Pandora LE Black Friday Charm 2013 Preview

pandora-black-friday-2013-coverBack at the beginning of July I showed a sneak peek of the highly anticipated Black Friday Charm 2013, but had to quickly take it down because Pandora requested me to wait until closer to the release date.  Just last week live photos of this year’s special were leaked and today comes the official preview for this year’s Black Friday Charm.  The openwork snowflake is called Let It Snow and encrusted with pavé cubic zirconia in keeping with the other CZ openwork charms coming out for the autumn/winter season. It does also include the year 2013 engraved on the outer edge of the bead for those that were unhappy with the exclusion of that detail last year.


pandora-12-days-of-christmas-promoThis will be the third consecutive year that Pandora North America has offered a country-exclusive charm released on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. For those outside of the US or Canada, unfortunately this charm will not be distributed worldwide so it’s best to find a friend to help you buy this charm.  The sparkling snowflake will be a limited edition charm and retailers will only be able to order it once. It will also come in a special box, similar to the 2012 Black Friday Charm.

As I posted in the Pandora Winter 2013 Preview earlier, this charm will be part of the “12 Days of Christmas” promo, which can be purchased starting November 29th, when the 2013 Black Friday Charm will be released. The entire set with all 13 charms (1 extra clip) will be $500USD and $550CAD (retail value is $715USD and $795CAD) and also includes a “Design Center” jewelry box GWP (value of $50USD). This charm by itself will retail for $65USD ($75CAD) and for those wanting to get the promo, we’ll have to wait until this Friday.  I can’t wait to see this bead in person!  What do you think of this year’s Black Friday Charm?  Will you be doing any Black Friday shopping?

  • Sabina Izabela Osmalek Borowska

    Lovley for winter collecion,i wish have a one….,maybe somebody can help.

  • Diane Murawski- Hinz

    Is there a price for the Black Friday CHarm?

    • Leann

      It’s listed in the post – $65USD.

  • Donna Bettle

    love it,i need 2 :)

  • tb

    I don’t care for openworks, but going to have to get this, LOL We don’t get much good stuff in US so its a must.

  • Joan

    I hope that the black friday charm will be a bigger round charm as some of the openwork charms are since that would make a great focal pt to the bracelet! :)

  • Tracy

    I absolutely love *anything* with a snowflake…I am a big fan of the openworks, so I am definitely going to get this one!

  • Carolyn Klement

    It’ll be like the present. You guys get red, we all get pink. They’d be insane not to add this to the collection as it fits in with their current winter 2014 release!

  • Cilia van Zal

    I love that it is a snowflake charm and a very beautiful one!! It’ll go so well with the pendant/dangle that we are getting.
    I am thinking that the Black Friday will be exclusive to North America/Canada like the last ones because other countries do not have a Black Friday. We don’t have Thanks Giving and Black Friday in Oz.

  • Leah

    I saw the picture of the display box. Its a nice storage for the pieces after the season! I can’t wait!!

  • Noreen Scott

    Love the snowflake!!

  • Joann

    Can we purchase the jewelry box without getting the 12 other charms? I love the Black Friday charm and will getting that once it comes out. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the other Christmas theme charms…ill have to see them in person.

  • Aida

    I was considering getting the 12 days and now that I see I can purchase as one set, I just might. Will need to start putting additional $$$ into the Xmas fund!

  • Jan

    Absolutely beautiful. I want at least one set. I am looking forward to it.

  • Elyse

    Will not get the promo set as I am only interested in a few. As for the Black Friday charm I wish it wasn’t so season specific so I could wear it throughout the year. Since I have the last 2 years I will plan to get this for myself and possibly my mom and MIL.

  • Pat Adams

    I love this open wire charm

    • Leann

      It looks great! :)

  • Janet L.

    as a rule I don’t go out on black Friday…the manager at my favorite store is holding one for me, I just have to decide how bad I want it and when to go get it :)

    • Leann

      It’s a nightmare at the mall, but I think I’ve gone out later in the day and by then everyone is back in bed ;).

  • carol

    Its beautiful and I cant wait to get my set!!

    • Leann

      Me too! :)

  • Lisa

    I picked my set up the other day and it’s beautiful! I added winter kiss, the pinecone , the three wisemen and the snow angel, two gingerbread men the other two BF charms and two white effervescence muranos, just waiting on Black Friday to pickup Let it snow to finish my Christmas bracelet.
    The design center is very nice, I still want a play tray. The snow globe is really cute, the candy cane is adorable, they are all nice. I don’t really care about the bow and was not very happy about the mittens, as cute as they are , the hearts are like a pink color instead of red.

    • Leann

      That’s awesome! I’m not very happy that the store I preordered from won’t send it out until November 29th even though the rest of beads are out already. :/ I can’t wait to get the new sled, winter wisp, and mittens, and reindeer!

      • Daphne Scroggins Justus

        Leann , I just happened to be in the store when the shipment of all of the set arrived. So I got the whole set at one time. Then I had to order the 3 kings and the pine cone from 2 different stores. I wish they did a green and a red “fizzy” charm to go with. I did put 2 of the white ones on it tho.

