Pandora October Promotions

pandora-australia-breast-cancer-promoIt’s the first of October and a variety of promotions are being run this month worldwide from Pandora, some are focused on breast cancer awareness and others for the holidays. October is international breast cancer awareness month and this cause is close to Pandora’s heart. As such, Australia is offering for the entire month, a limited edition pink triple strand smooth leather bracelet and the Key to My Heart charm for $99AUD with 30% of the proceeds going to the Australian Breast Cancer Foundation.  pandora-LE-pink-smooth-leather-braceletThe color for this bracelet actually had to be changed due to manufacturing problems, so now it’s a matte flesh-toned pink not the metallic bright pink depicted in the catalog.  I just got mine yesterday thanks to an Australian friend (thanks, Phyll!) and I love it!  I’m not a huge fan of pink and this is a nice delicate shade for me.  :)

Pandora Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion ImageThe UK is following suit with a breast cancer awareness promotion – for £59GBP receive a single braided pink leather bracelet and the Pink Fizzle (aka Effervescent) Murano.  The Pink Fizzle Murano appeared briefly on the UK Pandora site when the autumn collection first launched but quickly disappeared.  The inclusion of this bead for the promotion makes more sense as to why it was held back from the original release.  It is unknown whether this will be a limited appearance for the charm or if it will be released separately at a later time.  15% of the sales goes towards the Breakthrough Breast Cancer organization.  This promotion was supposed to start today but was unexpectedly delayed, so stay tuned for an update on that.  It will be offered in stores and online retailers such as John Greed Jewellery.

pandora-france-breast-cancer-offerFrance is also participating in the fight against breast cancer this month with a 15% donation of the sales from select pink ribbon products going to the Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en! (Breast Cancer, Let’s Talk!) foundation.  The items are the Pink Ribbon openwork charm, Pink Ribbon Murano, and Pink Ribbon dangle for €29-49EUR, refer to the top of the photo (right inset) for reference on the specific charms.

pandora-pick-a-pave-promotionIn the US and Canada, Pandora has a deal on another bracelet gift set called Pick a Pavé.  Choose a bracelet or bangle and a pavé charm of up to $65USD, along with two You’re a Star clips and bracelet gift box for $200USD with a cost savings of $40 and the box GWP.  The gift box is the same one as the Black Friday Charm 2013 bracelet set.  If you’ve been waiting to start your Pandora collection or hoping to give it for Christmas this is a great promotion!  This is a long promotion starting on October 3rd through December 25th, so you’ve got plenty of time to decide.

pandora_umbrellaLastly, Spain has a umbrella GWP and the spend requirement is €89EUR from October 15th to November 15th.  It’s not the best promotion this month, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

What is your favorite offer this month?  Are you envious of other countries’ deals?


  1. Hi Leann – I already have those clips on my fairy tale bracelet. Do you think Pandora would allow us to exchange the clips for different ones of equal value?

    • Some stores are more strict than others. I had a hard time exchanging the clips from last year’s gift set. I would certainly ask around! :)

  2. i like the Australia promotion – pink bracelet :)

  3. aw! love the pink triple wrap :(… well maybe it’s a good thing it’s not offered here 😉 haha it would be a must have…

  4. Doh, i prefer the triple strand bracelet, not too excited about the one in the UK promotion. We should have the umbrella promotion, we get the most rain, more than Spain does anyway!

  5. I’d sure like to have the triple pink bracelet but I don’t know anyon in Australia. If anyone would like to help me out e-mail me at

  6. I’m sorry, but what does the 2013 Black Friday Charm Box GWP look like?

  7. I’m envious of Spain’s, us UK peeps could use an umbrella ha!

    • That’s so funny, the grass is always greener ;). There was a UK umbrella promo earlier in the year and people complained.

  8. I love the triple. Cilia is getting one for me, can’t wait. Thank you Leann your site is a pleasure and a special Thank you to Cilia is Austraila.

  9. Hi guys, I live in Australia, happy to help out. Leave me a message with your email and I’ll be in touch! :)

  10. Amelia Peach Pearson-Vickers says:

    The lady at Pandora Manchester led me to believe it was the triple leather that was in the UK Breast Cancer promo. It’s a shame it the woven leather, I won’t be buying one now. :/

    • :(, I heard someone say that too, but it looks like it’ll be the single. I was doubtful it would be the triple since the price is so good.

  11. Sonia Johnson says:

    Although I live in the US, I prefer the Pandora BC promo offered in Australia because it’s so pretty and so pink.

  12. i live in Australia, happy to help anyone out with this LE BC triple bracelet- i’m pandora shopping tonight :)
    My email is:

  13. Hi I also would love the Australia promotion pink is my fav colour and love the triple my email is would be grateful if anyone could help me out I am in the UK

    • Hi Carla,
      I have replied and sent you an email. I can help you out, as i am in Australia. I have helped out a few ladies already with this pretty LE BC triple bracelet :)

  14. There’s a promo in Germany as well starting on Oct.5th. Throughout the Glamour Shopping Week you’ll get 20% off your entire purchase (except the F/W collection). All you have to do is show your shopping card (comes with the October issue of Glamour) at checkout.

  15. Hi! Do you know if the bracelet giftset will be available with the Purple or Red Pave Lights, once they are available?

    • Yes, they sure do. I just saw them in the store yesterday! Love the purple, the “red” is more a dark pink color that matches the pave heart.

  16. Looking to get the LE BC triple bracelet from Australia. If you can help, my email is

  17. Amy news on the UK promo?

  18. The october promo in The Netherlands is buy the bangle bracelet + a faceted murano of your choice, which then will cost 79 Euro instead of 99 Euro.

  19. I really should have stocked up more for Christmas during the Sept free bracelet promo. Too many girls in my family want Pandora bracelets for Christmas after seeing my sister’s new bracelet! Any chance of Jared’s running that promotion again before Christmas? Thanks for keeping track of all the promos for us Leann!

    • Oh no :(. I love the bracelet promo, I think it’s the best one! I hope Jared will do it again, but I don’t have any information about it right now.

  20. Jaclyn Grzeszczak says:

    I would also love the AUS promotion…Can someone email me? I would really appreciate it! Thanks

  21. I know little about the charm business. Has anyone had any experience buying the “cheap” Pandora beads from websites like pomwa? It seems they are oversees… makes me a little nervous. Please advise anyone!

    • There isn’t any “cheap” Pandora charms, they may be knockoffs or fakes. It depends on how you feel about buying off brand. Usually the quality isn’t very good and it’s not silver if it’s very cheap.