The Tapestree


Recently I came across a product that helps display charms in a really unique and fabulous way.  My collection has expanded beyond my ability to wear all of them all the time, so I do have a number of beads stored away.  All my little beads are tiny works of art and it’s such a shame to keep the ones I can’t wear hidden in their box.  That’s where Tapestree comes in!  A perfect gift or accessory for any bead collector, this hand crafted sculpture is a work of art in itself and is made in the USA with copper wire.

The creator of the Tapestree is a collector herself, Elke Griffin made these gorgeous designs because she wanted to find a way to display her charms while they weren’t worn.  The Tapestree comes in three sizes, small, medium and large.  The small size holds 19 individual beads, stands 8″ tall, and is great for the beginning collector.  The medium size has 38 beads  and is 10″ tall, and the large size holds 57 and is 12″ tall.  These beautiful trees are built on solid oak stands which is lined with felt so as to not scratch any surfaces.

In addition to being able to display your beads, it’s also a great way to store them as well.  It’s easy to find the beads you want when you’re switching around designs or creating new bracelets.  The Tapestree is safely shipped from Missouri in a specially designed box which prevents the branches from being crushed.  Thanks to Elke*, I’ve been able to enjoy my charms in a brand new way!  I have so many beads that I’m proud of acquiring and the Tapestree really allows me to show them off.  Check out Tapestree for different bundles and sets great for any occasion.

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  1. YAY! The medium sized tree is about the price of a TB Glass I bead. The large one is only $10 more. A large one paired with a medium one decorated with glass beads would be an impressive decorative element in the home. AND, if that weren’t enough, these are handmade in the good ole USA.

    If there were one thing that I can think of that might improve it slightly it would be to have the base shaped with a slight depression around the trunk of the tree so that a few more random beads might securely sit there looking like fallen leaves. But that’s just me. I think these trees are practically perfect as lovely decorative objects and as storage solutions.

    • Yeah, isn’t that crazy? These are wonderfully priced! That’s a great idea about the base, maybe Elke can look into it for the new designs.

      • I’ve also written to them to see if they can suggest how to accelerate the verdigris oxidation that would make it so interesting. Waiting for a reply.

      • What a great idea!! I love the green tarnish that copper gets, and it would be so cool to have that on the tree. 😀

      • Hi Rainey,

        I apologize for not responding but I didn’t have an email come through about the patina process. We have found a natural process involving vinegar and salt and are testing how it works with one of our bright and fresh newly made trees to see how long it takes. My oldest Tapestree, which was the prototype we first made in 2012, has just started to patina a little bit on it’s own so it is a slow process if you let it occur without any help. I’ll keep you posted on how the vinegar/salt test goes and if I find anything else to accelerate the process.

  2. Wow, I love that! 😀 Do they ship to Canada? And how about the shipping costs?

  3. Hi Nataly,
    We do ship to Canada, the shipping and handling costs are $35. The postal service states a delivery time of 6-10 business days.

    • How much would it cost to ship the large one to Germany? And to Brazil?

      thank you in advance. I already have storage boxes for my beads that I love, but I can’t resist the idea to show some of my beads on the large tree. And exchange which ones get to be out, sounds like lots of fun.

      • Hi Uila,

        Shipping a large Tapestree to Germany would be $38 and to Brazil would be $45. Both are showing about a week to 10 days for delivery through the Postal Service.

        I’m so happy you like the idea! It is a lot of fun changing out which ones I keep out for all my friends and family to see. I like to change out the colors as well based on my mood :)

      • They’re perfect for display and storage! 😉

  4. Looks very pretty. The only thing I’d be concerned about is tarnish. I display some of my ‘real estate’ beads such as houses, church, carousel etc on a ledge in my living room but these tarnish MUCH faster than those sitting in a box.

    • I try and keep my charms out of any high-moisture rooms in the house and it seems to be working :D. I’m not always so good about that though…easy to just leave it on the bathroom counter.

  5. I have to say I found this posting humorous. My youngest son, when in 3rd grade, made a very similar item out of plaster and copper wire as a Mothers Day gift. It was supposed to represent our “Family Tree” but I used it to hold my rings and earrings, LOL!

    • Sounds like you have a creative and talented son! Lucky lucky girl!

    • There’s also a Family Tree version of the Tapestree! Haha! It’s a great idea, eh? I’ve also got a jewelry tree for necklaces mainly, but I love that this one is specific to beads :).

      • Leann, my husband for Christmas a couple of years ago got me a jewelry tree and I hold necklaces on it and rings. It really stands out too! This will look great around the Tapestree….can’t wait! :)

      • I love the idea and that it’s specifically for charms, I’ve also got a jewelry tree for my necklaces mainly though. 😀

  6. I must have one!! Guess I’m going with the large!!