Pandora Valentine’s Day 2014 Collection Sneak Peek

pandora-valentines-2014-cover1Helping to usher in the holidays is a sneak peek of the upcoming Pandora Valentine’s 2014 Collection!  This set only contains a few pieces and includes 10 regular charms, 3 special distribution (just in the US), and 1 bead that will only be coming out as part of a bracelet set.  The release date is unconfirmed but will likely be January 13th, and with the typically early shipment we could expect to see these in stores by the end of December or early January.  Apologies for the low-rez images but these were the best that I could find as it seems like Pandora has done a better job this season with keeping their images underwraps.


Early this morning though, my friend Marina Vekshina posted these photos from the catalog on Facebook!  These are used with her permission and are a little clearer than the stock photos I could find, they also provide a bit more information on the beads.  The Gift From the Heart is sure to be a bestseller and it’s a heart box with a gold ring and CZ stone inside.  The Cupid features a touch of rose gold, which is the first time that’s been a material used on a charm from Pandora.  However, to my knowledge the US will not be receiving the pavé heart bracelet (pictured below).

A continuation of the US special distribution charms where each type of retailer receives an exclusive just in the US, this season will see the addition of the Wrapped With Love (otherwise known as All Wrapped Up in Pandora) to North America; originally debuted for Mother’s Day 2013, this charm was  previously not available in the US or Canada and will be at shop-in-shops (multi-brand jewelry stores).  The two-tone Cupid will be a Jared Galleria of Jewelry exclusive, and Interlocking Love will only be at Concept Stores.  Sparkle of Love will initially be sold with a bracelet gift set, this will probably come out separately with the spring collection based on historical data.  I’ll be writing on the promotions and jewelry in a separate post, so look for that soon.


Lots of speculation at this point, but I’m happy to offer this full preview of the upcoming charms!  With the exception of a few pieces – Interlocking Love, Cupid, and Gift From the Heart which are must haves for me, I’m quite disappointed in the selections for early next year.  Granted Valentine’s Day is all about pink, hearts, and love, but the saccharine sweetness of this collection makes my teeth ache a bit and seems targeted at a younger audience.  I’m sure these beads will appeal to many but for me, it’s far from my favorite release from Pandora.  What do you think of this lovers’ holiday theme?   Anything you’re dying to get?


  1. If they are going to do soooo much pink, I wish they would do something a little brighter. Hot pink would be better, give it a punch of color instead of the pale pink all the time.

  2. I agree that these will be a big hit with the younger crowd. Whenever I’m supply teaching at the Grade 7/8 level the girls always love to see my Pandora bracelets. I think they will love these charms. (But I won’t be buying them!)

  3. I love the cupid! But it seems as it will not be available in Germany :(

    • The special distribution is only limited in the US, it doesn’t mean that other countries won’t get it :). The Love Note does open but I don’t know if there’s anything inside. Maybe “be mine”?

  4. Looks like I will be saving money until the Spring. I purchase the pink present last May. Pink will not be on my radar in 2014. Gift with from the Heart seems similar to the Pandora Membership club bead idea. What happened to that January debut? I hope to see eye popping murano beads soon!

    • Me too. It does look very similar! I think the Pandora Club is coming out in January for some countries. I think I heard it’s going to be more like the spring collection for the US.

  5. Pink is my favorite color! I don’t think I’ll bother with Gift From the Heart since I plan to get the Pandora Club exclusive which has a real diamond and Romantic Union is also on my wish list. Is there going to be a GWP for Valentine’s Day in the USA?

  6. Nadia Thomas says:

    Why are they doing soo much pink for valentine’s anyway? To my knowledge isn’t that holiday inspired by red??

  7. In my opinion, most of these charms are cliché, unoriginal and quite tacky. There are enough love heart charms. I understand one or two more, but a collection? I don’t mind interlocking hearts or the top of the valentines day however fancy pink love is so tacky; it’s something I would have worn wear in 3rd grade. I hope they don’t retire heaps of charms so they can make space for this lot.

    • Yes, I tend to agree :/. I like the interlocking hearts a lot as it reminds me of the Christ charm. All the other hearts are so over the top!

