself an essence bracelet now!

  2. Laura Summers says:

    It’s in here in VA – arrived today! I had a gift card and just had to treat myself to two essence charms. Everything else will have to wait til promo!

    I got to see this year’s ornament and was really disappointed. It’s a ceramic sleigh almost exactly like the one that came out a few years ago (the third ornament), but ceramic instead of pewter. :(

    Also learned there will be a weekend free leather promo the last weekend of October for breast cancer month, and they’ll allow upgraded to the special edition star bangle, which will retail for $75. It comes with a special box but is not part of a gift set. So I’m looking forward to getting that for only $30 with that promo and grabbing some of the winter line!

    I got Belief and Dedication today. :)

  3. Melissa Rex says:

    The new collection hit my store today too! Very nice

  4. Melissa Rex says:

    I went and bought this ring today- saving up for the ring promo in Sept :)

  5. The grey moonstone is so much prettier in person than the stock photo, it’s one of my favorite Essence beads. But I LOVE the new one, wow

  6. I can’t wait to see the autumn collection in person, but I’ll be waiting for the promo too. Hoping to get the two-tone bracelet…working on my husband :-). I’m pretty excited about the new New Zealand bead, it looks like a simple design but meaningful. As we are going to Australia and New Zealand in October, it’s great timing for me to get both of those that won’t be in North America. I did pick up the recently retired kiwi and I love him. Going to be working on an Australia/New Zealand/20th anniversary bracelet. Fun charm times coming up!!

    • I was surprised they retired the kiwi. I thought it was cute but at least I managed to buy it at a reduced price once it went on the retired list.

      Keen for the new charms to hit our Aussie stores – soon I hope!

    • That is the perfect way to commemorate your trip! I can’t wait for everything too :D.

  7. Pandoortje says:

    I also found a webshop that offers the new collection.Ordered the love and guidance charm, yeah!

  8. Johanna Guzman-Estrella says:

    Yesterday I got my double leather dark blue bracelet. Love it!

  9. What color are the CZs at the top of the Dove of Peace dangle? Are they clear, yellow, or a light brown?

    • They’re described as “golden colored CZ” so champagne.

    • Paula Keinert says:

      They match the fascinating ochre and the glass in the laurel dangle – they are definitely golden.

      • These charms just came into my area. The laurel leaves are much darker than the ochre murano and the yellow paves; it’s more amber than it is golden. It will look better as a necklace pendant.

      • Interesting! I can’t wait to check these out in my store tonight :).

  10. Paula Keinert says:

    Treating myself to some new fall pieces after a hard week at work. It’s amazing how you thing you want one thing, then when you see them in person, totally different things work for you. This fall is going to be hard on my paychecks. Snagged three today – peace dove (which I didn’t think I wanted), fascinating ochre and laurel leaves dangle. Building my fall bracelet…

  11. The new stuff just came into my area. The Midnight Star ring isn’t the navy blue that it looked like, it has more of a grey tint to it, but I’m absolutely in love with it. However, if you were looking for more of a navy blue, you will be disappointed. The two-tone leaf ring and the Sparking Leaves ring are absolutely gorgeous, as well as the Entwined.

    The laurel leaves charm looks more amber than it does golden, but I think it will make a pretty necklace pendant. I love the yellow pave and the ochre murano. The yellow pave I’m going to use along with the green pave to finish off my two-tone nature themed bracelet.