Pandora Valentine’s Day Collection 2014 Prices

pandora-valentines-2014-cover5I can’t believe how quickly the year has passed and now we look forward to the next release from Pandora which is the Valentine’s Day 2014 Collection.  The official launch date will be January 13th, but stores should be getting them around the beginning of the year. Unsurprisingly, the theme for this set is pink, hearts, and more hearts; this motif is not my favorite but there are definitely ones I like, especially the Interlocking Love and Gift From the Heart.  Amongst the love theme is the Figure Skater which is great for the Winter Olympics coming up in February. The charms always look better in person and I’m sure this will be the case again.  These images are higher quality than the ones before, so will hopefully give a better representation of the beads.

I’m on the fence with Love Note – it looks like a cute dangle and I love that it is articulated, but it seems too youthful for me. I’ve had plenty of questions regarding what is engraved on this piece and it says, “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the front of the card and inside is “To My Dear Valentine…Will You Be Mine”. Gift From the Heart also opens and closes with a gold ring inside. You & Me resembles the sweetheart candies popular during this holiday, features a CZ on the front, and the heart splits open to reveal pink enamel.  The price for Cupid is unconfirmed, but with a touch of rose gold I would expect a higher price point.

This is probably my least favorite collection in a long time because I’m not a huge fan of hearts or pink, and there are definitely plenty of those for this release. But having said that, I’ll still probably end up with a number of these charms, lol.  I’m getting slightly more excited for this collection because I really adore articulating charms and smaller dangles, so this collection is slowly winning me over.  Has anything jumped onto your wish list?

  • Janet L.

    I love heart shaped things with a passion so needless to say I will most likely get all of the charms except the skater…love those new spacers!!…can’t quite figure out what the Surrounded by Love is, is it a clip?

    • maaathgirl

      It’s just a charm, not a clip.

    • Leann

      No, I wish it were! There’s no clips or Muranos with this collection :(.

  • Michelle

    Leann, I LOVE this collection and will probably eventually get all with the exception of the figure skater. I am very excited for this release!

    • Daphne Scroggins Justus

      Me too ! I have seen them in person and Picts don’t do them justice. I have already given my list to my local store and am IMPATIENTLY waiting !!!! Not so much the skater. Just not my thing.

    • Leann

      That’s great! I’m glad you like it :).

  • Gratia

    I LOVE the twist of fate ring!!! Hope it looks soooo much better IRL and that I can wear it as a “thumb ring” :)

    • Leann

      That one is also my favorite from the collection. I’m sure it’ll look better IRL ;).

  • Crystal Grieves

    I’m on the fence on the collection there are a few pieces I’d love while others just aren’t doing anything for me. Once i see them in person maybe i’ll change my mind. i do however love the Twist of Fate ring.

    • Leann

      I’m sure it’ll look better in person, but I do wish there was a little more selection than just hearts :).

  • Carolyn

    Is “Surrounded by love” a clip? Or don’t we know yet? Thanks!

    • Leann

      It is not a clip. Regular charm :).

  • Amalia J

    Hi I just found your site (looking for the airline travel charm… Not gonna happen haha). I almost hate this collection, but we’ve had the pink gift one in Europe for some time. I like the gift from the heart and the Cupid, but as I’m not in the US or Jared’s, I won’t see that one either.

    • Leann

      Hi Amalia, welcome to the blog! The cupid is not exclusive to the US, it’s just only available at Jared’s in the North America.

  • Unicorn Lover

    There are some cute pieces in the new collection but not all of them. Ready for more unique again!!! i LOVE MY PANDORA THOUGH!

    I have 5 full bracelets and 2 full Christmas bracelets. Guess that’s a little crazy but that is how much I love Pandora.

    Merry Christmas to all!!

    • Leann

      I feel the same way :). I hear spring is going to be lovely though! I’m very much looking forward to that, as I’m not a fan of hearts. Merry Christmas!

      • Stumbleine

        Can. Not. Wait! for your sneak peek of spring charms!

        I got engaged this year and love the ring box charm from this collection. I’ve been dying for rose gold charms (to compliment my engagement ring), so this puts Cupid on my list too!

      • Leann

        Hopefully soon! Congrats on getting engaged! The ring box looks really cool and I can’t wait to get the cupid too!

  • Érika Perales García

    Hi Leann, I’m not much of a heart lover myself, but this collection makes me want to make a heart themed bracelet…For some unknown reason I like it :)

    • Leann

      I like some pieces too, I’m sure they’ll look better in person :).

  • Justine Pearson-Vickers

    I only like the Cupid, these are really not my thing….thankfully! Ha

    • Leann

      Haha, better for the wallet right? 😉

  • Natalie

    I love the one with the word “LOVE”. It seems unique and not like the other charms that seem more like something your husband or boyfriend would give you for valentines day. It could also have symbolic meaning where you are loved by people or just idk compassionate towards others I suppose. I’ve just started collecting the charms and so far my bracelet has a turtle, carousel, splashing fish, zebra pattern bead, and an owl.

    • Leann

      That’s a good point, Natalie! Are you going to be getting that one?

      • Natalie

        Hmm maybe I’d have to ask my parents about it. I got $150 from my grandparents for Christmas but I don’t know if they will let me spend it on a charm. They probably want me to save it for college textbooks or clothes.

      • Leann

        Aww, do you really need that stuff? 😉

      • Natalie

        Unfortunately yes I do need the college textbooks since I am getting ready to start my second semester of my 3rd year. :(

      • Leann

        LOL. Well, at least you’ll be learning a lot :).