Pandora Winter 2013 Collection Official Release and 12 Days of Christmas Promo Details

pandora-winter2013-12-days-of-christmasAlthough the Pandora Winter 2013 Collection is already partly available in North America, today is the official release day which begins the holiday marketing campaign and the rest of charms in this set (the ones in the 12 days of Christmas promotion excluding the Black Friday Charm) are available for sale individually.  The beads that have been held back are: Winter Mittens, Candy Cane, Reindeer, Tree of Lights, Perfect Gift, Dashing through the Snow, Snow Globe, Silver Bells, St. Nick, Winter Wisp, and Winter Wonderland clip.

However, the 12 Days of Christmas will not be out until November 29th when the Black Friday Charm debuts, if you want to buy these charms as a bundle for the value price (North America ONLY, $500USD/$550CAD).  The promotion includes the 11 charms pictured below, an extra Winter Wonderland clip, the Black Friday Charm, and a free jewelry box design center GWP.  Thanks to Yasemin Biktim, we’ve got a picture of the Designer Center! It’s not very big and wouldn’t be able to hold a large collection, but it looks great to use as a play tray of sorts.   I’ve preordered my 12 Days of Christmas Bundle and I can’t wait to get it!

It’s also the premiere of this collection globally and for many countries today’s the first opportunity to buy any of these charms in stores.  In other markets, this release is known as the Pandora Christmas 2013 Collection, and that is certainly apt as it’s predominantly Christmas themed. The Santa ornament GWP will be offered in many areas, so it might be more judicious to hold off purchasing until then if you like that design.  For a full preview of the pieces and prices for this season, check out: Pandora Winter 2013 Collection Prices and Live Shots.

It’s the start of an exciting week as the Pandora Essence line is also launching, and I’m anxiously waiting for the end of the work day to get my first Essence bracelet and charms!  More on that in just a bit ;).  Are you excited for the Christmas/winter charms?  Does the 12 Days of Christmas promo tempt you?  What do you think of the Design Center?


  1. Crystal Grieves says:

    Im so excited I posted the other day in a FB group. The store I buy from is a Gold Level shop in shop and my husband has bought me the promo. We were very disappointed yet excited I will be the only one in our area that will have it as his store was only allotted 1. That’s not a typo just 1. I hope others can enjoy this too unfortunately we dont have a concept store close but 2 hours away.

    • I had heard that these were going to be very limited but wow, that’s crazy! I’m so glad you got one though :). Do you like all the charms in the set?

      • Crystal Grieves says:

        From what ive seen online they are growing on me. I have to wait until Black Friday to pick the set up. My favorite that ive seen in the store is the snowglobe. I also am in love with snowflakes so im excited about those :-)

      • The snowglobe is also my favourite, looks so shiny on my bracelet :)

      • It didn’t look very good in pictures, as one of the sneak peeks, but it definitely looks better in person! :)

  2. it does tempt me but I am going to resist because there are a few charms that I would not choose to buy otherwise…plus, although the box looks very nice, I’m afraid it would just get stowed in the cupboard with all my other Pandora boxes…I’m going to just buy the charms that I want :)

    • Agree! I have so many pandora pouches and boxes from past GWPs and can never bear to use them.

    • You and me both! All my promos are stashed in its own bureau that I bought from Ikea. My husband couldn’t take the cluster anymore so got me a storage system…unfortunately it got filled pretty quickly so it’s been a losing battle ;).

  3. This is a gorgeous set but I’ll probably pass on it as well–I’m not much of one for seasonal pieces as I’d rather invest in things I can wear year round. I think the silver bells would be an adorable wedding or anniversary charm and a couple others look dual purpose. I’ll save my money for some Essence!

    • I feel the same way, it’s very seasonal but so darn cute too. Especially the silver bells, they jingle! I can’t wait to get the set :). Did you buy some Essence?

      • Leann, I had major knee surgery and have been unable to make the trek to my closest Concept store which is an almost 2 hour drive from me. :( soon I hope!

      • Oh wow, I hope you are recovery well! No hurry as these aren’t limited :).

