Pandora Upcoming Bracelet Promos (N.A. & UK)

pandora-free-bracelet-promoIt’s almost my favorite time of year again when Pandora offers their free bracelet promotion! Starting on September 19th – 22nd in the US, purchase $100USD worth of jewelry and receive a free bracelet GWP (value of $65) including the new Pandora bangle for. Even more exciting is that for our Canadian readers, the spend requirement has been lowered from $150CAD to $125. It’s great to see that Pandora is listening to your comments and feedback. Each store is operated independently, so check with your local retailer regarding upgrades and substitutions. Also, the promotion is not offered online but most websites do usually take phone orders.

In other news, the UK will also be having a bracelet promotion featuring leathers. From August 29th – September 1st, spend £75/£85/£95 to receive a free single/double/triple leather bracelet, respectively. Unfortunately, Pandora UK timed it so that it will just miss the Autumn 2013 release on September 2nd, which is a real bummer. Again, stores are individual franchises so whether they’ll allow you to upgrade or substitute will be dependent on the retailer.

I can’t wait for the free bracelet promo as I’ve been dying to buy more from the Autumn 2013 Collection. I’ve restrained myself to only a few pieces so far but there’s so much on my wish/need list! What do you have planned for this promotion? Are you excited as I am?


  1. Thanks for the exciting news!!! I can’t wait for the sale. That’s excellent to hear about the lowering requirement for Canadians because I’m in Toronto :) I just got the bangle last week, and I love it. I wear 3 charms from persona & chamilia on them (just because they don’t have threading inside these charms, and I want to prevent the threads from pandora beads from scratching my bangle).

    • So happy you’re excited, Grace :). I’ve got so many charms saved up for this promo! The bangle will probably get scratched up either way just from the silver rubbing on silver :(.

  2. Gus Grinstead says:

    Oh no! Out of the country! I will be traveling way out of the country (like South Africa) on those dates! What to do!!! Maybe I’ll leave some money with a friend….

  3. I’m so excited for this promo too! I haven’t even gone into my concept store to see the new collection since I’ve been saving for Sept. There is going to be a lot of damage done ;-). I’m planning on getting a bracelet for one of my dearest friends during this promo…as my friend, I feel it’s only right that she should get in on this obsession with me!

    • Wow, that’s so nice of you! It’s definitely more fun to share the addiction though ;). I’m still trying to get my friends interested! You’ve got more willpower than I, lol.

  4. It’s such a shame that the spends are so ridiculously high in the UK. £125 is a lot to fork out :/

    • I hope that they start to drop the minimum for you over there. Leann said pandora just dropped the min from $150 to $125 for Canada, so hopefully you guys are next!!!

    • :(, yes it is. But better than nothing?

      • Why are they high for us in the UK? They are not as popular so they want to get more out of us through the promos?

      • Oh o.o don’t know why my message came up as “Guest”

      • She’s right about Australia. We have a Pandora store every so many kms lol and don’t take to kindly to other charm brands as of yet (Chamilia pulled out of Australia this year cos we didn’t like it like Pandora. Pandora is seriously -“#1 here. But I love branching out. Story is now trying to get a foot hold, Trollbeads on the other don’t push as much and many still don’t know anything about them but are popular.

      • I believe Pandora is quite popular in the UK, they’re actually one of the biggest markets for Pandora (next to Australia). The promo is set by the local office and is not to reflect currency exchanges :(.

      • Why are the promos higher for us in the UK? Sales are lower so they want to get more out of us through the promos?

  5. Oh gosh!!!!! We are buying a new house and have been under a very tight budget, as well as not running up charge cards until we’re passed the credit check phase! I have been wanting a Multi-chain/one clip station for a while, as well as completing one of my theme bracelets. Going to have to see about putting some cash aside for this one!

    • Wow, congrats on the new purchase!! I know how anxious that can be, but it’s such a great deal… ;). Maybe just one bracelet won’t be so bad?

  6. I’ve had my eye on the plaited black triple leather for a while so I was really excited for this UK promo. Just disappointed with the high spend and the bad timing as I’m on holiday and I was planning to get the new grey multi strand!

