Pandora Winter 2013 Collection Prices and Live Shots

pandora-autumn-2013-cover6In this final installment of the Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection previews, we take a look at the prices (in USD) for the Winter Wonderland release and some live photos of the charms and jewelry as well! Initially expected in stores around the end of September for North America, the collection will be divided into two parts – the first set of charms and all the jewelry will arrive the end of September and the second set will be held for the “12 Days of Christmas” promotion in November.

pandora-winter-2013-12-days-of-ChristmasThe 12 Days of Christmas promotion will run from November 4-14, culminating on November 29th with the Black Friday Charm release. The charms can be bought separately or as a set on November 29 for $500USD/$550CAD which includes a special showcase jewelry box and an extra Winter Wonderland clip GWP.  This is a great deal considering the retail value is $715USD/$795CAD. To be clear, this is only for North America, the collection will be available internationally at the same time (except for the Black Friday Charm).

These high-rez photos are spectacular and the live shots of the charms give us a better idea of what to expect.  I will definitely be getting the 12 Days of Christmas gift set, and probably a few of the other ones as well ;).  In addition, to the two retailer exclusive charms I had listed in the last sneak peek which are the Pinecone and Snow Angel, there will also be a Jared Galleria only bead called the Three Wise Men (just for the US since Jared’s doesn’t operate in Canada).  Again, these limitations are only for North America, so it’s not a worldwide restriction.

The jewelry prices are quite reasonable for the amount of gemstones included, I’m particularly excited for the large pod black crystal ring, I hope they come out in more colors – specifically clear. The Snowflake pendant is another fan favorite and I love it too, it looks great on a bracelet as it’s not too big.  Otherwise, I don’t think any of the earrings will be on my wish list; although the Faceted Beauties are gorgeous, I don’t really wear these colors.

Lastly, we have these action photos courtesy of Lynda Leonard and Marina Vekshina. It’s always better to be able to see the charms “in person” so to speak, as the stock images sometimes don’t do the jewelry justice. Are you excited for this Christmas collection? Will you end up buying these yourself or wait for Santa? :)


  1. I will probably get most of these charms! I’ve always been more of a trollbeads fan, but since I found your page i started collecting pandora. My bracelet is almost full and I started it three months ago. Good thing is, almost all of my charms and the bracelet was 50% off. I’m from Sweden and there’s always a big summer sale here.
    I blame you Leann for my spending. 😉
    Love your page, and your youtube clips!

    • Wow, so lucky there are sales! It’s definitely a costly addiction :o. I’m glad to help and I’m a terrible enable ;). Thanks so much for your kind words.

  2. Janet L. says:

    I’m not used to spending $500 all at once egads!…but will need to suck it up to buy the 12 days promo!…also love the purple faceted items, definitely will be getting the earring charms…and I’m all about the winter kiss snowflake pendant!…might have to have more than one of those!…also love that pine cone…looks like I’ll be starting my second Christmas bracelet this year! :)

    • Isn’t that a punch in the nuts? But ultimately it’ll be cheaper, right?! Haha, oh the rationalizations we tell ourselves ;). I’ll also be starting my second Christmas bracelet, probably all from this collection. They sure did go all out with the holidays this year! :)

      • Man two Christmas bracelets. I think I will be starting my first this year and hoped that would be it but seems like after reading ya’lls comments I guess not LOL
        I recently started a red, white and blue on red leather one because my husband and I got married on the 4th of July. I think I will one day have one for every holiday.

  3. Does anyone know when the Jared’s charms are out? I heard the tree of life one is out in Sept but how about the other one?

  4. Wasn’t a hot pink pave lights on the list for winter? The photo pandora-autumn-2013-jewelry-live-shot2.jpg looks like bright pink CZs.

    • There’s already a pink pave lights…the new one looks pink, but they’re calling it red, so I think it’s probably more like a dark pink.

  5. I can not wait for this release! I am such a Christmas lover! I listen to Christmas music all year long (and drive my coworkers crazy!) I especially love the “Three Wise Men” charm. Is there a possibility that Pandora may add more nativity themed beads in the future? I would love that!

    • This is perfect for you! So many Christmas charms :D. Hmm, not sure about the other nativity beads, what would you love to see?

      • Now that you asked me, I can just picture it… A manger charm, with the baby Jesus…A detailed Mary and Joseph on either side…A shepard with a sheep…along with the three wisemen. :) A girl can dream cant she? LOL!

