Pandora Autumn 2013 Collection Prices and More Live Shots

pandora-autumn-2013-cover2We’re getting closer to the debut of the Pandora Autumn 2013 Collection and it’s definitely time to start planning out our wish lists. To help with that, below lists the prices for the charms that will be coming out in the following weeks in USD. I’ve heard that this set will be released for pre-fall so just another few weeks away now. I can already tell that this is going to be a budget buster and since it’ll be out well before the fall bracelet promo, I’m not sure if I will be able to help myself.

Based on these high resolution pictures I can make out a few more details for the charms – the basketball has black enamel detailing, the taxi has a British flag on the roof, and the cable car has crystals on top. At the top of my list is the PANDORA shopping bag, the double happiness, and white effervescence charms as I can use those to finish off a couple of my bracelets. The rest I think I can wait for since I’m planning on starting a new bracelet with all the forest themed beads. It looks like this collection will be just as expensive as the past couple collections as Pandora charms have gotten more detailed and presumably uses more silver.

We have a few more live shots courtesy of Marina Vekshina from a Moscow store opening featuring the Autumn 2013 collection. There is one charm that has been conspicuously left off the list and we’re probably not getting. There is a jewelry box with articulating lid in the photo below that I have not been able to find for North America :(. I’m so disappointed that one won’t be available here, so I’ll definitely be looking to get them from a friend overseas. Β In other news, I have found that the openworks two-tone charm (with CZ) will be a Jared’s exclusive so have updated the US Special Distribution preview.

Have any of these prices shocked you? What pieces will you be getting first?


  1. I would like the longggg awaited basketball, the taxi (being from NYC), the Vintage, Allure, The Owl, Pandora bag, Vanity mirror…. And I’m sure a few more… Thanks for sharing…

  2. Thanks for your great info! I’m disappointed in the scale of the shopping bag from the photos, it looks too large to me. Besides that there’s a few that I’m wanting to see in person. I’ll HAVE to have the hockey puck without a doubt, and the camel and kiwi as well. I think the Pixie will be another I can’t live without, and I have to say this shot of the folklore glass makes it intriguing to me! Geez! I’m broke before I started!

  3. Janet L. says:

    At the top of my list is Moss, it is so reminiscent of the older style Pandora…of course the shopping bag is a must have, I just wish they’d have made the bow in gold…I also really like Oopsie Daisy, Forest Trinity, Edelweiss, Autumn Bliss, and the Vanity Mirror reminds me of my mother’s dresser as a little girl.

    • I love the moss too and I think that it’s very much a classic Pandora design. Will definitely be getting all those that you listed! Love the forest trinity pendants :).

  4. Ouf, I take a deep breath… there are so much that I want! I’m born in autumn and loooove this season. So I will go to USA (a few more than 1 hour drive) for the bangle promotion to choose my birthday presents. Hope my man won’t complain πŸ˜‰
    By the way, Leann, could you tell me : if I buy for 200$, could I get 2 bangles ?

    • Nataly it depends on the store, but for where I work we let people do more than one promo, however it needs to be on seperate transactions that each total $100 :) if that makes sense!

    • Yup, depends on the store. Some will let you, others will required a different person be with you. :/ Sounds like you’ve got your birthday wishes figured out! πŸ˜‰

  5. Going to have to get the Wise owl, London Calling, Australia, Kiwi, Vino, purple and clear effervescence. Looks like I’m in trouble!

  6. Must have Globe clip for my travel bracelet, Kiwi for my visit to New Zealand, Vino for my niece who lives and works in Nappa and Cable Car if I visit SF on my trip to her wedding!

  7. So excited for this collection! I need the globe clips and the green fascinating for my Ireland bracelet; the vino and Pandora bag for my “everything I love” bracelet; and the maple leaf for my bracelet representing places I have run road races (doing a Canadian race this fall!). Can not wait!!!

  8. What’s the color of the stone in the Edelweiss charm? I thought it was a green, like the green in the Vintage, but now I’m not sure.

    Out of this group, on my list are Vino, Moss, Vintage and Edelweiss, and the two tone leaf openworks (assuming I can get it!)

