Unveiling the Pandora Autumn 2013 Collection

pandora-autumn-2013-cover1Now that we’re past the summer collection, let’s take a look ahead to the fall which brings a preview of the Pandora Autumn 2013 collection! This release is being dubbed Enchanting in the US and Canada, and we see a number of seasonally appropriate and fantasy inspired pieces.  Since emerald is the color of the year, I’m so happy to see a number of green charms in this collection especially the green Fascinating Murano. Lots of crystals again for this collection, which I have mixed feelings about – I do love the sparkle, but I’m seeing an ever-widening departure from Pandora’s original style. In the past few seasons the charms have become noticeably more detailed but in a mechanical way. I’m missing the soulfulness of their older designs.

I’ve split the charms into easily digestible categories including, Muranos, Hobbies, Animals, National Icons, Foliage, Fantasy, Love, and US Special Distribution.  Many charms here have been requested quite often on the Pandora Facebook page including the basketball, mermaid, and shopping bag to name a few. We also see a new design for the Muranos called Effervescence based on the bubbles and cubic zirconia embedded in the glass!  I’m so excited for those but I don’t know how I feel about the Folklore “peacock” Murano, I will definitely need to see that one in person

This may be another disappointing release for gold lovers considering there are only 2 gold charms and a handful of two-tone pieces.  I adore the older two-tone styles and Moss reminds me of that.  Vintage Allure will also make its debut in the US but it is not being billed as limited edition for North America so it could be a permanent part of the line.  There will also be a continuation of special charms for different distribution channels – Oopsie Daisy for Concept Stores and Edelweiss for Shop-in-Shop for the US and Canadian markets (they will be available worldwide without restrictions).

I am most excited for the Double Happiness charm, being Chinese this charm has a lot of cultural significance for me, but my wish list is actually quite long for this collection; it’d be easier to name the charms I don’t want, lol.  Like last fall’s release, we can expect to see these hit stores around end of August to early September although there hasn’t been any word of the official date.  If the pattern holds, these charms will be in stores with plenty of time before the September free bracelet promo in North America.  What are your thoughts at the Pandora Autumn 2013 Collection?  Are you excited?  I know I am!


  1. I can’t zoom these pics.

  2. Awesome, and Thank you for sharing…now I’m gonna have to get another piggy bank 😀

  3. Thanks for the information, as usual!

  4. Soooo excited for these! LOVE emerald green, it’s my birthstone. Love the folklore fantasy theme and have a long wish list already… Need the pixie, unicorn, owl, birds of a feather, green paves, autumn bliss, twice as nice, do I need to go on? It’s going to be a bank buster! I actually like the peacock murano, I know it looks a bit shocking at first but it’s definitely got folklore feel for me and tempted to add one to my enchanted Forrest bracelet (yes it’s designed in my head already!)
    After the early glimpses of snow globe and angel I was very worried for the release, but needn’t have been. Although my husband is cringing at the thought of my christmas list (he’ll be lucky if I wait that long! )
    Thanks for the update…great as usual

    • I agree! I’m in fear for my wallet ;), I love all the openworks including the green pave (must have!), the Pandora shopping bag, all the little animals, and at least half of the national icons, and I’m just getting started! Yikes. 😀

  5. Wow, great info, thank you! I think the Moss might be my favorite. I also love the Edelweiss and Vintage Allure, but have nothing green (I’m all about the blues…) but maybe these will get me started on my first green bracelet.

    And, love the wine charm.. One of my favorite hobbies! Not much else out of this group for me.

    • Hahaha, too funny, Tracy. Now if only they put out a beer charm to complete my hobbies…lol. I adore all the ones you’ve named as well, and will definitely be starting on my fourth (yes, 4!) green bracelet soon :D.

  6. Cyndi c says:

    Wow. As a Philly girl, the pretzel is a must. I see many others I can put on my wishlist

  7. I’m so excited for a lot of these. I think the Australia bead is my favorite – I’ll be there in September – perfect timing for a bead to remind me of my trip!

  8. Thank you for sharing, I have been trying to find the retired Canadian flag charm for a few months now. I am very happy that they are coming out with a maple leaf charm that I can get instead.