  8. FairObjective says:

    Cupid is detailed and whimsical – I’ll probably get this little guy, and maybe also Interlocking Love. Last year I picked up the Lovebirds; they’re adorable, and I placed them in the center of my Family bracelet. On this same bracelet I added Ohm’s Bluebird Of Happiness, since it signifies domestic happiness and good fortune on the home front. Like an earlier commenter remarked, I’d like to see some new, really pretty muranos added to the early/spring 2014 collections. They really add za-zing to a bracelet situated with meaningful silvers.

    • I was surprised by no Muranos either, but I don’t think their Valentine’s Day collections have included glass in the past either. I love Cupid and Interlocking Love too :). I got the Lovebirds last year and they are so big! I had the hardest time finding some bracelet real estate for them ;).

  9. Pattie Hall says:

    I think I will get the sparkle of love bracelet set, need a new bracelet ,and I like cupid, as for me I love pink.they all look great. better start saving my money now.

    • The bracelet set is a good deal, but I am annoyed that you’d have to buy the whole set to get the special charm. :/

  10. No muranos? Any news whether or not there will be earrings and pendants? As someone else commented, I think that there should have been more red, or some other pink tones. And that Fancy Pink Love, it’s too tacky for my taste. On the other hand, I like the gift from the heart, the interlocking love, and the fancy pink hearts pavé.

  11. Honestly I really think it’s unfair that Pandora does so many promos and beads that are only US exclusive. It’s a danish brand, so they should be fair to Europe as well! Most of the beads seem too “girly” for me. Although I love the thought of a cupid with rose gold!!! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get that one since I’m in Belgium…. umpf! I’m curious to how the figure skater looks like!

    • I completely agree with you Farah!

    • The special distribution charms only apply to the fact that certain retailers get certain beads in the US. They will be available outside of North America, it’s not US exclusive.

      This collection is very girly and brings to mind celebrating Valentine’s Day when I was in grade school :/. The figure skater is too long for me, it’s for the Olympics but a bit out of place in this collection otherwise.

      • Oh well that’s a really big difference! Sorry for the complaint in that case! :) Although it is true that the US (and the UK) gets a lot more promos and pandora is cheaper there…

      • Yes, that’s definitely true! We do charge tax on top of the stated price though and I think the UK, VAT is included in the price. Our promos are much cheaper here.

  12. This collection is very pink and girly. It’s definitely not for everyone. Gift From The Heart and Sparkling Hearts are my favs. Around what date do we get to see the Spring collection preview?

  13. Laura Summers says:

    Interlocking Hearts is the only one I really like. The rest are too…well, too sickly pink and sparkly pink for my taste. They remind me of Persona in that regard (a little garish, IMO). The Sparking Hearts clear spacer isn’t bad, but I don’t really use spacers.

    LOVE could be used to memorialize a visit to Philadelphia, perhaps. The famous LOVE sculpture in Kennedy Plaza is an icon of the city, and it looks similar to the charm.

    • Me too, very garish. LOVE seems to plain to me, and reminds me of Kay Jewelers; that’s a great way to use it for something other than Valentine’s Day. :)

  14. I think they should have added some red too for Valentines. But as pink is my favorite color, I was disappointed that the fall and winter collections were about every color except pink. Maybe they are just making up for no pink.

  15. Reba Zimmerman says:

    I would usually never complain about anything pink and sparkly, especially for Valentin’es Day. However, these all seem cliche and kind of cheesy. As someone already mentioned in the comments, there are already a lot of love and hearts charms. A whole new collection of them seems unnecessary. I do like the Cupid though, but I’m not a huge fan of dangles, so I doubt I’ll even get that one!

    • I could not agree more. Granted this is a holiday surrounding love so hearts are a given, but man the entire collection?! Yuck :(.

  16. rose mello says:

    What is the price for the new Valentine bracelet?

  17. Coonedog 7 says:

    Hello Pandora Sister,
    I do like the Valentine Story book charm. I need a WOW< , just got to have charm.

    • Do you like the Love Note dangle? It’s cute and I’m intrigue since it opens but otherwise reminds me of kids giving out Valentine cards :).

  18. Daphne Scroggins Justus says:

    I have seen these charms , they are beautiful!!!I intend to purchase most of the collection to go with my “fairy tale” bracelet.not sure where the figure skater came from , gonna skip that one , but over all I am sooo excited to get these !!!