      • Very cute! Well, never say never. :)

  6. Definitely the pine cone, probably St. Nick and sleigh, maybe the candy cane and blue faceted dangle -have we seen the Black Friday charm for 2013 or is that still under wraps?

  7. Caroline says:

    I really hope they won’t make the silver love pod rings with clear stones, as I feel it would take a lot of the exclusivity off of the gold love pods.

  8. I will be getting the reindeer dangle for my mother. I’ll put it on the free bangle bracelet I’ll get in September. My mom isn’t a huge Pandora fan, but she collects reindeer.

  9. The 3 Wise Men, is a tradition in my country, so I know it will be a Best Seller…….

    • Is it Puerto Rico? Is it a holiday there? :)

      • Angélica Miquel Castro says:

        Yes! It’s a holiday here in Puerto Rico on January 6. I am so jelous right now because we don’t have any Jared stores and I don’t think they ship to us :( so I might have to ask my family in the US to get it for me. And plus I don’t know why they wouldn’t release it to our retailers here since I know for sure that it would sell really well. I hope you can get a live shot of this one. Thanks!

      • Oh fun! What do you do for 3 Kings? If there’s no Jared’s, then I’m pretty sure it’ll just be part of the regular collection. They wouldn’t leave PR out like that, especially when it’s such an important holiday! :) There is a live shot in the post, it’s towards the back:

      • I’m Wanda. I live Puerto Rico,and I work in a Pandora dealer jewelry store.I’m surprised and jealous with the notice about the exclusive three wise men charm just for Jared .For us is a special holiday. I want mine. For sure it would sell a lot here, in Puerto Rico and in all Latinoamerica.

      • If you don’t have a Jared’s, I’m sure it’ll just be available with the rest of the collection.

      • Hello to you and Love your site!!! Sad to say that a sales rep., in our SanJuan pandora store informed me yesterday that theThree Wise Men charm will notbe available here in P.R.. Really Love this charm, Iguess we haveto ask a relative forsomehelp to tryto get one. Blessings and thankyou for All on you do to maintain us addicts up to date.

      • Hi Dawn, thank you! Oh no :(, I was really hoping that they would just release it as part of the regular collection :(. I hope you’re able to find someone to send it to you! It definitely looks wonderful :).

      • Wanda-is there a pandora charm that is exclusive to Puerto Rico?

      • No, she’s asking about the Three Wise Men, Jared’s exclusive charm for the holiday release.

      • Yes, it is January 6, But I read its a Jared exclusive , do you know if Puerto Rico, will have it???

      • Yes, you should! If there’s no Jared’s then it should just be part of the regular release. :)

      • We don’t have Jared’s in Canada either. Do you think we will get it? It would be wonderful if we did.

      • Evelyn Rodriguez says:

        Most Latin Americans country celebrate on January 6 the 3 Wise Men (3 Kings) day, but we don’t have Jared stores in PR and Pandora is a hit! What a bummer! :(

  10. Gus Grinstead says:

    Well, you are certainly right….the pictures are so much better than the stock images! I didn’t think I wanted the 12 days of Christmas until I saw the picture above. I love it with the red beads. May not get all of them, but I am certainly in for the 3 wise men, the pine cone and Santa, along with some of the red beads. And I am WAY in love with the snowflake. I want to do a winter bracelet in crystal-blues and snowflakes and that is a MUST HAVE! Which bracelet would be best for that – a silver one or a leather one??? mmmmmm.

    • I always prefer the silver because they’re more versatile. Keep in mind you can only add 7-9 charms on leathers and they tend to stretch and show wear more easily than silvers :). I love these too! I’ll definitely be a lot poorer at the end of the year D:.

  11. Show us the Black Friday charm!! :)

  12. Like the Reindeer and Silver Bells charms, might get the bells as i love it when the 1,063 year old church near me rings it bells on those crisp cold winter mornings <3

    • Wow!! What a wonderful piece of history you have. That is amazing and the charm is perfect to represent that. I’ve heard that the bells actually jingle too. :)

  13. When will the three wise men charm be available at Jared?

  14. Carolyn Klement says:

    Will Australia be taking part in the 12 days of Christmas? Or just America? :( I find that America has such better promotions then anywhere else and it’s so unfair >.< lol.
    I've noticed this set is more expensive…anyone else notice this?
    And are charms going to be available in Australian stores? Everytime I see 'US exculsive' I tend to worry…but you actually mean exculsive for certain stores..