  9. I have a long list of these items as well. The pixie, and owl are must haves, with the globe clip, hockey puck and maple leaf right after. I’m glad to see some nicer Canadian beads.
    As an aside, there are two “birds of a feather”. Of course, I want them both. 😉

  10. Wendy Carr says:

    I need to have the Pandora shopping bag and the the Maple Leaf, as I am Canadian! The fantasy charms are a must as well as the limited edition ones as well…

  11. Nicola Beeson says:

    Oh my!! I love emerald green…my favorite color!!
    I have just discovered my love for facetted Muranos, so those will be a must have.
    Love the birds of feather with the stone and gold bird, mermaid!! Moss is beautiful in it’s simplicity. Love the very 70’s owl head, very cute ; ) Not sure I’ll buy, but great design. I love the other animals too!! Mrs. Tiggywinkle? :) The globe is very cool!! And it’s a clip!! The pixie is very cute too. Gosh…lots I want!! Love love love the green color they’re using…really excited for that. And the peacock is great!!

    Thanks for the update,


    • Me too! I love lime green and olive green more than emerald but it’ll do ;). I’ve already started to redesign bracelets to include these charms so I can’t wait! 😀

  12. UGh! so doomed. The pics I had seen were not stuff I was loving so I thought I was safe. Now I see your pics and I know that isnt the case!

    • Haha, yes the ones that were out were pretty hideous but these are great, I think. The rest of the winter collection isn’t bad too…preview coming soon!

  13. Linda Rosado says:

    So many!!!! I really need to choose wisely, oyherwise I will be broke pretty soon!!!!

  14. Yes, I’m disappointed there isn’t more gold but I can’t afford a new gold charm all that often.

    • I love the pieces they are putting out, but probably won’t get them for a while. You’re right, it’s tough on the wallet to buy gold! 😉

  15. Do you have the pics of the earrings, pendants and rings of this collection?

  16. Chantel says:

    I seem to be in the minority here. I am so very disappointed with this collection. There is only one charm I like and it isn’t even a must have – the shopping bag. I kinda like the Happiness charm but I really wish it was a single instead of double dangle. I may end op likening the unicorn and swans in person but I do not have high hopes. Bummer.

  17. Your pictures are much better images than others I’ve seen so once again thank you for all you do to make spending money on Pandora way toooooo easy!
    Many of these I will be eager to see in person as I so often think I want a charm till I see it and then something I never thought I’d like throws some sparkle my way and I’m hooked.
    I think the US distribution charms are a must and I’ve been eager to see the Vintage Allure close up.

    • You’re welcome Elyse ;). I knooow, I’ve already started rearranging bracelets in anticipation of the new charms. XD I can tell I’m going to be spending a lot of money on this collection, especially with Perlen out of the picture now :(.

  18. Kiwi? Really?

  19. Jen Tab says:

    This collection has a lot to love in it. Nice usage of complimentary colors with the greens. I’m interesting in seeing the cable car in person. When on Pier 39 in San Francisco, they had a charm store right next to a jewelry store that sells Pandora. Both of the stores had this totally cheap looking cable car that all the poor tourists were buying. I think that Pandora will make a killing in SF for sure. On another tourist note, I just got back from Hawaii and the new concept store on Maui had engraved (Maui in pink) turquoise looking glass muranos for sale similar to the ones highlighted in the Pandora cruise posts. Had to get that since it was totally cute. Thanks for the preview, Leann! Can’t wait for more info on this and the winter collection.

    • You’re welcome, Jen! I think the cable car is a must for San Francisco and the taxi for NYC. I love getting location specific charms when I’m traveling :D.

  20. I like Moss because it’s more like the Pandora I know and love. I personally hate all these “theme” charms…( a PRETZEL ??? ) There are other makes that cater for those. I wish the Pandora designers would do their job and design…and not listen so much to the consumer.in this case. I know this sounds like sour grapes, but it’s just my opinion ! Pandora used to be classy…

    • pretzel is must o have in philly. i guess this will be one of those charms to fill its niche and retire in year or so.

    • Leilani says:

      Haha, a pretzel is also a good one for NYC, with all the pretzel vendors on the street.

    • AMEN! :/

    • Maddashin says:

      Actually, i think the pretzel should be under travel! I love the pretzel. I will get it because i have been to Germany and they would sell pretzels everywhere. I love the Moss though. I like the travel themes because i travel alot and am always looking to add to my bracelet one charm from where i have been. The best crystal beads are the ones i got from ohm. I bought one to make a birthday bracelet. A bead for each birthday.