      • Leann

        That’s awesome! Avoiding the mad rush this morning and will be heading into the stores this afternoon to pick up my BFCs. 😀

  • Daphne Scroggins Justus

    I got mine last week also as I purchased the 12 days of Christmas as the set , I got to pick up my bf charm when it came in. I LOVEEEEE IT !!!! I am going to pick up a couple more along with 2 more of the snowflake pendants and maybe a couple of the blue briolett dangles to wear on a leather cord as a necklace. I have a bangle made up of 2 of the snowflake pendants and 2 of the blue “lights” beads and 2 of the blue brioletts and 2 of the star clips and I get sooo many compliments on it. Just waiting now for the Valentine stuff ! Its gonna be a looonnnggg wait ! lol But I do LOVE my Christmas bracelet , I too added the pine cone and the 3 kings beads to mine with an extra whisp and a snowflake pendant too. Happy Holidays to ALL !!! And a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

    • Leann

      Wow, your store must LOVE you! I can’t believe they let you take home the charm already, good job! Usually stores can’t even show anyone the Black Friday charm, no less sell it to them.

      • Daphne Scroggins Justus

        YES , they do ! Lol, I am VERY lucky AND Blessed! I also spend WAYYY TOOO much money there !! Lol I hooked up my local rep to your site and she loves it too . They want to know where I get my info . Do you have anything on the Disney charms yet ??? And I am also curious as to whether they will do an Olympic charm again ,,,,,,, any thoughts Leann ?????:)

      • Leann

        That’s awesome :D. All of my contacts have denied having any license to the Disney characters and my Chamilia contact still says they have the license so I highly doubt this rumor. I’m thinking there’s probably going to be an Olympic charm too, maybe releasing soon…? I hope so! :)

      • Daphne Scroggins Justus

        I really love the first Olympic charm , so , let’s keep our fingers crossed. About the Disney, this was a store sales rep from Pandora that told me they were opening stores in Disney parks this next year, sooo, hopefully she is right , I love the Disney charms, did you get your BFC????

      • Leann

        Me too. The one before that was the enamel maple leaf, not bad either :). I hope they do open in Disney! I think we’re planning another trip to Disney World in April. I sure did get my BFC, it’s so sparkly and fabulous! :)

  • Pattie Hall

    love the BFC, I bought the snow angel and she is so beautiful, the BFC will go on my bracelet and than going to start work on a new one. Thank you for all your work keeping us addicts up to date on charms.

    • Leann

      You’re so welcome, Pattie. I’ve got the snow angel recently too. I added that one to my winter bracelet. The iridescent glitter is pretty awesome :).

  • Courtney Williams Tessaro

    Love it! Any word yet on Valentines 2014?

    • Daphne Scroggins Justus

      Courtney , I have seen and held in my hot little hands, lol, the 2014 Valentine collection. It is AMAZING!!!!
      There is a heart shaped hinged box w/ a diamond ring inside ,AWSOME, a silver ball w/ pave letters that spell LOVE, a silver dangle that is a valentine card and it really opens , a spacer type with either pink or clear heart cz’s, a pink pave heart , and these are just the ones I can remember !!!! Lol

      • Romy

        The Valentine Collection sounds amazing. Can’t wait!
        I really like this BFC, too bad it’s not available in Europe :(

      • Laura Summers

        I hope Leann can share some info/pics soon! I’m more excited about spring than Valentine’s day (just not so in love with the “love” charms!); have you seen those?

        The card does sound cute though…

      • Daphne Scroggins Justus

        Laura , yes I have seen the Valentine collection 2014, and I hyper ventilate each time I did see it. Lol, it is AWSOME to say the least :)

    • Leann

      Not yet ;).

  • Jeanne Pursell

    I really LOVE this one!! Actually, I love the entire collection, but I don’t think I can get that carried away! :) I do think that the Pave Bangle Promo is a really great deal…may be asking Santa for that one! Ooh…I just read about the Valentine’s collection…sounds FABULOUS!!

    • Leann

      Haha, it’s easy to get carried away! The pave promo is great, especially as a gift. Hope you get the BFC too! 😉

  • Melinda Deyhle

    i saw it IRL yesterday, i am working at my local pandora for the holidays, already having lots of fun working there! i love it, though i have a strict budget i might try to go fir it if we have any left :)

    • Leann

      That’s awesome! I always thought it would be fun to be an extra holiday Pandora worker ;).

      • Melinda Deyhle

        i am LOVING it so far :)

      • Leann

        I bet your paychecks are just going back to the company, right? LOL. I would never be able to pay any bills if I worked there.

  • Laura Summers

    Talked to the manager at my concept store today to ask if it’s really as limited as it sounds. True story – she said they had around 200 total, and they’re the largest concept store anywhere nearby. Of course, there’s another concept store also in Richmond, VA (where I’m at) and 3 Jared’s. So I figure there’s probably around 1,000 total just in my city. Is that really “limited” – I’m not sure how few can be made for it to be considered limited.

    • Leann

      This one is “limited” because it’s a limited production and won’t be offered again. So who knows how many they actually made :).

  • Beth

    This is my first Christmas on the Pandora bandwagon, and I REALLY want the Black Friday charm! I have family in town and likely won’t get to the store until Saturday. I hope that’s not too late!!

    • Leann

      You should be fine! From the past years, they’ve had more than enough to last several months into the new year. :)

  • Claire Greenlow

    Picked up mine this morning (Black Friday rush isnt too bad in Canada). Have to say I was on the fence until I saw it but it is extremely intricate and sparkly. None of the photos do it justice. Its almost filligree-like in its delicacy. I had to have it! :)

    • Leann

      I totally agree! I love the sparkle, there weren’t any lines at my store either. I think people were going for those big deals ;).