    I’m also planning a Fall/Foresty bracelet, and that two tone openworks was going to be my center piece… it would be very disappointing if it wasn’t available here :(

    Also, yikes on the prices.

    • It’s yellow CZ in the edeweiss, but it’s almost a limey green to me in the stock photos. The stone in the vintage allure is green spinel. Found out more info on the two-tone openworks, it’s a Jared’s exclusive! So I’ll be updating the info here :D. Yes, quite the sticker shock to me too :/.

      • Yellow? Why wouldn’t it be green… boo. Even an olive green, like in the Forest Trinity would be awesome. Now I’m not sure what bracelet I would put it on, will have to wait to see it in person.

        Great news on the Jared’s exclusive, thanks!

      • I hope it’ll be pretty. I looooove the color on the Forest Trinity, that would have been wonderful. :)

  9. Nicola Beeson says:

    Yay!! What is that string bracelet?? I’ve never seen that…will that be a new addition?

    Love the mermaid!

  10. Do you know the prices for the multistrand cord bracelets yet? I’ve got my eye on those as well as a TON of charms. I’m LOVING this fall release!

  11. I’m planning to get at least 2 Vintage Allure, plus the basketball, the camel, emerald facet, and edelweiss as soon as possible, and the kiwi, two-tone moss, and folklore murano later. I’d love the 14k gold Lucerne clips, but eek! $520 each? Guess not. :-(

    • Great list! I also love the gold, but yeowza, the price! As much as some people clammer for the gold, it’s just not affordable to most people. :(

  12. I’m super excited for the Australia bead!

  13. I’m really excited for the Shopping Bag, it will be my first purchase no doubt, as well as the Camel and Mermaid to finish off my bracelet. Really excited for this collection :)

  14. Just when I think I’m all ‘Pandoraed-Out’ they come out with another intriguing collection. I live north of NYC and support the theater arts on Broadway, off-Broadway as well as Westchester and Southern Connecticut; the theater mask is a must for me! The pixie is a must for my sister, who’s birthday is in Septeber so hope they’re out by then. I’m a little confused, there are 2 charms named ‘Birds of a Feather’, are they the same but at different angles?

    • I know, I get bored too in between launches, but then their next collection comes out and I’m hooked all over again! Yeah, not quite sure why they named the charms the same, but one is an openworks with feathers and CZ detailing. The other one is a two-tone openworks with birds and green CZ.

      • Leann, thanks for the clarification. Upon closer inspection I can see the difference, especially one having a small gold bird.
        Q: so sorry but I didn’t realize you had answered my question until I received today’s post (07/24) re: live shots of the Autumn Collection. I was wondering if there was anyway of tweaking your site for me to receive a notification of a response via email, as do some of my knitting blog sites? I am never sure if you get a moment to respond to my queries and its a bit tedious to go back to a past post to see if you did have a chance to do so – just asking?

      • Thanks for the suggestion, Aida! We’re looking into it and I think we’ve found a workable plugin but haven’t turned it on yet. In the meantime if you have a pressing concern just email me through the Contact Us link. :)

  15. Hi LeAnn
    For wish list and promo coming up can u tell me the prices for the birthday bloom earrings and also the new 6-strand cord bracelets?

  16. Linda Krantz says:

    Love the pandora bag, have to get that one.

  17. the blue effervescence and the unicorn for my blue bracelet =)

  18. I already have a long wish list just from this collection.

  19. jeanette says:

    What exactly is the double happiness? I’m having trouble seeing if it says something or if it’s just abstract.

  20. Thank you for sharing. That Pandora bag charm looks like a must have for me. The Folklore murano is also calling to me….

  21. The folklore is calling me and I dont usually like muranos. Birds of a feather two tone is also another that I like.

  22. I’m getting everything, except sports, gold, Canada, love, happiness, daisy, kiwi, hedgehog, and camel.

  23. My must haves for me are: Glove clips, Shopping bag, Vino and Kiwi for NZ of course :) Would really love to see more detail for the jewelry box, looks like something I would get too :)

  24. Any info on the release date of these charms? Mid August or Mid Sept?

  25. Charming says:

    Don’t know if you’ve already figured this out, but the gold and silver leaf charm is actually the ” Family Tree” charm. It’s a Jared’s exclusive… They will also be getting a ” Three kings” charm for they’re winter exclusive charm.

