Pandora Royal Baby Carriage Has Arrived

pandora-royal-baby-carriage2Ahead of the birth of the royal baby expected by Prince William and Duchess Kate, the Pandora limited edition Royal Baby Carriage Charm has been released in Australia!  This bead has been anticipated since the beginning of the year, so it’s great to see it finally come out as there had been some hesitation on debuting it ahead of the baby’s delivery.  While it may be a bit premature, I welcome the opportunity to celebrate the occasion early.  Priced at $69AUD, this two-tone pram charm is a great deal if you can find an Australian friend since the US dollar is much stronger than it has been in the past year.

While the UK markets have already received their stock, it seems like they will be holding off on the release until after the child’s birth which has been officially reported to be July 13th.  I’m told that the charm is even cuter in person, and a big thanks to Phyll Mollica-Triat for the photo.  I’ve always been an Anglophile and especially keen on the Royals, partly stemming from my fascination with English history, so these special royal beads are right up my alley!  I’m very excited to see these released and to get my charm, will you be getting one?

  • Laila Cox

    I think I will be purchasing this bead. It looks gorgeous! I have developed a bit of a fascination with English history as well. How do limited editions work? Do they sell out quickly?

    • Leann

      Usually limited editions means that there are a limited number of charms made or they’re being sold for a limited time. If it’s like how the Royal Wedding Charm was, then it’s probably the former. :)

  • Julie

    Im in the US and am dying for one of these! Anyone know how I can get one from Australia?

    • Jen T

      I really need to get my hands on two of these, anyone know how I can do that since I live in the US? :)

      • Jen T

        Sorry Julie, I don’t know how I got my post on your post but it looks like we are looking for the same thing lol. Hope we both have good luck getting our hands on these charms 😉

      • kate lears

        hi i work in a store in the uk when they arrive i can send you one you just need to cover postage the cost of the bead is £65

        this is our email.

  • Jen Lu

    Got mine today!!! It’s very cute =)

    • frederica

      Would you mind to tell where do you get it on line?

    • Leann

      Awesome! Wish I can get mine soon too!

    • Jossie

      Would you mine to tell me where do you get it on line?

  • Janet L.

    While I adore Wills and Cate, I don’t have their wedding charm and don’t plan on buying the baby charm…I just have too many bracelets already! :\

    • Leann

      Haha! Is that possible? Too many bracelets?! 😉

  • kate lears

    we are expecting this charm in our store very soon

    • Sharon

      Kate. What is the name of your store ? I live in the US and want this charm so badly. Much of my family immigrated from England. I have been looking for a charm to represent that. Thanks !

      • kate lears

        hi sharon our store is called boutique hoco and this is our email address when we get it in we can send you one and process the payment through paypal looking forward to hearing from you soon

        kind regards

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