  4. Laura Summers says:

    Just left my store. They actually said that all the 12 days of Christmas charms are available now, Pandora is just choosing to “highlight” a different one each day, rather than release one individually each day. They had them all there, and they are lovely! I think I’ll pass on the gift set though, because there are several I don’t really like (i.e. the snow globe, the Christmas tree – already have the two tone, and winter wisp since it looks so similar to the Black Friday charm). I MIGHT have changed my mind if the jewelry box was extraordinary, but it doesn’t really seem like it’s anything special. Wish it at least had a holiday theme or something.

    I was definitely going to buy my first Essence bracelet and a couple charms today, but when I got to my concept store – AMAZING news! The manager knows me and greeted me warmly with some still-secret news. On Thursday, they’re having a launch party for Essence and the first 75 people get a Pandora swag bag with a $100 purchase including the black Pandora tote and some other Pandora promo items. Score! I’m okay with waiting a couple extra days to get some of those limited edition GWPs! Ladies, ask your stores if they have a launch party before you buy!

    • Yes, originally Pandora was going to “release” one charm a day for 11 days, how awful does that sound? Even for a hardcore fan like myself, I wouldn’t be going into the store every day. LOL. I’m glad they’re doing it this way, but the promo is still kind of confusing for people, since they do have all the charms now but won’t be offering the set until the 29th.
      That’s fantastic about the Essence promo! I got a keychain with my purchase but only because my store was newly opened and they had some extra promos laying about. Do report back on the GWPs! Enjoy your new purchase :).

  5. So can we buy any of the charms etc. now?

  6. Coonedog 7 says:

    Yahoo!!! I got one of the new Essence Collection bracelet, Prosperity, Faith, Wisdom. The bracelet is thinner, sale person suggest to go size smaller since the charms are smaller. I love this collection. This bracelet is very complement to any ladies style. Happy, Happy :)

  7. Gus Grinstead says:

    I agree with some others here, not really interested in the bundle and the box. I ordered just the few I wanted (Tree of lights, red Santa and dashing thru the snow). and I’ll wait for the Black Friday charm on Black Friday (and I might want two of those!) oohhh – and I do want the Three Wise Men from the Jared exclusive! Of my several (4!) bracelets, this will be my first Christmas/winter one. Finally found a group of holiday ones that I like. Can’t wait!

    • Definitely a heavy focus on Christmas this year, and a wonderful set to choose from. What else are you going to pick for your holiday bracelet? :)

      • Gus Grinstead says:

        well….now that you asked…:) I’m hoping to grab another Pick a Pave with red pave lights and two of the red faceted glass charms. After I get all that together, I’ll have to see what else fits in, but it looks like I’m going with a silver and red theme (minus the candy cane)!

      • Wooo, sounds very glam! Love your choices and they’ll be perfect for the holidays!!

  8. Lynn Callow says:

    I have also preordered the 12 Days bundle as well. I am a Christmas crazy person and am working on 2nd Christmas bracelet. I am a tall woman and one bracelet looks weenie. I need 2 to carry it off. I have already created 2 everyday bracelets and I separate them with 2 unadorned Pandora bangles acting as “spacers”. I will use these “spacers” with the Christmas combo as well.

    I LOVE the weight and I feel pretty when I wear them. And I wear them almost every day. Can’t wait to finish 2nd Christmas bracelet. I will wear Christmas bracelets for about 2.5 – 3 months – everyday. Not bad.

    You know what I would like? A charm that is a clock. Maybe it’s face would be too small, however. Anyone else like that idea?

  9. Hello. Do u have any information about 2014 promos?

  10. I got the snowglobe and I love it on my bracelet :) I also bought the new clip with the moon, star an sun :) Hoping to get the pinecone for christmas!

  11. mine is ordered, it’s my christmas present from my hunny this year. :)

  12. Hi Leann! I’m planning on giving this as a gift for my mom and I’m wondering if this set will come with a bracelet as well or if it’s just the beads and the box? Thanks so much! :) I’m so excited to pick up a few of these pretty beads for myself too!

  13. I love the Christmas collection! But I only got the snowflake clip and the snowflake pendant will be next :)

  14. I just got a call from my pandora store, they got the Christmas set in today. I am so excited! I will be picking it up tonight! It is beautiful. I’ve already picked up the pinecone, the snow angel, three Wiseman, the snowflake pendant and two of the white effervescence for my Christmas bracelet. Just have to wait for the black Friday charm to finish it.

  15. Crystal Grieves says:

    I just picked up my promo. I love it!!!!