Battle of the Bangles Video

battle-of-the-bangles-videoAfter a bit of a break, I’m back with another video – this time comparing a number of different brands in the battle of the bangles!  I go through and review 7 bangles from 5 brands: Trollbeads, Pandora, Chamilia (Flex and Brilliance), Persona, and the newest releases from Ohm Beads.  I’ve provided dedicated articles on most of these bracelets already and you can check them out through the highlighted links.  Don’t forget that the Ohm Beads smooth bangle is on promotion this month – it’s free with any purchase over $150.

Which bangle is your favorite?  What are the attributes you like in a bangle?


  1. Once again, great video Leann! Thanks! My first bangle was a Chamillia flex one, just like the one you just reviewed. I bought it because at that time Pandora didn’t offer one. No complaints there, I like the oval look. As a matter of fact, I was skeptical about Pandora’s round shape. I decided to get one though, during the last promo. Another thing that I don’t like is having charms going towards the clasp, but that’s easy to fix with stoppers. Now, instead of going towards other brands, I got another Pandora because I liked so much the heart clasp limited edition. And will probably go for the star shaped one. From your review, the one that caught my eye the most was the twisted one. It is a nice change, and you can wear it without any charms. I am considering that one. I do have one question about the Trollbeads bangle. Since it’s solid, how much heavier is it compared to the others? Sorry for the long post, I like these bangles!

    • Thanks Marisela! The Trollbeads bangle is not cumbersome but it’s definitely solid. It doesn’t bend as easily. I’m not sure I could give you a specific oz. difference though, my scale is not that sensitive :(.

      • Thanks! Don’t worry, I just wanted to know if it was much heavier because the more beads you add, the heavier the bracelet gets. But this one won’t hold as many beads as a regular snake chain bracelet, so I guess it will ok.

      • Right :).

  2. I’ve said this before but I want to say it again: I love and appreciate when you do comparison articles! It is frustrating without your site, since so many if these products are available online only for me, and so impossible to compare products before purchasing. So sometimes I never end up buying anything! I have a friend who lost an end cap on a Chamilia cuff, and a charm hit the floor and was damaged, so for me, the open cuff types are out, as I can’t risk losing or damaging any charms I have. I like even being able to wear safety chain or clips on the Pandora. If only it was more oval, and they had better stoppers….then it would be a better product for me & I’d buy more charms at the promos to get one. I do like the Ohm twisted bangle just plain and now I want to buy & wear it empty even because it is just pretty. Trollbeads gets huge points for being compatible with everything, but it’s the being open at the ends & moving stoppers & being able to only wear a few charms on it that pushes me to pick Pandora or Chamilia brilliance (love the oval shape) as the winner for me.

    • Your experience may vary of course, but I find that the Troll stoppers fit pretty tightly on the bangle and I haven’t had any move at all. I do usually wear it with a single bead or just a few beads so they’re sitting more on top than toward the sides of the bracelet, which may make a difference. The closer fit of the Troll bangle may also help stop them from moving since they’re not really rubbing back and forth against the wrist as much, I don’t know.

    • I’m glad you like it, Kim! I’m surprised your friend lost a Chamilia cap, I haven’t had that happen before. I have lost a charm (but found it) with the Pandora bangle as I didn’t realize I didn’t close the clasp correctly. I think it’s mostly user error and not a default in the product. Haha. I like the Pandora and Chamilia bangles a lot :).

  3. Hi Leann,
    Thanks for the comparison video. I think I may need a Chamilia flex bangle now!
    Where do you get the silicon stoppers you are using on the pandora bangle? You probably posted this somewhere else and I havent came across it.

  4. Kimberly Ball says:

    Enjoyed the review. Leaning towards the new Ohm twisted bangle..just to wear plain, love that the texture is different. Will have to get a Chamilia flex..might like the feel better than my Pandora. .thanks for taking time to give us ladies all your knowledge & input on the many brands. .it’s appreciated☺

  5. How secure would you say the clasp is on the Ohm bangle? I love the twisted one, but I would worry that if I bumped my wrist the wrong way it would come unclasped and I’d lose charms, or even the bracelet itself. I may be some sort of anti-jewelry mutant, lol, but I have terrible luck with bracelets- I nearly lost a flex-type bypass bangle (it was a similar style to the Persona but a different brand) because it kept popping off of my wrist every time I’d bump it, and I can’t even wear any bracelet with a toggle clasp because they just fall right off of my wrists without me even noticing.

    • It’s pretty secure, you’d have to give it a good squeeze for it to unhook. But you could always try it out and then return it if it doesn’t work for you :).

  6. Wonderful!! Thank you Leann. I am sticking with my two Chamilia bangles for now, and the Trollbeads bangle which is more like a “cuff” to me, (smaller than the others in diameter and holds fewer beads.) I do love my two Chamilia bracelets.

    Many of the Trollbeads DO fit the Brilliance bangle especially silvers and universal core muranos. But as you said, the classic small core do not fit.

  7. I couldn’t concentrate on the video from looking at your wedding set, it looks like mine on steroids! Love it!

  8. Help! I’m trying to watch the video (Leann, I love the blog and the videos!), but I’m getting a message that the YouTube account has been suspended. Can you get it back up and running? I hope!!

  9. Many years ago a group called “The Bangles” had a hit song, the title of
    which I’ve forgotten (sorry, Bangles). Wonder if YouTube’s stealth evil-doer-detection mechanized algorithms thought your post (based on title) took their song? (Yes, YouTube, that was totally intended as an insult.) Leann, hope your excellent, and totally terms-of-use observant videos, are back up soon!!

    • Ughhhhhh…it’s such a pain! YouTube/Google doesn’t have any customer support whatsoever. I can’t even get an estimate on how long an appeal would take. It’s so arbitrary which is what makes me so mad :(. I’m in the process of creating another channel and re-uploading everything :/.

  10. Thanks so much for this. Based on your bangle comparison video, I just bought a Persona bangle and a triple leather bracelet. Before this morning I never heard of Persona! Also, I discovered x by Trollbeads here last week and bought 17 links and a lock. I will have to learn to exercise more control when I visit. 😉

  11. Thanks for the great info Leann! The Persona and Camilia Flex bangles seem very similar. Do you prefer one over the other and if so, why?

    • The Persona is lighter and more flexible, but I’ve heard people have problems with the ends sometimes. The Chamilia one is great too, it’s definitely more of a cuff though.

  12. I am new in the world of charms bracelets. I have a Pandora snake chain since 2 months, almost full (lucky me!) and I have a hard time finding the right size. My wrist is 14cm so I thought 16 cm will be fine but I find it too tight wearing full of charms. So my bracelet is a 17cm but I feel a little bit too loose.
    My question is: I really would like a bangle!!!! But I am sure a 17 cm Pandora bangle will be way too loose for me. Do you thing a Chamilia bangle, with its ovale shape will fit me better?

  13. Yikes! I haven’t had that happen yet, I’m glad you found your beads though.