Pandora Winter 2013 Collection Revealed

pandora-winter-2013-collectionClose on the heels of the Pandora Autumn 2013 Collection sneak peek, we take a look at what’s in store for us during the winter/holiday season.  Some of you may have already seen a couple of the pieces (perhaps some of the most unflattering beads), but what comes is a comprehensive preview of the charms for the Pandora Winter 2013 Collection.  Unsurprisingly, there’s more bling arriving with two new colors added to the Pavé Lights set in red and purple along with a a blue Whimsical Lights and 2 new Faceted Beauty shades.

In addition to the sparkling pieces, there are a number of winter themed beads – mittens, snow angel, pinecone, snowflake clip, and the ever popular Christmas charms.  This year Pandora North America is offering a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion where one special charm will be released each day from November 4-14 leading up to the limited edition Black Friday charm (yes, there will be one this year!) on November 29.  Customers can either buy the charms à la carte or as a set along with the Black Friday Charm in a special jewelry box at a value price.  There will be two special charms offered to different retailers again, the Pinecone for Concept Stores and the Snow Angel for Shop-in-Shops in the US and Canada (these will not be worldwide restrictions).

Unfortunately, no Hanukkah charms for Jewish fans even though they’ve been requested.  From an unbiased observer, it seems a bit unbalanced when there are 2 bible charms, 2 cross charms, and a slew of Christmas charms but with the retirements of the two-tone and gold Stars of David dangles,  there’s only one option left for the Jewish community.

If last year’s release schedule holds, we may see these charms as early as the end of September.  No word on the official date, but Pandora has been shipping the collections to the stores earlier and earlier so there’s not much meaning to their release dates anyway.  What do you think of the new winter and holiday charms?  Anything you’re extra excited for?


  1. Wow. You have been seriously busy this week, CA! I was wondering if you could postulate on why they’re doing these exclusive concept store / store in store charms. Is it simply to spread the wealth?

    • That and I think to placate shop-in-shops? I imagine having to complete against a Concept Store is daunting for some retailers, so this way you’d be guaranteed something special that the shop-in-shops have that the Concept Stores don’t.

      • Pandora gained it’s strength through the shop-in-shops, so they are trying to keep their loyalty and show their appreciation by making sure customers will continue to go to them. They are trying to not “abandon” them.

      • Still trying to get the
        LE purple zebra Murano-my brother in law tried to order it on E-Bay, but got ripped off-they sent him a black and white, purple “tinged” bead-boy, was I mad!

      • I have been lucky enouh to pick up 3 purple zebra muranos on eBay, they are beautiful! I got the black and white zebra at the store, went over all in store and found 1 with a lot of purple in it. Good luck!

  2. Your pictures make me want some more than when i saw them before, specially the carousel. Thanks for all the awesome pics :)

    • Yeah, the photos that were leaked definitely didn’t do them any favors. I think I’m more tempted to buy the whole “12 days of Christmas” set because of the special, but don’t know if I would have gotten each bead on its own at full retail price. I think the snow globe is getting too much flak, it looks almost exactly like the Canada bead with the white enamel and silver bumps.

      • As a Canadian, I feel I have to ask – anybody have any idea about what exactly is “Canadian” about white and silver bumps? Red and white, yes, silver bumps?? 😛 Maybe I don’t want to know… lol. That was actually one reason why I thought this one was ugly.

        Um – shouldn’t the snow globe be the other-way around? Silver with white bumps (aka snowflakes)? They really did a white with silver bumps again?? Yikes. Lol.

      • Lol, I have no idea why there are silver bumps in the enamel. Good point with the snow globe! Maybe it’s like silver confetti? I got nothing. 😛

      • I think it looks nothing like a snow globe! It was thoughtful to see Pandora thinking “outside of the box” but no good for that poor charm. :/

      • I know, the IRL shots haven’t been great of this bead either :/. But I don’t think it’s any worse than the Canada bead, lol.

    • Kimberly says:

      I definitely agree with you on the carousel. I almost wish they made it would spin around, but either way I adore it.

  3. Just got home with my first summer release purchase (got the love struck heart for me and the happy crab w/ a couple open heart spacers for my MIL’s b-day in July) and what do I see -between 3-6 more charms I need to add to the list from the above release.
    I think for me the must haves are: the pinecone, sleigh (love the mini bear w/gold heart on this one) and snowflake clip. The maybes are: the ice blue faceted beauty, St. Nick and candy cane (the pops of red would be festive and go with the 2012 red present. I’ve thought about getting the tiffany blue candy cane but this makes me want to stay a Pandora purist. Wish the reindeer had a red nose -my nephews gave me one last xmas (not Pandora but adorable so I wear on my redbalifrog b’let with their charms.
    And of course I’ll want the Black Friday charm -whatever it may be to continue that collection.
    Must hide my growing list now…

    • I don’t think I’ll ever get my list down to a manageable length ;). I’ll probably (who am I kidding? *definitely*) getting the 12 Days of Christmas promo so that’s ties everything up neatly. Otherwise, the day and night clip, Cheers (I heard they actually tinkle!), blue faceted beauty, and maybe the carousel. Have I left anything out? I think that’s the whole collection! LOL.

      • thank you sooo much for posting up photos of new releases. i absolutely love your site!!! you must have a million beads from the sounds of it especially if you are getting all the 12 days of xmas plus more beads. silly question, but i’m just wondering how do you manage to get to wear all the beads that you have?? do you wear a different bracelet everyday??

