Official Pandora Essence Collection Press Release

pandora-essence-collection-officialOn the heels of getting a sneak peek at the brand new bracelet concept, the Pandora Essence Collection, today Pandora has issued an official press release regarding the upcoming line and a closeup of the special charms.  News has been scarce on this project until now due to nondisclosure agreements signed by Pandora franchisees and employees, but I was happy to bring an exclusive look at the collection yesterday. Also, not many images of the products have surfaced either and I’m excited to give an up close preview of the coming collection. 

On 4 November 2013, PANDORA launches the PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION. PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION is a new charm bracelet concept featuring a slender sterling silver bracelet with an accompanying assortment of charms, hand-finished from precious metals and symbolic stones, each representing an inner value.

The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION taps into current trends for personal expression and emotional connection. The collection is founded on extensive research compiled with the help of thousands of women across the globe. The collection of 24 sterling silver charms feature´s symbolic materials, colours and patterns that represent inner values such as joy, trust, passion, confidence, love, courage, faith and wisdom.

The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION will be a supplement to PANDORA’s existing collection and employs a new, innovative and patented solution based on a flexible silicone grip inside the sterling silver core of each charm. The silicon core allows the charms to slide on to the bracelet and provides for individual customisation and styling.

“The PANDORA Essence COLLECTION has been created to add a new dimension to our successful, existing collection of charms and bracelets by focusing on the meanings and values in life,” says Allan Leighton, President and CEO at PANDORA. “We are excited to offer this collection to our existing customers as well as new ones.”

The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION will be launched in Concept stores in select markets around the world on 4 November 2013.

I can confirm that the new collection will be available in the UK, as well as US and Canada, and the Pandora Essence Collection will be available at major retailers including John Greed Jewellery so perhaps the limitation to Concept Stores will only be for North America.  For more details on what the idea is behind the concept and other specifics, check out An Exclusive Introduction of Pandora Essence. There will be a launch party on October 26th to celebrate the unveiling of Essence, and I’m ecstatic to have been invited by Pandora to attend!  Of course I’ll be live tweeting and blogging from the event and I can’t wait to see these bracelets in person!  What do you think of the charms?  Does the photo give you a better idea of the beads?

  • Donna Lobel

    How exciting for you Leann!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Donna! It’s been a real exciting year for me :D.

  • Jen Tab

    This new concept is intriguing…like many of the other comments mentioned, I’ll be excited to see them in person before making a judgement. Not sure how I feel about only round charms though. Yay Leann about attending the launch event! Where will it be? New York flagship store? You’ve been a busy woman!

    • Leann

      It’s in LA, thank god. It’s just a short hop for me from Seattle ^^. The time zone is what kills me for traveling. :)

    • Leann

      It’s been such a busy season!! I think winter will calm down a bit. It’s in LA, which is relatively close! :)

      I’m excited to see it in person as well, I’ve never had an entire bracelet with charms that don’t slide. It’ll definitely be interesting!

  • Laura

    Love it! So elegant, dainty, and feminine. Can’t wait to see some live shots and price points!

    So in your expert charm opinion, do you think Pandora will every stray away from this model and do something dramatically different, like Trollbeads did with X? I personally don’t like X and don’t want Pandora to do something really out there, but I wonder if their fans might get bored.

    • Leann

      Well, I think it’s always good for a company to try new things, I don’t think they will abandon their traditional collection, but it’s a possibility that they may try link bracelets sometime in the future. :)

      • charmlover81

        I agree things eventually get old. Just hoping the new is just as inspiring as the old.

  • Grace

    Oh it’s the same concept in some Persona beads. In Persona collection I have seen some of their plain spacer beads with silicone in the inside of the charm that holds the bead is place since Persona bracelet doesn’t have the 2 pandora threads on the bracelet. It would be nice to be able to put the charms anywhere in the bracelet though.

  • Hannah

    Are they going to be released in Australia?

    • Leann

      Yes, I’m almost positive. :)

  • Samantha

    This collection sounds interesting. I’m not feeling very excited about it yet but i am sure i will be when i know more about it and see the whole collection :)

  • charmlover81

    I am so happy for anyone who gets joy out of their bracelet and that’s what excites me as long as it means something to them. Personally I would have hoped they would show a bit of the best in the promo photo and if that happens to be it then I am not going to hold my breath. Its quality no doubt but nothing about that photo represents the individuality that Pandora generally offers us. Even with the beads named it still seems like its not becoming of what I have associated with the Pandora brand. Hopefully the other 19 beads do the collection some justice.(Just my personal opinion.)

  • Tanya

    I just started loving Pandora about 2 months ago and I thought I had almost gotten all the beads I love and that mean something to me and then they release more and more and more that I just have to have. I am very excited to see this collection when some photos come out. My husband will not be happy but I can’t wait lol I wanted a Christmas bracelet but now I will have to choose between some of the Wonderland collection and this new one I am sure I will love. Thank you for all the updates. I got my first free bracelet on the last promotion after reading about it here.

    • Leann

      They always know how to keep us intrigued! I can’t wait to see these in person. I’ve ready preordered the Christmas promo set so not sure how much of these beads I can squeeze in :).

  • Kim

    I am excited to see the size of these beads, as I prefer the smaller beads anyway. Going to buy Elle magazine tonight to get a better look at them :) As an aside, is anyone familiar with the Pandora “ribbon moonstone” bead? I had to purchase from ebay since I could not obtain from John Greed or Pandora Australia, and I believe I got it from a very reputable seller, but is it typical for the bead to have a cat’s eye glow appearance? (meaning it has a distinct line that moves in the light, as the bead moves). I was expecting a blue sheen, but now I’m wondering if it’s just hard to photograph, and it’s really bothering me. Thank you.

    • Leann

      What do you think of the charms? :)

      None of the moonstones have the cat eye glow, it’s more a pale, milky stone (at least the ones in Pandora charms).

      • Kim

        I saw your response. Thank you very much for taking the time to write it. I am going to return it, as this just doesn’t feel right. Thank you. I think the Essence charms are going to be fun and very pretty.

      • Leann

        :). Good luck!

  • Ashley

    I’m curious on how many of the twenty four charms will fit on a bracelet to fill it up? Seeing as they are small charms, I guess it would depend on the size of the bracelet??

    • Leann

      Hi Ashley, I just got new information and the new bracelets will only be advised to have 5-7 charms, just like the leathers. I think that’s a good number especially if the chain is delicate :).