  26. London Calling, definitely! I’m a huge Doctor Who fan; I’m already planning a theme bracelet…. πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve been trying to get into Doctor Who, so maybe I’ll watch some more episodes by the time this collection comes out! πŸ˜€

  27. do we know how much the light as a feather earrings will be? I can’t find the price anywhere and i absolutely adore them… i just wanted to know so i knew that to expect as my store is holding a pair for me as soon as they come in

  28. Once again bummed on how little gold or even the two tone charms. I’m loving Delicate beauty to help finish off my gold bracelet! :) Of course the Pandora bag is a must-have!! Also, Folklore is stunning, cannot wait to see this one in person. A lot of the charms in the Autumn collection aren’t my thing. Just wish Pandora would please expand at least just a little on giving us more gold AND two tone charms, please oh please? :)

    Sweet Leann, when your friend overseas hooks u up with the charms unavailable here in USA, please don’t forget about little ole’ me, too? Pretty pretty please!! πŸ˜‰

    • Yes, not a lot of selection for gold lovers, just one or two per collection :(. Doubt Pandora will change any time soon though with the gold prices the way they are. Good news about that extra charm not being released with this collection, looks like there’ll be something special in the works! πŸ˜‰

  29. I am looking at the folklore charm for future value. The multi colored beads always seem to be the highest priced after retirement. I am also looking at the moss charm, vino and the shopping bag.This will start bracelet # 3 !

  30. This collection is going to bankrupt me! Good news is there were only two or three from winter that I need, so I’ll have time to get them. Bad news is so far all I have from the summer collection is Happy Crab! I think first on my list from fall will have to be the Peacock. I want to see the “fantasy” ones up close before deciding if I want the Pixie, Unicorn and/or Mermaid. This collection will also likely spur me to start a travel souvenir bracelet, as I’ve been to San Francisco (Vino & Cable Car) and Canada twice (Maple Leaf). My fiance & I also like hockey, so the puck is an eventual must, and we took an anniversary trip to FL to see a game several years back. Of course, with the increased rate of charm retirement, I’ve got a lot of traveling to do if I want to complete a bracelet!! I also really want to see the Folklore charm in person.

    • You and me both! I feel like my bank account is barely taking a break before the next release comes out. Yikes! Those are wonderful picks, I love that they’ll be so meaningful for you :D.

  31. Any word from anyone’s store on a release date? I know the “official” answer is late August, but I see on Leann’s calendar “August 5th”, and I’ve heard even late July.

    Just was hoping to pick up some birthday presents and wanted to know if the charms would be an option. Why does Pandora have to be so darn wishy-washy and secretive on when things will hit stores?! Grrr.

    • Still me…

      I’d love to hear some other people’s experiences at their concept stores. There is one particular salesgirl at my store that knows and loves everything Pandora. We’ve talked at length about rare, retired, country-specific, past season, future season, etc. Pandora – she’s even an avid reader of this blog!

      The manager at my store is always friendly, remembers me, and strikes up conversations often. However, I’ve asked her about the 12 Days of Pandora promo and she’s so secretive – says things like “I can’t confirm that”. I ask when the fall line is coming out and it’s “Oh, in the fall…no date”. I asked about possible ways to obtain the royal baby carriage charm, and she didn’t even know what I was talking about.

      Most of the other salesgirls are like this. They don’t seem to have any idea about Pandora as a brand.

      I spend…geez, way more than I should, so I’m always surprised when I seem to get blown off by the ladies. Maybe they TRULY don’t know much, but I’d be disappointed in Pandora as a company if they expected so little of their employees and neglected to share things like product arrival dates, upcoming promos, etc.

      I’d love to hear other’s experiences to see if maybe I need to be driving to another concept store.