      • Well, I wasn’t quite sure what the pretzel was for when I first saw it so I thought maybe food? Lol. Travel charms are so fun to get when you visit a new place. :)

    • I completely agree, Caz. It does seem like they’ve got different designers now :(. That is really interesting, that’s what Wes said too – Pandora shouldn’t cater so much to the customers, lol.

  21. Does anybody know of any research grants available for the study and purchase of Pandora charms? I would be sooooo interested in purchasing aspect!

  22. Missing the Carousel!!!

  23. omg i gotta have the mermaid. thank goodness you post these pics for me, it really helps me not buy charms just because they are so-so… now I know I have to wait for the mermaid!!! eeeeeee! :p

  24. Leilani says:

    I agree that these are departing from their style. They seem to be adopting some styles of their competitors. For example, the hockey puck & taxi looks similar to the Ohm style and the effervescence Muranos are similar to Muranos from Chamilia. I like the addition of the green. It’s time they added more dark green to the mix. I especially like the new Fascinating green Murano. Out of all the European style bracelet brands, I think Pandora makes the best faceted Muranos.

    • I agree, Leilani. It does seem like they’re taking designs from their competitors; like the Chinese character in the heart is totally Ohm Beads! I miss the old styles too, but I will have to say there are some in this collection that I cannot wait for! :)

  25. This is my fav collection of all time. The animals-eep! I will be getting all the animal for sure *drools*

  26. TammySue says:

    I’m sort of “meh” about the new autumn selection. I love the two-tones and gold charms and would like to see more of those.

  27. I’m new to pandora. In fact I don’t have a bracelet yet! I’m getting one in August. I love the look of many of these charms especially the wise owl (top of my list), moss, vintage allure and birds of a feather. Thank you for all the information you provide. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and have leant a lot :)

  28. Call me crazy but I’m not all excited about the Autumn collection. Almost every charm is just blah. To me it’s like, Pandora got rid of the charm designers from when the brand first started out and hired new designers that I don’t like the direction they are heading really. I’m bummed on what I’m seeing so far. And I’m such a huge collector of Pandora that I can only hope seeing them in person will truly change my mind.

    I’m really ticked off at Pandora for leaving the gold charm collectors out, wow we get two charms to pick from?! At least there is a few more than two to pick from of the two tone.

    On a positive note! :) I thought the Murano bubble charms were pretty but they look too familiar to other Pandora Muranos.

    Don’t mean to sound negative. This is my first look at such a big list of what’s to come for Autumn that I’m a little flabergasted to say the least! :/

    • I’ve gone back and forth on this collection, Ashley. When I first saw it, I was thinking wtf? What’s with all the gaudy stones and charms that don’t look like Pandora?! But then I found some beads that I’m really looking forward to like the Oopsie Daisy, Edelweiss, Moss, and all the animal charms. So I think there’s enough for me to like in this collection but it definitely seems like Pandora is heading towards a different direction.

      • Yea, that’s my overall response to this unveiling, WTF!?!? :) I really hope after looking some over closely and of course seeing them in person I won’t be as disappointed. The Moss is nice, I agree. Some of the animal charms will look good on my Pandora animal themed bracelet. The unicorn charm I really <3 and oh yea, of course I gotta get the Chinese love symbol charm. At least I've found some charms from this collection that interest me!! 😉

      • There are definitely ones that I “need” but I think they’re taking too many suggestion from customers, not curating the collecting as well, and also I see a lot of similarities from other brands now too. I’m sure it’ll look better in person but my first reaction was definitely not positive, lol, although they’ve grown on me ;).

  29. Hi I can’t see the new sleigh tb said about am I missing something?

    Love the pandora bag and the pink bubble murano

    • This is the preview for the Autumn Collection, Carla. The sleigh is part of the Winter Collection which will be previewed in a different post.

  30. Not as excited about this collection as I was for the summer collection.

  31. leann thanks for all the info now we just need to see the prices to know how much damage there will be to the wallet.Great job!!

  32. Christine says:

    Some of these I absolutely love (better start saving!), but some of them I think are pretty bad. I mean, is that supposed to look like a maple leaf?!

    • I definitely agree! I prefer the older enamel one better and I don’t even like enamel :/. The maple leaf looks so chunky and not like Pandora.

  33. Leann, after looking closely at the mermaid charm I don’t she is chubby I think she is wrapped around the main ball shape of the charm! You can slightly see her tail at the back! Hope that helps! :)

    • I know it’s the hole, but it looks very wide to me, lol. 😛

      • Of all the beautiful ways I can imagine Pandora doing a mermaid charm….ugh! Heck ya the thing is just weird and wide looking. I’d never thought of a mermaid charm being round? IMO, the mermaid looks like a pregnant mermaid and that explains why she’s so round, right?! :)

      • I knoooooow. I thought she looked pregnant too, lol.