  7. Still no promo for Australia?:( I need a new bracelet so the American promo would be ideal

  8. I’m disappointed our promo is only for the leathers as i’m not sure about them and i wont be spending any money until the 2nd September- and they defiantly time that right! :/ I wouldn’t mind a leather in brown to match my hair but like i said wont be buying any more charms until the 2nd and after that.

  9. that is great news for us Canadian fans!!! the extra $50 was just silly!!! great blog~ i just started becoming a pandora fan since this may~ pls keep up the awesome work~

  10. I am going to get 2 silver rock star clips and the tea cup and saucer for 2 of my nieces to get a free bangle that I will give to my mother for Christmas with the silver reindeer dangle. I am also going to get 2 Loving Pandora clips with the big smooth heart and put the three of them on the free bangle for my stepdaughters birthday. So, I am spending just enough to get 2 free bangles! :)

  11. sabina borowska says:

    I have order my friend for 2x 100$ n total 200$ and i get 2 bangle for free and 4 charms ,pixie,unicorn dangle,and 2x folklore murano ,im very happy :)

  12. I just got my first Pandora bracelet exactly 1 week ago and it already has a bunch of charms (went back several times last week, became an addict real quick..). And just got word from my local concept store they will hold an event from 13-15 september when you spend 29 Euro or more you get a present, though the lady didn’t state what it is. This is in The Netherlands btw, but not sure if it applies to other stores here. And your site is great Leann, it really got me started on Pandora!

    • That’s awesome! Congrats on your new purchase, you’re going to have so much fun with it :D. That’s great with the promo, what are you planning on getting?

      • Thanks, I’m beyond happy :) Planning on getting the Open Stars charm and Pandora Bow Bag charm next, they are on my wishlist!
        The Autumn collection is already out here and it’s gorgeous. The Swan charm is something I’d like to receive as a gift from my boyfriend sometime soon ^^*

      • That’s great! Are you in the UK? Did you end up getting a single, double, or triple leather? :)

      • I’m in The Netherlands, just below the UK! But I haven’t seen anything about the bracelet promo here. Would be nice though. Do you ladies in the USA also have the stampcard from Pandora? 10 stamps (10 purchases) = a free 29 Euro charm or pay extra to get a more expensive charm (also applies to rings, bracelets etc I believe).

      • Every country runs their promotions independently :(. We don’t have the loyalty card here, it was being experimented with in select stores earlier in the year but hasn’t been released throughout the country. :/

      • That’s such a shame. The card is THE reason for me to purchase things at the store instead of shopping online. Hope you guys will get it throughout the country after all.
        One thing that bugs me a lil though is the price difference between USD and EU. For example the new Swan Embrace is 85 USD in the USA, which is 65 Euro. But here it’s 99 Euro and that’s 130 USD. Talk about messed up..

      • Yes, the price difference is crazy! Depends on how strong the currency is. I hope we get the loyalty card too :).

      • And they lowered the prices today, talk about strange!

      • Well, that’s good news, right? :)

      • Definitely! So Saturday I went to the Pandora store with my bf for the promo and to my surprise the gift (spent 29 Euro or more) was a very pretty clip opener worth 49 Euro. It’s not the flower one with a cz in it, it’s an all silver flower and you can use it as a keychain as well.

      • Wow, good deal! Is it an open flower design? I have something similar but it’s on a keyring. :)

      • Yes it is! So it’s not a new item? Cause I’ve never seen it before. Here is a pic (hope it works).
        Leann I have a question not related to this topic. Do you still use safety chains? I’ve seen you using a clip and openworks charm instead. Does it work nicely for you? Thinking of getting a safety chain, but it will take up space I could rather use for charms :(

      • Got the pic! Yes, I’ve got that one, but from a friend in Australia. I don’t think we had them in the US. :)

  13. aww.. i wish i had a friend in us who can help me to get them..

  14. is this promotion available in online stores?

  15. Any international retailer can help to send it to Singapore ?

  16. Hi Leann, would you know whether there are any restrictions to the number of free bracelets that we can get per person? e.g. If my total purchase is $300 , can I get 3 or only 1 free bracelets? I am trying to get my cousin in US to buy for my family members here in Malaysia and each of us would like to have 1 bracelet.

    • It depends on the store. Sometimes they’ll let you get more bracelets, but each purchase is rung up separately so you’ll have to have 3 orders of $100. Usually the charms I want don’t end up adding so precisely.