      • Yes, it’s very frustrating talking to the employees sometimes. I think it’s a combination of, they don’t know and Pandora is incredibly secretive! Annoyingly so. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal to know when the release date is or what promos are coming out, but they’re told to keep their lips tight. A lot of associates don’t really care either, especially about retired charms. I would be mortified/infuriated if a SA told me that my charms were fake. It’s so hard to get information on the exclusives too, which is a big reason why I started this blog :).

      • I work for a Pandora retailer and can confirm we are not told release dates too far in advance and are not permitted to disclose information regarding upcoming promotions or sales. I understand it’s annoying but you have to appreciate that they are aiming to make money. It is a business after all. As for not caring about retired charms – I don’t know where you shop, but we do care about them; in fact many of my charms are now retired from the main collection. Also, if someone comes in with obviously fake charms, we are supposed to tell them, as fake/non-Pandora charms void your warranty on the bracelet.

      • Very true. I think it depends on the store too, there’s a lot of variation on how knowledgeable the associates are :).

      • Samantha says:

        So far i have found the staff in my Pandora ok. I’m just starting up with mine so not been in there enough. When i went to select my bracelet the lady gave me one that was obviously way too small, it was touching the sides of my wrist and no room for charms but after a few more tries i picked one and a few days later i swapped it for a size smaller as i felt it was slightly big, i was trying to do this during a heatwave though and with no air conditioning so had a sweaty wrist and not able to think clearly, possibly the salesgirl wasn’t able to either. There is one lady there i think i like, she seems to know a bit more than the others but i haven’t yet asked them when new charms will be in, sure i will get the same secretive answers. When i last went into the shop i don’t remember seeing the Royal Baby carriage charm so can ask them about it and my last visit was after the birth, my birthday is the same day πŸ˜€

      • It’s definitely difficult to find a rapport to the sales people, I hate when they’re pushy. I hope you find someone you like, it definitely improves the shopping experience! :)

    • Sorry to keep changing the dates around. I kept getting told different things, but release date is officially September 2nd but stores will probably get their stock much earlier. πŸ˜€

  32. Nicola Beeson says:

    What is the official release date on these?

  33. The vintage allure is on the pandora Australia website but none of the other autumn release charms seem to be. It’s definitely one that I want. Surely it wouldn’t be for sale yet??

  34. Yolanda Flor-Prugar says:

    My concept store the other day had a preview of the new fall collection. Its so beautiful and detailed some of the collection. I pre-ordered the shopping bag and autumn bliss. Saving to buy the owl, wine (which resembles Trollbeads’ wine harvest a little) and the spacers for the promo. I also saw the Oopsie Daisy and its so nice. They also had some of the winter collection – fell in love with the sleigh, santa and the pine cone. Wasn’t impressed with the silver bow.
    Leann, also had a question about the jewelry box with the articulating lid that it might be a Pandora Club member’s bead for 2014. Have you heard anything about that?

  35. I think it says ‘Pandora Club 2014′ on the lid of the charm box charm – maybe it’s a special release? :)

    • Yolanda Flor-Prugar says:

      Then it might be true. Have you seen it? Heard its coming in UK but don’t know if every Pandora club member would get one. Imagine how many beads that would be? I also wonder if there would be any restrictions getting one? Would be great to receive one!

  36. bermudaonion(Kathy) says:

    I have my eye on Moss. I’m wondering how many bracelets you own.

  37. Was at the Pandora store in Grandville, Michigan today to pick up a charm that is being retired and it was my lucky day because they just got in the new charms.

  38. The only disappointment was the basketball charm which my daughter was so excited to get until we saw it. It is overdone with the bubbly look and Pandora name on it and doesn’t look like a basketball at all.

  39. Christina says:

    yay! I’m gonna get the Vanity Mirror and “Birds of a Feather”. They will great on my girly pink bracelet! <3

  40. Is the double happiness meant to be shared like the friendship butterfly? Thanks!

    • I guess technically yes, but it’s usually used to represent a long and happy marriage so I don’t know who you would give it to? Lol. I was thinking about this design flaw just the other day, but I can’t deny that it’s so darn cute!

