Pandora MLB Charms Released

pandora-mlb-collection-cover*****UPDATED***** With pictures of the wood beads.

Pandora officially announced via their Facebook page and Pandora Club email today that the new MLB Collection will be in stores this week! This comes just a couple days after these mysterious charms appeared on their iPhone app. Even though the stock photos haven’t been uploaded on the Pandora website, thanks to a couple readers, I’m happy to give a preview of the collection here.  As stated before, there will be team logo engraved dangles (Unforgettable Moments) and branded wood beads, but both these types of charms will be $65.

PANDORA JEWELRYA bit of a mixed reaction to the announcement of these charms, with some fans aghast that Pandora would create Major League Baseball charms before military and NFL themed beads.  Others had a good point that these are being released at the wrong time since we’re in the playoffs  now and not the regular season.  Personally, I’m not a baseball fan so these don’t appeal to me, but it’s definitely an indication of the direction that Pandora is taking by doing these niche interest charms.

While it’s not explicitly stated that these will only be offered in North America, I can’t imagine other markets will have them.  Although perhaps this opens the door for other countries to do similar team sports logo charms.  Currently, these charms can be purchased from the MLB store but will be arriving at stores soon.  I’ve updated the pictures to include some of the missing dangles and almost all the wood beads as well, but one is still missing (Marlins dangle).  What do you think of the designs?  Worth the money?


  1. Donna Lobel says:

    Nope not a baseball fan….not for me

  2. mehhh

  3. Love! I already have a bracelet for my Texas Rangers. This will be perfect. It will also be fun to collect other teams since my husband and I travel to ballparks. Pandora hit a home run on this.

  4. YIKES!!! Not for me. :(

  5. So Pandora make these for the US market, will they make them for the AFL in Australia??? I don’t think so.

  6. I don’t think they’re for everyone, but for some, it’s a home run. My MIL has season tickets for the A’s, travels to spring training in AZ with a group of girls every year, has A’s earrings, flip flops, jerseys, etc, and I could see her being absolutely ‘over the fence’ about getting her own A’s dangle. As a Giants fan myself who makes it out to a few games a year, I wouldn’t mind rocking the SF dangle on occasion :)

  7. I think these are cute but I don’t like dangles so I most likely wouldn’t get one. I’m thinking that pandora wanted to get on the sports wagon because Alex and Ani is a large part of promoting football. I’ve seen their signs when I watch football games and it doesn’t seem like the two would go very well… None the less, pandora put these out very fast it seems. I’m still waiting for Christmas charms.. :)

    • Definitely trying to compete with Alex and Ani, which I think is a mistake. They’re definitely two different audiences.

  8. If you go to the MLB Store, they have another charm for some of the teams. A wooden, non-dangle charm with the team’s name on it…

  9. Pandora attempted to do NFL charms a few years ago and had issues with getting the license to all the teams so they scrapped to project. This is why we have a football helmet. It originally was going to be released with logos on the back but when that fell through it was released on its own.

    • That’s interesting! I think I vaguely remember something like that but I hope they’ll revisit the licensing issue with the NFL now that they’re doing MLB.

  10. Pandora Princess says:

    My store has received 6 of the logo dangles so far. Hopefully, the remainder and the wooden ones aren’t far behind!

  11. What are on the other side of the charms? One has my initials. How could i get one even though i live in the UK? :)

    • It’s the Unforgettable Moments dangle, so the other side is the Pandora logo. I’m sure someone will be able to help you! :)

  12. As a HUGE baseball fan I have to admit that I don’t even like these. I was so happy with the cute baseball charm from last spring and that was good enough for me! I liked just having a symbol of the sport I love. Won’t be picking up one of these…

  13. The wood are so much more unique and original…otherwise this release is just…well yeh no interest whatsoever

  14. Just a heads up, Pandora already makes military themed beads, but you have to be able to get on base and buy from a NEX, PX, or AFFES. This is how I got sucked in was with the Navy wife charm I purchased.

  15. Coonedog 7 says:

    Yuk, No way!!!

  16. Coonedog 7 says:

    Pandora struck OUT big on this one :(

  17. I’m excited about the new charms, definitely will be a great addition to my sports themed bracelet. I’m hoping they come out with similar charms for football!!

  18. I realise the US market is huge in comparison to many other countries, but I wonder about the sustainability of these charms. Presumably, once you’ve bought one for your local team, you won’t be buying them again. Maybe there’ll be a small market from visitors to the cities, but I can’t see them having a worldwide appeal at all.

    • No, they definitely don’t have worldwide appeal which is why I’m so surprised that Pandora is heading down this path. It’s not going to be offered in other countries though so at least it’s targeted towards this market.

      • DomainDiva says:

        Who knows? There are people everywhere that collect what may seem to others as not being worth collecting, thus guaranteeing their future value.

        I recently bought the Las Vegas sign charm when I was there recently. Some people went oooh ah, others went meh. Time as always will tell.

        Japan is baseball crazy, I wonder if Pandora is issuing a line for their teams?

      • It will depend on their market. I’d love to get my hands on that Vegas charm! I was planning on going this year, but doing too much traveling that I decided not to go :/. Maybe next year!

  19. Gus Grinstead says:

    The dangles are tasteful and if I were a baseball fan I would get one. The wood are clever (wood color looks like baseball bat color), but I can’t see them on a charm looking good along side anything else. Not reaching out for these.

    • I definitely agree, if I were a baseball fan I’d be over the moon! I’m concerned with the door that Pandora’s opening with licensing these sports teams. I don’t want the brand to cater to every niche interest, there are other companies that do that already. :)

  20. DomainDiva says:

    No wood bead for the Texas Rangers?