      • yes i had a comment about that yesterday but because of “puter problems” it never posted!

        She looks chubby and mermaids are supposed to be elegant… i find her to look like a blob.

  34. I love the fantasy ones!!!! I am going to have to save!!! I wish we knew the prices

  35. Hi Leann.
    Do you know the color of the stone in the Edelweiss flower?

  36. Yikes, this looks like a budget-buster to me too… not to mention messing up my current green and animal-themed bracelets, but good. Gah. And I just got the Canadian charm (the somewhat ugly red leaf on white background – ridiculous price, but had to get it when I saw it in the store the other week – couldn’t believe anyone still had one to sell, lol) …. like the look of this maple leaf lots better… oh dear…

    • I completely agree! I’m going to have to change my animal and green bracelets around too. Hmm..I think I like the older style Canada bead better but I hate how the enamel starts to yellow after a while. At least there won’t be that problem for this one!

  37. Thanks for sharing these new introductions. Your blog never fails to bring intrigue and exciting news. This is the first time I haven’t been excited about Pandora’s new line. Something is missing. I see a cross between other lines. The Chinese love heart looks just like the Ohms chinese heart . I must say the green emerald murano is my favorite. Maybe the rest of the line will grow on me by August:)

  38. If they come out with another puffy heart I am going to scream! And I was told (by someone who saw them in Vegas) that the greens are lighter in person. Why the heck doesn’t Pandora just make the charms the colors that they edit them to look like?!

  39. Tiffany says:

    Thank you Leann for posting these great pics! I am SO excited for this fall collection, especially the Owl and surprisingly the Camel. I think he is so cute, even though I don’t have a real connection with him. It seems like they should be retiring more to make room for all of these. Also I am so glad there are less dangles in this collection, as they are not my favorite. I don’t want to rush summer, but I can’t wait for these!

    • I know what you mean, Tiffany! I can’t help but anticipate fall with these sweet beads in the offering, but I definitely don’t want summer to be over either ;).

  40. Green has never been my color, but the wine/vintage/forrest theme looks so cool!
    The only thing I really don’t understand, is why pandora doesn’t try out more colors in their murano collection… It’s always the same baby pink and baby blue, kind of starts to get boring. I wish they had more shades in every color. Maybe it would be harder to match, but it would make bracelets pop out more…
    Leann can’t you introduce a like button on your blog? Some comments of the ladies here are great and would be fun to show my appreciation like I do on facebook! 😀

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree with you! There are so many times I would like to have a “like” button to show I love comments as well!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Farah. I’d love to see more colors for the muranos; it seems like every design has the pink and blue, so bleh.

      I will look into adding a like button, but these computer things are not as easy as you would think! 😉 I’m constantly asking my husband to add this or that, and shouldn’t it be so simple? Lol.

  41. Hi Leann.
    I am afraid you missed at least one, the violet Pave lights. This is at the top of my list. Thanks.

  42. Kimberly says:

    This is why I frequently go to your blog over Pandora’s site. I’m glad to see a mermaid, but I still think that being a company from Denmark, Pandora should have created a charm that looked like the Danish little mermaid statue. The Unicorn looks so cute too, but as I frequently get stabbed with my Eiffel Tower I picture the same thing happening to me with the horn. Speaking of which, Leann, does Pandora repair charms? The top of my Eiffel Tower is closer to resembling the leaning tower of Pisa.

    • Yes, an elegant mermaid would have been better especially one patterned after the Danish mermaid statue :/. I’m not a fan of their large and cumbersome dangles, which they keep putting out more and more. Pandora has a 1 year warranty on their jewelry so I would head to your store and ask.

      • Kimberly says:

        I asked at the store about my Eiffel Tower Charm, and they said they would have to send out for it, but that Pandora might not cover it because it’s wear and tear. Do you think it’s worth it to even try sending it, or do you think they won’t do anything about it?

      • It’s definitely worth a shot, but I’ve heard not so good things about their after-market care. Good luck, I hope they’ll give you some good news!