  41. I live in Canada and we don’t get too much I am a pandora club member but I don’t understand when people say only club members??? What does that mean and how do I become a member??? Also how do I go about getting charms that don’t come to Canada??? I love pandora and would love some charms that we don’t have which makes me sad and disappointed!!!! I want what everyone can get that Canada doesn’t, what do I do????? Please help I want what everyone can buy but us???!!!!! A unhappy pandora lover

  42. Samantha says:

    Will all the new charms be available in the UK? I really hope the Maple Leaf will be, i was born there so want it to symbolise that. I like the look of the Pixie and Unicorn charms. What is on top of the London Calling charm, is it a Union Jack flag or Pandora logo? it look like either one of those to me. Also love the new Muranos.

    • Hi Samantha, the UK keeps to the official release date so most likely September 2nd :(. The phone booth has a Union Jack in red enamel on top, it matches the Poppy pretty well. :)

      • Hi Leann, thank you for your reply. I already guessed the release date but thank you for confirming it, i was just wondering if all of the charms will be coming to the UK or will only some like for example the Maple Leaf only be available in Canada?

      • There shouldn’t be anything that’s exclusive; the Australia bead did get delayed and won’t be released anywhere. The Maple Leaf should be available in the UK! :)

      • Thank you!

  43. Hope they will be released here in Singapore soon! Any idea?

  44. charmlover81 says:

    Thanks to this post I raced to the mall to buy two of the murano folklore beads.They are just as pretty in person. Worth the trip.

    • Awesome! They’re so unique, how are you using them?

      • charmlover81 says:

        I recieved my first bracelet three weeks ago for my anniversary. Its filled minus one charm. Since my husband started it I will let him finish it. At the time I was unsure about colors so I bought one fascinating white murano as my center for my main section. Yesterday I added one folklore bead to each section to add just enough color but not too much. My bracelet aslo has champagne accents with the champagne trinity spacers and two champagne blooming roses.

      • charmlover81 says:

        A picture of the Folklore beads.

      • Beautiful! What a sweet hubby you’ve got :). I am really loving the new folklore beads.

  45. I am building my bracelet very slowly and kind of like the almost empty look. So far I have crazy clips and the blue ribbon glass bead as well as the Statue of Liberty. I just got some money for my birthday and am trying to hold onto it until the fall special. Do you know if the bangle will be included in the fall special bracelet deal? As for the new beads, I must get the Chinese symbol for love as I have two children from China. I am hoping to get something to represent my parents as well but am torn between the lighthouse and Eiffel Tower beads which are not new but for different reasons might be a good choice to symbolize Mom and Dad.

    • The half-filled look is definitely appealing! I love the sound and feel of all the beads sliding around :). The bangle will be part of the September promo. You can’t go wrong with any of those choices!

  46. I’ve had a Pandora bracelet for some years and been very happy with it – until the Folklore bead appeared. Now the fever has struck again. Curious about your post saying “openwork two-tone charm (with CZ). Does this refer to one specific bead? The terms seem to lead me to a variety of Pandora goodies.

    • Hope you enjoy rediscovering Pandora! The openworks two-tone charm is the Jared’s exclusive in the photo above. :)

  47. So excited they’re finally making a hockey charm!

  48. regarding the Jared’s exclusive “tree of life”…the Jared’s store near me is calling it “family tree”…perhaps to avoid confusion from the original “tree of life” bead

    • That’s interesting! Thanks for the info, Janet. I usually buy my Pandora at the Concept stores so haven’t made it into Jared’s to check out their exclusive. <3

  49. Kelli Ballard McAllister says:

    I am looking at your picture of the new tree of life charm and it looks markedly different from the one that Jared has on their web site. Yours looks like a tree with leaves, but theirs looks like just leaves on a charm…. Have you actually seen the charm in person?

  50. IRMA La Douce says:

    Hi Leann, just found your blog… I only just started collecting and building my bracelets mid year last year, I am from Australia. Do you know where I could buy that Australian shape – Pandora autumn 2013 icon collection from ?? I don’t think we have it here in Australia – it’s ridiculous. lol. or can anyone help me getting it please? don’t mind paying a little bit more, thank you so much !

  51. Stephanie C says:

    Does your white effervescence murano have gray spots in the white part? I just bought one last week and it looks like mine has gray spots with the white.