Pandora Disney Collection Officially Announced

pandora-disney-collection-announcementBreaking news tonight/this morning as Pandora has officially announced their collaboration with the Walt Disney Company to bring their beloved characters to charm fans!  Pandora Disney beads have long been requested by customers but previously only Chamilia had produced licensed Disney European style charms.  The initial release is scheduled for early November, to be available at North American Pandora Concept stores and Disney properties; specifically at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disney Vacation Club properties and Disney Cruise Line ships.

The collection will include silver and two-tone pieces including 25 designs and an additional 16 charms that will be exclusive to the Disney theme parks or the Disney Store online.  The characters will include at least Mickey and Minnie Mouse, among other famous characters for sure.  Pandora will be holding previews for their retail partners the week of September 8th, so I’m excited to hear more about this collection.  This will be Pandora’s third licensed products this year and will only be available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean.  

It’s uncertain whether Chamilia will also continue producing Disney charms as the licenses are not exclusive to one company but they have none planned for the rest of the year.  The ones they currently make are still going to be sold so I can only speculate as to the future between Disney and Chamilia.  Are you excited about this partnership as I am?  What characters would you like to see Pandora come out with?


  1. I’m going to be honest and say I am extremely disappointed if they do not sell these at all in Australia. Finding the ones I like to purchase online is sure the be tricky, and it’s not like I will be able to just hop into a Disney property to purchase these any time soon. I really hope they bring these to Australia…

    • No idea if they’ll be available in more countries in the future. I’m sure there will plenty of ladies to help ship them out when they’re released. :)

      • Yes, but having to hunt them down and pay extra for shipping, insurance etc – some of us aren’t loaded, just pandora fans or people whose families started a bracelet for them as a gift and are completing it bit by bit. It’s just a very odd decision to exclude the rest of the world from something everyone would love.

      • Considering US prices are usually cheaper than UK or Europe and shipping is $7, I think it would be pretty comparable.

  2. Stephanie Jade W says:

    I am excited about this but i fear it will be one of those collections you love or hate. Pandora please dont pave everything!! Pick your icons wisely and let’s be classy. I’d like to see a silver cloud with 14k gold thunder bold representing Hercules, i think the dangle shoe could be revamped for Cinderella, simple classic two tone mickey and Minnie silhouettes-maybe Minnie could have a rose/gold bow on her head-or maybe even a tiny bit of red enamel. I do think they should steer clear of using too much enamel as to avoid looking like camilla. The iconic Cinderella castle would have to be done too but special to differentiate against the current fairy tale collection.

    • Kaye Knkaye says:

      Yea – please dont pave everything.

      But makes me wonder – Disney is always characterized by sparkles – will Pandora use natural stones again? Diamond, ruby, sapphire? :)

      I am tired of CZs – enough please..

    • Great suggestions! I can’t wait to see what designs they pick. I love the princesses so I’d love to see one for each fairy tale.

  3. Justine Pearson-Vickers says:

    Not happy about the fact that most of the rest of the world miss out. Considering that Pandora are a European company, they do love to exclude us. I find it very strange.

    • Erica King says:

      The exclusion may have a lil more to do with disney than pandora

    • Each market operates independently so it’s probably the North American office that negotiated the license. If it does well, maybe it’ll be picked up by other countries, who knows?

      • Justine Pearson-Vickers says:

        Hope so. They’ll be a lot of disgruntled Pandora fans if not lol

      • I think it’s part of the fun to hunt down country exclusives ;).

      • Justine Pearson-Vickers says:

        I always feel like a burden if someone offers to help. I’m hoping to visit Florida next year anyway so I’m happy to wait a while.

      • Aww, it’s what makes this community great! I’ve made so many friends this way :).

  4. Laura Summers says:

    Love!! I thought the Camilla ones were kinda garish, so hopefully pandora does better. Hopefully they won’t all be dangles or pavéd to death!

  5. Demelza Guing says:

    I was like “oh my oh my, so excited, so excited” until reading Europe isn’t getting any. I can only assume USA will get them first and then they will be widely available.
    Pandora are flat out with new designs. Busy busy busy.

  6. Cant wait to see them! If they are classy, i will buy.

  7. My mom and I are going to Disneyland in November so this will be PERFECT! Thanks for the good news, I am thrilled! 😀

  8. Natalie Ast says:

    i have the cinderella shoe chamilia charm (the one on the pillow) and love it, my sister has the silver minnie head and while it’s a cute charm, the lack of oxidization makes it look cheaper. looking forward to this collab! a cute tink or donald duck charm would be amazing!

