Pandora Valentine’s Day 2014 Jewelry Preview

pandora-valentines-2014-cover3Shortly following the first sneak peek of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2014 Collection, is a look at the new jewelry that will be available with this set.  I have been able to confirm that the release date is set for January 13th, but most stores are likely to see these pieces by early January; while retailers can sell these in person, they will not be able to put them up on their websites until the official launch date.  Like the charms, this is more of a mini-collection than true stand alone adding just a few new things to the line.  Included in the Valentine’s Day jewelry will be 4 rings, 2 earrings, and a locket.  Again, apologies for the fuzzy pictures but they do give a good idea of what the designs will be. (Cover photo is courtesy of Raquel Lopez, thanks!)


Unsurprisingly, hearts are the main theme of this collection and that carries over to the jewelry.  A few small heart solitaire rings and earrings make up the bulk of this release.  I do love Twist of Fate and will be adding that to my wish list.  The Love Locket is very cool as it opens up to an articulating CZ dangling heart inside, and this will match the Gift from the Heart perfectly!  That’s it for this short preview, what do you think of these pieces?


  1. Some of these look very nice. I can’t wait to see IRL!

  2. Love the locket!

  3. I love that locket! I’ve been looking for a pretty one for ages <3

  4. That locket is really cute!!

  5. Now I love quite a few of the charms that have been leaked thus far.
    But the jewelery? The Twist of Fate is a lovely NEW addition but the One Love is just recycle of the other ring with a heart on it?? And the earrings are just…so plain and so is the locket! Where’s the tinge of pink or something? That locket is so…dull looking on the outside…

  6. I’m kinda loving the heart studs. What can I say; I’m a gal that usually sleeps with earrings in. So they look comfy.

    Any word on the stones for the red & “lotus” rings? Please say the Lotus is prehnite…. :-)

  7. Laura Summers says:

    Is there another pair of earrings or just the heart studs?

    Totally underwhelmed. I do like the “twist of fate” ring, but that’s it.

  8. Do you know what website will carry the new valentine bracelet?

  9. Yay! Will def get the twist ring and the locket. There is enough room in there to engrave something!