    • I agree, I asked the same question “where did the figure skater come from” (lol)

      • Nancy Welke says:

        I thought the same thing. Its like they threw that one in there. Doesn’t even match the set of new charms.

    • The figure skater is to represent the winter Olympic games, I’m sure. It seems a bit redundant with the ice skate already out, but who knows what they’re thinking! :)

  19. I wish I didnt like them, but darn, I love them all. Broke again!!

    • It does come close after Christmas, but they’ll be around for a while so you’ll have time to save!

      • They are always much prettier in person than in print, so im sure I’ll be buying!

      • That’s true, but I sure don’t like the theme for this collection! That’s always been my preference though, so I can’t complain that Pandora is going hearts to the wall for Valentine’s Day. :)

      • Im a new collector of Pandora and Trollbeads so im still the phase where I want EVERYTHING! LOL

      • That never ends even when you’ve been collecting for a while ;)!

  20. i think the ice skater is a little random… I have seen a sneak peek at the earrings and rings with the collection, and to be honest, i think they need to stop coming out with so many heart earrings. They should expand to other styles and designs.

    • CharmWhore says:

      They did a figure skater because the collection will be launched around the time of the winter Olympics.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. It seems like they’re just using the same mold and just adding different details to them. I think we need more unique designs :).

  21. CharmWhore says:

    With the exception of the special distribution charms I was not a fan of the Valentine selection when I first got a look at it a few months ago. They have a Chamilia /Charmed Memory look that I’ve never really liked. But with that being said, from the photos I have of the Pandora 2014 Spring Collections they will make up for this lackluster collection tenfold!

    • Please share your Pandora 2014 Spring Collection photos!

    • Do tell! What are we in store for?? 😀

      • I was going to upload a few picks in the comment section but Disqus doesn’t want to work right now. Roses, Butterfly’s (cute ones), White blossoms, really cute bow earrings, rings, and a necklace pendent. A almost honeycomb designed ring, earring pendents, necklace pendant and a openwork pavé charm. The Oopsy daisy charm gets a ring and a matching studs. A new bangle with a pavé heart clasp and Im sure there’ll be more but thats all i got!

      • CharmWhore says:

        So the photo did upload just three times! LOL!

    • Laura Summers says:

      Have you really seen the spring collection?! SHARE!! :)

    • CharmWhore says:

      Spring= Roses, Butterfly’s (cute ones), White blossoms, really cute bow earrings, rings, and a necklace pendent. A almost honeycomb designed ring, earring pendents, necklace pendant and a openwork pavé charm. The Oopsy daisy charm gets a ring and a matching studs. A new bangle with a pavé heart clasp and Im sure there’ll be more but thats all i got!

      • Omg, so adorable!!!!!! I can’t wait. I have to say that spring is usually my favorite release because I love everything flowers. These sound awesome! Thanks, Charms ;).

  22. Wendy Carr says:

    I love the spacers, gift from the heart, love note and the all wrapped up! They are must!! I’m sure I will find more to love when I see them IRL :)

    • I’m sure they’ll look better IRL, but my first impression was so many hearts. Not my favorite motif, but I sure have a lot of them now thanks to Pandora! Lol.

  23. Coonedog 7 says:

    Hi Leann,
    Thanks for the reply. Yes the charm is the love note I like. The other like a WOW! Got to have.

  24. These charms are cute but not for me, except maybe the cupid. There is a ring and necklace in this valentines collection that I must have. Not sure if it will all be a part of the US collection.

  25. Coonedog 7 says:

    Hello Leann,
    I do like the Gift from the Heart, on the Valentine Day collection. I put it on my wish list. Nothing else really has a WOW.

  26. Love the fancy pink LOVE. Totally looks like LOVE Park sculpture right here in Philadelphia!

    • That’s what someone else mentioned! I don’t think I’ve seen it before so will to put that on my things to see list if I’m ever in the area :).

    • I’m an “artsy” person, so that was immediately what I thought! I don’t have any dangles though, because the only one I tried on was the Key To My Heart and it was really annoying. I wonder if this bangle will be comfortable?

  27. Keiti Schmidt says:

    Hey Leann, I can’t wait for you to post pictures of the Spring 2014 collection!!! Do you already know what is it going to be about , the theme ???

  28. I don’t like the figure skater. Seems cheap and does not seem like a typical Pandora charm. The skater is in a really odd pose and does not look great.