Pandora’s new stacking jewelry box

pandora-stacker-box-outsideInteresting accessories news coming out of Singapore, where my dear friend Patty received a never-before-seen Pandora stacking jewelry box.  This 4-tier large Pandora jewelry box was given out as a complimentary appreciation gift during an exclusive VIP appreciation event, valued at $500SGD (approx. $390USD).  This product is very useful with a place for everything from watches, to bracelets, rings, and loose charms.  It even features a play-tray-esque layer with slots and rods for arranging beads!  The bottom is lined with black leatherette and embossed with PANDORA.  Again, big thanks to Patty Wu for supplying these gorgeous photos of her new box.

Not much other information is provided at this time, unfortunately :/.  I suspect based on some rumors and speculation I’ve heard in the past months regarding just such an item, that it will be available to purchase rather than as a GWP.  I would wholeheartedly welcome  this option as long it didn’t actually cost $400(!!) because I don’t think just one would be enough to house my Pandora. Also, not certain is what countries would be getting these and how they will be offering the boxes.  My dearest hope is that they will be sold as individual layers too so that customers will be able to customize their stacker based on their own jewelry pieces and be able to add onto them as their collection grows.

giantjewelrybox1This box resembles my current ensemble rather closely; I’ve been using the LC Stackers as my primary base for my bracelets and they have worked great!  Comparably, this new Pandora jewelry box is much more functional than the giant Pandora jewelry box that is the only other (and much more rare) option for holding a substantial collection.  That one (right inset) has 3 tiers, is quite heavy, and cannot be added to.  Aside from the high cost/spend limit to get this promo item, I have eschewed it for my Stackers because it wouldn’t hold much of my jewelry.

It’s about time that Pandora offers a practical solution to storing their products!  What do you think of this new item?  Would you rather see it as a purchasable item or a GWP?  I’m sure the company would appreciate your feedback!


  1. Traci Eppstein says:

    Is it lined with anti-tarnish cloth? If not it doesn’t seem worth it.

    • Doesn’t look like it, but none of the Pandora boxes are. As long as you don’t keep it in your bathroom and moisture doesn’t get trapped in the jewelry box it’s not that bad.

      • My concept store told me that my box (the one Martha mentioned above) is anti-tarnish. Was that not true??

      • I have the same box and was also told it was anti-tarnish by concept sales staff so I hope it is. I like to remake my bracelets over often so have filled the charm section to its full capacity. Would love a larger version but not at the price shown. I also have a stackers set I got off Amazon and love it and have thought about another for my pandora.

      • Thankfully, it is anti-tarnish! Pandora describes it: The soft cream colored fabric lining of the box has been chemically treated to help prevent tarnishing.

      • Cool! That’s great, the anti-tarnish definitely helps but it’s not a deal breaker for me ;).

  2. Amy Tilghman says:

    Who else is storing their beads in that Cupcake they were giving away a couple years ago ^_^

  3. I wouldn’t even consider it unless it were completely lined with anti-tarnish fabric…I love my Wolfe Co. boxes that I got from!

  4. I purchased a Pandora three tier, anti-tarnish lined box at my local concept store for $35. It’s not big, only about 10 inches long, but it can hold about 6 leather bracelets, 40-60 charms and then 3 completed silver bracelets. They didn’t have them siting out for sale, I was just mentioning my need for storage and the sales lady brought it out. Maybe it was an old GWP box, but at $35 I’m happy with it!

    • This is what I have too. I love it and love that its anti tarnish, but I wish it was bigger for my pandora necklaces, earrings, and rings too! I’d probably purchase a box like the one shown if it wasn’t more than $75/$100 and had anti tarnish lining.

    • Pretty sure that one isn’t anti-tarnish? I’ve got a couple of those but they don’t have enough bracelet slots for me. It’s still available for sale as far as I know, but it’s always surprising to me that they don’t have them out for show.

      • Debbie Beader says:

        I have that one too and it isn’t deep enough to hold complete bracelets that have glass charms. Makes is useless for full bracelets to me. I have the small Trollbeads box with metal rods and I LOVE the rods way more than I expected to, and it is nice and deep to hold full bracelets even sticking up from the tray. I love it but it is waaay too small, I’ve already outgrown it in 3 months. I wish I could get the Stackers but US Amazon won’t ship them to Canada! You would think these major brands would want to provide a place we can grow and admire our collections more easily!!!

      • The stackers are heavy, but they’re so wonderful for keeping my collection! I think Pandora has really neglected the storage issue with their beads. I hope these become a viable option for us collectors :).

  5. I doubt it. :(

  6. Ewa Lalik says:

    Leann as we have heard it will be as GWP in my country (Poland) – one layer of your choice :)

  7. Jane Merrington says:

    I have both the large and medium Pandora boxes but haven’t used either! My eternal frustration with Pandora boxes is they generally cater for those with lots of loose charms. I have 21 complete bracelets, lots of rings, pendants, necklaces and watches but very few individual charms so I have started using muji trays to house my collections as I can purchase which trays I want but they are cheaper than the stackers ones: and I am interested to see where this new box concept goes however as I really do hope Pandora bring in a tray for us ladies with full bracelets….

