Hidden Pandora Rue La La Sale

RueLaLaThere’s a surprise Pandora sale going on right now on Rue La La!  Featuring mainly recently retired charms and watches from last year, the discount is 50% and more.  Usually the boutiques are 4 days long, but this one is scheduled for 326 days which means that they’ll be trying to sell off everything.

For those that are unfamiliar with this company, Rue La La is a members-only designer sample sale website.  They are an authorized dealer for Pandora, and the brand has partnered with them for over a year to sell off retired jewelry.  If you don’t have an account already you can use my Rue La La invitation to sign up.  Keep in mind that they only ship to the continental US, not Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico; also no PO Boxes.  Many pieces are already sold out, so hurry if you see anything you like!

P.S. I have bought from them many times and they’re definitely authentic, and I am NOT affiliated with the website.


  1. I can’t find the boutique in Ruelala – please help!! Thank you :)

  2. That link takes you to the rue home page. I called them and it is apparently a boutique by private invitation only. They would not send me an invite, despite the fact that I have bought a number of times in the past!

  3. The link is not working for me

  4. Man! All the ones I liked were already sold out :(

  5. Janet Wegner says:

    Thanks Leann! I bought 4 more charms! Yahoo! I’m soooo addicted!

  6. 'Yraunaj De Vera Baylosis says:

    =( It doesn’t accept NON-US paypal users. I really love to buy the XL Muranos ='(

  7. Thank you so much Leann. The link worked and i picked up 3 charms :) thank you for sharing this info!!! btw, I loooove your blog!

  8. Sabina Izabela Osmalek says:

    i dont see..

  9. Latosha Wilson says:

    How do I get to the link?i can’t fine it.

  10. Sabina Izabela Osmalek says:

    im looking but dont see

  11. Latosha Wilson says:

    Can’t fine it in Relala.need your help.

  12. Thanks Leann! I got in and picked up a few spacers and a charm. I hope they will add more.

  13. Latosha Wilson says:

    I found the link! Yes!

  14. mlang1020 says:

    Never got this message from you through my email but did thankfully get it from someone else. Got 4 then had to order to more two tone charms to help with my two tone bracelet project.

  15. Latosha Wilson says:

    Thanks a lot Leann!

  16. Brattypants says:

    Thanks so Much! I have been stalking the RueLaLa upcoming sales to find the next boutique and you were right it was definitely not listed! I just picked up the last 2 breast cancer awareness beads!!!! Great find!

  17. Since this goes on so long, is there any chance they will add more or drop prices. Just wondering if I should keep looking at the botique. Thank you again for sharing the link!!

  18. GrizzzaBellla says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t get this email yesterday, but I am sitting in my car, was able to get on Rue La La and made an awesome purchase of a bead I never thought I could afford to own. Thanks Leann!!! Love reading your blog everyday!!!

  19. Sheba Holman says:

    Thanks for the update. I just brought 3 for me and 1 for a birthday present. I am new to your pandora world and already addicted.

  20. Thanks Leann! I cleaned up!

  21. I looked but didn’t see anything worth the trouble…

  22. Stella Stephens says:

    I got the Dew Drops orange 2 months ago. It’s stone looks so fake- color faded/plastic’ sh kind of look. And a necklace which just doesn’t look right. Or I should not expect much from ‘ Sale ‘ items of Pandora.

    • They’re orange moonstone and so have a whitish tinge to them. If you’re not happy with them, you should send it back. They’ve got a 30 day return policy.

    • @Stella: I too bought the orange DD and felt the same way. I kept mine and now I
      wish I had not.

  23. Thanks, Leann! If not for you I would have missed this Pandora Sale. ?? How does a “Surprise” secret sale on Rue work? I’ve bought quite a bit there and even had a Credit on my account … but wasn’t invited by Rue La La.

  24. They updated the sale again! They’ve added more charms again just FYI!

    • GrizzzaBellla says:

      Thanks for the update. I got a couple more and the macrame bracelet I wanted ;-). I had stopped checking guess I shouldn’t have!!

      • I’ve been checking like everyday lol. I missed out on the posey ring :( and although I’ve never been interested in their watches I am very tempted as some of them are up to 75% off!

      • GrizzzaBellla says:

        I love my citizen Eco drive watches, no batteries!!! just light to make them work. If I hadn’t stopped checking I might have gotten the eyelet lace bead I wanted!! Oh well! I’ll keep checking now! I’m waiting for the Stella charm that was recently discontinued and anything else that might strike my fancy that didn’t quite make it at full price!! LOL

      • I’ll be looking for the stella necklace! Hopefully they’ll have it.

  25. Leann, thanks so much for sharing this with us. I have been following the sale for a number of days now but lately they have not added anything new…a bit disappointing but hopefully they will start adding more stuff. I managed to grab a watch and hoping that I’ll be able to add more to my Pandora collection through this sale. Again, thank you!

    • You bet! I doubt they’ll add anything from the most recent retirement, so probably just clearing out old stock as they get it from Pandora.

  26. The link does not work