    • No, unfortunately the promotion is just the US and Canada. Australia will still have the charms, but not the extra jewelry box. There’s no retailer restriction outside the US. :)

      • Do you have any pictures / info about the jewelry box? I’m on the fence about buying the entire set – I already have the two tone Chris’s tree and don’t really love dangle-heavy bracelets. But if the jewelry box is really amazing, I might take the plunge. 😉

      • It’s a square box, but not that big, with slots for the charms. Probably not designed to fit that much jewelry. :)

  15. Julia Trubitsyna says:

    I love the mittens! Hope to be able to buy themin Russia!

  16. The Pandora mittens bead is really similar to the Swarovski Chamilia mittens bead ($65 CAD):

    It is more expensive but I think I like the swarovski one better.

  17. i like the winter wisp charm <3

  18. Yes, it seems the companies take inspiration from one another ;). These dangles look pretty cute in live shots.

  19. Because i’m still very new to Pandora i need to ask this question, will the Winter and Autumn charms be around for quite a while even though they are seasonal? There are quite a few i want but need time to save :( I don’t know what is the normal life span of charms like these until they are then retired.

    By the way, how do i upload a profile picture, i click the one i want from my computer but it doesn’t upload, does it have to be exactly the right dimensions? it doesn’t say what they are though.

    • The charms will be around for quite a while; usually at least two years before retiring and only if they’re unpopular and don’t sell. :)

      If you mean the profile pic for the comments, you can logon through Facebook and that’ll pull your FB profile pic, or you can go to the settings (gear button in the upper right of the comments section), and click on the “Avatar” tab. You can upload a pic there. :)

      • Oh that is good, plenty of time then, thank you.
        Sorry yes i meant uploading a picture straight into here but i tried that and nothing :/ it doesn’t seem to do anything after i have clicked on my chosen picture from my computer.

      • I don’t think there’s a size requirement; you just click on the little portrait in the lower right and then select your picture. Does it work?

      • Never mind, i was doing it wrong lol Thank you :)

  20. Janice Wong says:

    we don’t have a Jared here where I am… will they carry the 3 wise men????

    • Are you in the US, Janice? If you don’t have a Jared’s nearby, you can order through their online website.

  21. I’m guessing the Night & Day clip has a sun on the other side?

  22. How can I know when this charm will be available?

  23. is that a red murano in the first picture on this post ?

  24. As of right now I just have 1 silver Pandora bracelet I do have a leather one and a bangle. I was wondering how many bracelets other people have and how do they wear them all? How many do you wear at a time. I am so addicted I think at some point I will wear 3 or so everyday, Is that normal?

    • I have way too many to wear at the same time ;). I definitely stack my bracelets though, so I’ll wear anywhere from 2-5 on one wrist depending on the type (2 bangles, 5-station clip, 1 silver, 1 leather for example). It’s perfectly normal! 😉

      • well I went ahead and got the 12 days of Christmas charms so now I pretty much have a full Christmas bracelet putting me at two total bracelets with beads. do you think it is two much to wear two full bracelets side by side?
        do you wear bracelets on both hands?

      • Lovely! That’s not much at all :). I generally wear at least 2 on a wrist :).

  25. Thank you so much for your posts. Do you know when the pinecone (concept store exclusive) will be coming out? I went to Michael’s today and they told me they would only have 3 sets of the 12 Days of Christmas charms. I hope I can get one if those sets. They are just too darn cute!

  26. I’m so excited for this collection. I’m defiantly getting the 12 days of Christmas! Do you happen to have any picks of the jewelry box that will be with the promo?

  27. Amanda Allen says:

    Does anyone know what this years 2013 christms ornament will be & when its avaliable

  28. I love the tree of lights! are the tree of lights and the rest of the collection with the 12 days of christmas limited edition? or will they be in the permanent collection? not talking about the sets tho just the individual charms

  29. Eric Gibson says:

    I will be traveling to San Juan. I want to know which bead symbolizes San Juan

  30. I know this is unlikely, but does the Christmas set include a bracelet? I just wondered, as it does include an extra clip, which suggests its for kitting out a bracelet

    • It should come with a bracelet, but it doesn’t :(. I’ve heard of one jeweler offering it so maybe if you have a good relationship with your store, you can ask. :)

  31. Eric Gibson says:

    What bead represent San Juan Puerto Rico

  32. Coonedog 7 says:

    Today I put my Pandora Winter collection (12 days) on hold. Pre- buy. I love the new Winter collection I cant wait to get my Christmas collection. :)) Happy Happy

  33. Coonedog 7 says:

    I bought the 3 Wise Men. So very pretty a small cross is on the back..

  34. Will these charms be available after Christmas?