  9. Hmm I was wondering why chamilia didn’t have any more Disney charms this year. I think this is the answer.

  10. Dani Buttons says:

    AHHHH i was literally just talking about this last night! CAN NOT WAIT! This is the best news I’ve heard this week!

  11. so unfair that shop-in-shop and gold stores wont be allowed to carry the line. Unfair practices by Pandora towards their own retailers.

  12. Rosalba Carillo says:

    Finally I knew it was mentioned last year. I’m so excited beads that I can actually enjoy!

  13. Rosalba Carillo says:

    Finally this was mentioned last year in one of the meetings. I am so excited!! Beads that I will actually enjoy along with my passion for Disney :)

  14. I think this is a great idea! And I love that there will be some you can only get in the parks – that makes them extra special. In fact, I think there should be more like this. For example, I go to lots of PGA golf tournaments – wish they had a charm that I could only get there! I know it sounds like getting a badge of honor, or something, but I really look for things on vacation that I can only get there. For Disney, I still cherish the clothing and items I purchased that I could only get on the cruise. And the fact they Pandora is doing both – some in the shops and some exclusive to the parks – is the best of both worlds for me. Looking forward to it!

    • Chamilia always had some park only exclusive beads–there was a Disneyland bead, a Disney Cruise Line bead, and last year I got a santa Mickey that was always only in parks.

    • I love that idea too. The only ones I’m worried about are the cruise lines – if you can only get them there. I guess a Disney cruise won’t be too much of a burden! 😉

  15. Bonnie May says:

    A couple of years ago my bf got me a simple silver Mickey head from Chamilia, which I thought was cute, although he’s on my Charmed Memories bracelet, since back then I was rather snobbish about keeping my Pandora bracelet pure, and didn’t yet have a Troll. That and since I didn’t really move things much I didn’t want to have to take him off every time I was planning on going into a Pandora store to avoid being hassled.

    I am happy to help my international Pandora friends with the ones from concept stores & online once they’re released! I’ve gotten help from around the world, only fair to repay. As for the ones that will be parks only, perhaps I should start planning my February vacation now! 😉

    • That’s a great idea ;). I was just at Disney World in April and the charms were actually surprisingly hard to find. All the shops had little plastic or cheapy ones for kids :/. I’ll definitely be hitting up Downtown Disney next time I go, or maybe I’ll just buy them online!

  16. FairObjective says:

    This is terrific news! I’m sure Pandora will do a wonderful job with the Disney collection. I have a bracelet full of Chamilia Disney, as well as more spread over several other bracelets; I *love* them, and will love collecting the Pandora Disney line also. Yay! Take care…Kim

    • I can’t wait either! I’d love to see what the charms will look like :).

      • FairObjective says:

        Forgot to include my “wish list” for this collection: I’d love to see a mixture of Classic Disney characters (Winnie the Pooh, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Bambi, Pinocchio, Lady & the Tramp, etc.), the princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty especially), and some newer characters from their Pixar line like Lightening McQueen, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, The Incredibles family, etc. I think a wide range would appeal to *many* collectors of Disney. *Such* good news about this collection; can’t wait to see some previews! Take care, Leann…Kim

      • Great suggestions, I’m sure there’ll be plenty to choose from. Personally I’d like to see them concentrate on the more classic characters, but I’m sure the newer ones would be super popular :).

  17. Just noticed something interesting. Disney just opened registration for one of their RunDisney races today, the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in CA today. They are marketing the event on Facebook now as the “Tinkerbell Half Marathon presented by Pandora Jewelry”

    • I also hopes this may mean there will be Pandora exclusive charms for RunDisney events, similar to how there are Dooney bags exclusive to RunDisney events. Not that I need something else to spend money on but this would fulfil my long held desire for a running charm!

    • That’s right, is that a big race? I haven’t heard of it before.

  18. Amy Richardson says:

    While this is a wonderful move for customers, it’s going to be a nightmare for Pandora retailers. I work at a Gold level store and we lost so much business last Christmas because everyone wanted the Essence collection, which we aren’t allowed to carry, and I can already see this being the case with the Disney collection this holiday season. Pandora is constantly coming out with these exclusive collections that are great for the company but are hurting the retailers who helped popularize the brand.