  8. I really like it and I don’t think it would matter if it was a gift with purchase or to buy outright, it’s gonna cost you big dollars. in Australia you have to spend $350 just for a jewelry roll

  9. Anne Nelson says:

    I absolutely love it but am guessing it will be priced too high.

  10. Penny Venaglia says:

    It really needs to an item to purchase as a whole or separate trays.

  11. Why are all these nice boxes in Europe? The shipping on top of the heafty price to the USA is terrible!,,

    • I don’t have any information on all the countries will be getting these, but have confirmed that Poland and Australia will be getting these.

      • Robin Pagliotto says:

        Hey! Do you know when they will be available in Poland? I sooo need some of them 😀

        Besides–> I Love


  12. Bonnie May says:

    Ooh… Wonder if it’s the box they’ll be giving with the 12 Days of Christmas. Seems appropriate if you’re spending $500 on charms at once!

    I agree with the need for better storage. I, too, bought the 3-tier “Travel Jewelry Box” from a Pandora concept store, and was told that it is anti-tarnish. As someone who has more complete bracelets than loose charms I’d rather have had another bracelet layer, but for now it’s sufficient.

  13. nelia almeida says:

    wow would love this but would prefer to buy the pieces i would need only and add as i go , it really is quite beautiful, not sure about the price, hoping they come out with reasonable way of getting these

  14. Chris Buchanan says:

    I love it!!!! I think Pandora should offer the top 2 or 3 layers as a GWP and offer the rest as single for trays (all the different styles) so we can customize and make it as big as we need.

  15. That’s exactly my problem too. I barely have any individual charms laying around either and all my collection is located on my bracelets. Doesn’t seem there are enough slots in this box for bracelets :(.

  16. Love your site.
    I would love one of the big Pandora Jewelery boxes. I have already got some Stackers jewel trays. The same company have just started doing ‘charm bars’. If you search ‘ stackers charm bar’ on I have just got 2 of themand they are great. Am not sure if they only sell them in the UK.

    • Thanks, Liz! I looove my Stackers box, it’s been very functional for me. I’ve tried to order them from the UK before and Amazon won’t ship :(. I had to wait until they were offered on the American site. The charm bars look great!

  17. Would like to see the 4 tier jewelry box sold as individual sections so it can be customized to each person’s needs. This would also let people purchase one at a time, not having to put out so much money all at once. It will also allow customers to expand the jewelry box as their collects expand.

  18. Pandoraholic says:

    I LOVE IT!! I wouldn’t care how they offered it as long as they “offer” it. I get so upset seeing all the great items that are produced but unattainable, it hurts my feelings. :( I’ve had to resort to seeking out the old Black Lacquer Dealer boxes whenever I can find one being sold. I have two four teir boxes, they are huge and extremely heavy. AND if Pandora keeps coming out with so many wonderful beads it’s only going to get worse! Thanks for sharing I just love your site.

    • Wow! Good for you! I didn’t like the dealer’s boxes very much because all my beads are on bracelets. All the pillows look like a lot of work :).

      • Patty (Pandoraholic) says:

        You are absolutely right way too much work and It gets a little expensive trying to keep them all filled so it looks “pretty”. I too am like you I have full bracelets, I don’t like having to change them out until I’m ready for a new look – which is never.

      • Haha! I hardly switch my bracelets around either, unless a charm comes out that’s perfect for the theme!

  19. Like you Leann, I have the LC Stackers and they work great. But of course it would be awesome to have a Pandora jewelry box that actually holds a sustainable collection! Pandora needs to have a jewelry box system that as a persons Pandora collection grows over time so does the jewelry box, i.e. LC Stackers.

    • It looks exactly like the LC Stacker doesn’t it? Lol. I do wish there were more slots for the bracelets, I hardly have any beads on the loose :(.

  20. No idea :(.

  21. Are these anti tarnish jewelry boxes?

  22. Hi guys, you can buy a giant Pandora box on ebay or gumtree for $500-$800 AUD outright. There’s just a couple of those left however. They are all sold out. The box is really big and I was informed weighs more than 6kgs.

  23. Robin Pagliotto says:

    Hey is there any known possibility to get this in Germany??
    This is exactly what I searched for.

    It would be very nice if someone could tell me.

    Have a nice day.
    X x x

    • I don’t know :(. I think some ladies were selling these out of England. You can try the Pandora Promos Selling Group on Facebook.

      • Laura Cream says:

        I am selling two tiers I got for free for spending over a certain amount in the shop

    • Laura Cream says:

      I have two of the tiers for sale I got free with a recent purchase

      • Robin Pagliotto says:

        Great!! How much would 1 or maybe the both cost?
        Do you know how much the shipping to Germany would be?

        Thanks :)

      • Hi! if you’re still looking, I have a 2 tier for sale since I already have the complete 4 tier. Shipping to Germany is USD 50. If you’re interested, let me know.

      • Marina Mohsein says:

        oh… how much Laura? to Malaysia

      • Sorry, I sold it 2 weeks ago…

  24. Stephanie Elizabeth Cook says:

    wish I could get one of them :[