  43. Oh, geez! There’s easily a dozen of these that I need!! And I haven’t even started on the Summer charms since I’m trying to be good & wait for my birthday in under 3 weeks! They are finally making charms that complement most of the places I’ve gone on vacation in the last several years… Plus I’m a sucker for anything fantasy, so the unicorn, pixie & mermaid will be a must. Thank goodness the winter collection looks lighter. Maybe only need 18 new charms before year end… Not to mention having to run & get the retired ones ASAP… Yikes!! Looks like I may need to apply to a Pandora store for a summer job…

    • I’m like you, Bonnie. There’s so much on my wishlist, I hope I can get the retired stuff before they disappear D:. I’m waiting for the July bracelet promo to finish off my wishlist from the summer collection.

      • You have until tomorrow to call Jeffrey to get retired ones from him. 😉 I may be taking him up on the 6-month payment plan he mentioned when he announced the retirements. Both because finances are a little tight right now, and because if I bring home any new charms this week my fiance might just kill me – especially since he has a full Troll bracelet tucked away as a bday present.

      • It’s so tempting! Did you end up getting anything?

  44. :( Not really “in love” with much from the fall or winter sets, I hope this isn’t all of them because if so looks like scrapbooking stuff for Christmas this year. 😉 I see about 4 from both sets I will own. Carousel and unicorn for sure to be paired with all the fairy tale charms I got last release. :) (best release so far IMHO) I bought just about every spring and summer 2013 bead. 😉 I will get hedge hog for my Alice bracelet. Mirror and maybe the drama bead(s) but I will have to see those in person and decide. THANK YOU so much for the sneak peek. I am really grateful for your insite and post.

    • Aww, this is it :/. There’s some wonderful jewelry pieces that I’ll be featuring soon. This collection has definitely grown on me. :)

  45. awww the Swan Embrace is a deffo one for me!! luv it!, thanks for the sneak preview Leann…. :)

  46. I really wish they had done something special to the mermaid charm, like made it two tone or added some stones or pearls. Sometimes I feel the details get lost on the all silver beads. Oh well, I still have to have her…what’s an addict to do?

  47. Must haves:
    Moss, Vino, Folklore murano, Shopping bag, Jared Tree of Lfe. Can not wait!!!!

  48. Christina says:

    I want the Vanity Mirror and Birds of a Feather to add to my all pink and silver bracelet!

  49. I absolutely love your blog!!!

    I want 11 of these: The Pandora Bag, the hockey puck, the Globe clip (for my travel bracelet), Vintage Allure, Autumn Bliss, Maple Leaf, London Calling, the Unicorn and Edelweiss (my grandpa is from Austria!), and the Taxi. I’m going to New York in October so I’m going to get the taxi there as a souvenir of my trip.

    I do have a question though: what is shop-in-shop?


    • Thanks, Alayna :D. Those are great choices! The taxi has a British flag on the roof though, will that still work? Shop-in-shop is a retailer that sells other brands in addition to Pandora. :)

  50. This is my favourite Pandora collection release so far!! I’ve bought the owl, kiwi and Edelweiss flower (the stone is yellow-not green). I much prefer the maple leaf in this collection to the other weird charm they had for Canada. This release is going to be hard on my wallet lol!

    • It’s definitely one of my faves too. I’m loving the color theme for this collection ;). I’m just trying to restrain myself…just a little bit!

  51. Hilary Mandel says:

    I already bought the dangling pretzel and pink efferevensce murano glass charm in Bloomingdales at South Coast Plaza and they had the maple leaf, peacock with teal crystals, other colors (white, blue) of efferevensce Murano glass, they have the Pandora bag and London taxi and Australia charm.

  52. Hilary Mandel says:

    Can you tell me more about the free Pandora bracelet promo in September? I have the purple leather but want to start another silver bracelet with the fall charms from 2013( will also be getting the pandora bag, maple leaf is really cute, and vino, hedgehog). I really like the Pandora cz white crystal heart ring also which I think is new.

  53. Janine Hunt says:

    hello is the pandora kiwi available in the uk?

  54. Completely agree regarding Pandora having lost something. I have always appreciated their use of real gemstones and gold, lately they remind me more of Chamilia with all the CZs, in a bad way. Trollbeads have really uped their game, their fall flowers of the month with pearls are so amazing. Makes me sad.

  55. Do you providing for wholesale?

  56. PandoraMa says:

    How many types of Hedgehog charms have Pandora made? I have The regular one and Mrs Hedgehog but my friend has one that looks exactly like mine regular one but it has a longer snout/nose!! Its marked 925 ALE too