    • :( Maybe they’ll eventually expand to all stores just like the Essence line?

      • Amy Richardson says:

        Essence still isn’t available in all stores, though, even after over a year on the market. It’s available for shop-in-shops to carry, but other levels are still out of luck. I’m sure it will happen eventually, but by then the retailers will have lost most of their customer base, especially as Pandora establishes more Concept stores.

    • I agree with you and I really hope that won’t be the case this time.

  19. Laura Summers says:

    Any idea on when you might get to show us a preview? November is right around the corner. 😉

    • I don’t have any pictures, I’m just in the dark as everyone! I’m hoping some will pop up next month ;).

  20. Can’t wait. I’m dying to see.

  21. I’ve already got the castle charm to represent Disneyland, but now I am really hoping there is going to be an actual Disney version of that castle charm instead…. UN-pave’d.

    • Oh yeah, I’ve got that one on my fairy-tale bracelet too, so I’m excited to do an official Disney bracelet!

  22. koolchicken says:

    Best Day EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Coonedog 7 says:

    Do you have any pic yet??

  24. Lesley T. says:

    Hubby and I are going to Disneyworld in November to run our first half-marathon…a Pandora charm would be an incredible way to mark the occasion! :)

  25. Baby Mama says:

    While I’m giddy with excitement over this, I wonder if Chamilia will continue making the beads once Pandora comes out with theirs. Chamilia designs always seemed a bit kiddie to me. I bought everything but the dangling princesses because they look so cheap for the price. If Pandora’s charms are more sophisticated, then thats the end of chamilia beads for me

    • Yeah, I have about half the Chamilia Disney designs, the ones that are more classic like the crystal Mickey is awesome! I don’t know if they’ll both continue making charms, that will be interesting to see.

  26. I love Disney! I hope there are a lot of two tones or maybe some rose gold two tones!

  27. LOVE !!!!
    I’ve been waiting to have my own Padora-Disney bracelet !!
    Can’t wait to see the charms and start my new collection !!

  28. rightleft says:

    DH and I will be going to WDW in November so here’s wishing they are available when we go. I am hoping for iconic charms like Jiminy Cricket, Tinkerbell and of course MM. Like others I hope they tone down the CZ’s. I am so tired of them, haven’t bought anything new for months. If the charms are enameled that needs to be toned down also. Too much can be tacky and they have to get the colors dead on. I don’t mind a head only, like Mickey or Donald but everything else should be a full body representation of the character imho.

  29. Kirsty Hanley says:

    I’m going to Disney World next month – so disappointed that I’m going to miss out on these charms by a couple of months! I’m in the UK so doubt I’ll be going back there in the near future :-(

  30. Dani Buttons says:

    So I was thinking of charms I would make in a Disney collection So far I’ve come up with 4. The Alien from Toy Story. Wall-e when he’s all boxed up and peeking out, Pooh’s Hunny pot, and genie’s lamp!

  31. I imagine they will be enamel like the japanese and korean doll charms that you recently previewed.

    I would like a 101 dalmation charm and I hope these charms are popular enough to be sold in every country.

  32. So as I live in England, can I not purchase any of these charms? Oh, I do wish! So they’ll have them in Disney world, do you know if they’ll have them on the UK Disney store online? Thanks.

  33. Pandora Superfan says:

    I’m sure we will get these in the UK the demand is so high I just hope they are suitable for all ages …. I love Disney and worked there so would like a charm to represent this but that doesn’t mean I want a pave Cinderella or Belle!! Just a simple silver Mickey silhouette or something would be great

  34. Why no UK? D: I’m planning to travel around California next summer so hopefully I’ll be able to pick on up then, along with some of the destination charms.

  35. Any updates or pics? Or do you know when we can see a preview? Thanks!

  36. Sneak peek of the Disney charms coming out soon in case some of you ladies have yet to see the pics released…

  37. Another Disney charm…

  38. And the last one that’s been shared as part of the sneak peek. These images were released by Disney. They’re also coming out with a Disney parks bracelet with a different logo on the clasp.

  39. Looks like I will start a new bracelet on the Disney collection!

  40. PyiPhyo Han says:

    I am from Singapore and bought the Disney collection via online sprees. But I have a doubt on my Classic Minnie bead’s authenticity. So could you help me to clarify that the polka dots on the Minnie’s bow are embossed on the bead or the dots are created within the bead.
    Thanks in advance for your help. :)