      • You’re so welcome :). I do have a lot of bracelets. I try to cycle through them but I tend to wear a few of my favorites everyday. 😀

  4. how about the snowflake dangle? Is that new too?

  5. I would love all of the Christmas charms so had better start saving! I have just managed to get hold of a Giant Jewellery box and now have my heart set on the large (I already have the medium) so with the new charms I am on my way to getting my medium!

    • You’re on your way to filling them too ;). There’s so many new Christmas charms, I think I’ll have to start another bracelet :O.

  6. Cant’ wait to get the sleigh, its awesome with the two-tone bear attached, they can just retire the old sleigh, LOL!!!! Disappointed in the champagne glasses, didn’t want a dangle. So far will be getting the Vino, Sleigh and Chinese Happiness dangle from the Fall/Winter Collection, will have to see the rest in person.

  7. I don’t want to want any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But of course I do. Yes, better start saving up!!!!! Thanks again for all your great information!

  8. Yasmeen says:

    Personally, I am very underwhelmed by the winter collection. It’s way to Christmassy and for those of us who either don’t celebrate Christmas or who are just bah humbug about it 😉 , it offers very little. I do love the snowflake clip mainly because it is two-tone (which there are very few of) and the snowflake dangle. Guess I will have to wait for the spring 2014 collection. Oh well.

  9. I like Christmas, and celebrate it…. but I already have a Christmas-theme bracelet made up from last year. Why so many new ones all at one time?? It practically demands a whole new bracelet… 😛

    I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer the ‘full-body’ charms much more than the dangles. When my first reaction to this batch was “why so many dangles???”…. ah well, still quite a few more I’ll be adding to the must-have list…

    • Me too! It seems like I’ll also have to make a new Christmas bracelet :O. I definitely prefer full-bodied charms, a dangle here and there is cute, but not the amount Pandora is putting out in the past few collections.

  10. Are there two Santa’s coming out in this collection? If so that means that there will be three Santa’s in total. That’s ridiculous and completely unnecessary.
    It would be so great to have a menorah charm or at least one charm to do with Jewish festivals, and there are a ridiculous amount of Christmas charms that just look tacky. There is already an angel wings charm and an angel, so why do they have to have another angel charm? It isn’t even nice! Why are there repeats of charms, when there are so many requests and ideas for new charms!

    So far, I think the pinecone and winter mittens are cute, but I won’t be buying them because I don’t have a red themed bracelet. I also like the perfect gift charm.

    • There’s only one in this release, where did you see the other one? So there’ll be two total, I actually think the enamel is overdone on this one. I was perfectly happy with the current silver Santa :/. I agree with you, we’re seeing lots of repeats and there are so many other designs they could make :(.

  11. Hmm, nothing pops from this collection for me yet. Do you know if there will be any Muranos? I am anxious to see the 12 days of Christmas collection–any idea’s on what the BF charm will be? :)
    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and sneak peeks!

    • Hi Robin, no other Muranos in this collection, I’m afraid. We’ll have to look forward to Valentine’s Day or Spring Collection 2014 for that. The pictures are on the post for the 12 days of Christmas charms, it’s the one with “12 Days of Christmas Promo” written on it. The BFC looks like it’ll be an openworks, so I’m hoping it’ll match this set!

  12. Christmas in June?!? Just got through picking out my summer collection beads and planning my budget; crab, lighthouse, shell with pearl, sunglasses, and 2 needed clips, all for my b’day in July. Also looking at July promo; must get enough beads to get leather bracelet and hope I can upgrade to the new smooth leather. Now I need to think of Christmas? Wait, didn’t it just start getting warm in these parts of New York and we’re thinking Christmas? H_ll yeah, need to save the bucks for the entire set! (These are few of my favorite things!)

    • It’s never too early to start saving ;). I could literally hear you humming “these are a few of my favorite things”, lol.

  13. ONE gold charm ?? awww man. NO FUN. At least the one gold pave with CZ is pretty.

    • Seems like the selection for gold is getting slimmer and slimmer :(. It is very pretty though! Can you imagine the price if those were diamonds :O.

  14. Love the 12 Days of Christmas idea….almost a whole bracelet in one purchase! Do you have pics yet? Hope they are not dangles.

    • Hi Carrie, the picture of the beads with “12 days of Christmas Promo” written on it contains the photos of the 12 beads. Can you see it?

  15. The 12 days of Christmas will be a must for me because of the special though. Some of the charms aren’t that great that I would go out and buy separately so thank goodness for the special Pandora will be offering! I’m more excited about the Black Friday charm and wondering what that’s going to be, can’t wait! :) I’ll be wanting to get the Pave lights charms to finish out my collection. The gold Pave looks gorgeous!!

    Does this mean no other gold charms or two tone for the Winter collection?? Oh how that will suck…..

    • I would only be buying it for the promo too. It’s a great set even if I’m not completely liking some of the beads. The pave lights look amazing so of course I’ll have to get those! 😉 These are it for the winter collection :(, we’ll have to wait until Valentine’s Day or Spring 2014 collection for more gold/two-tones.

  16. Florence L says:

    Loving the entire collection! I hope they release the 12 Days of Christmas in the special jewellery box in my country! And thanks so much, for sharing! Love reading your site!

    • Hi Florence, I believe the jewelry box will be a North America exclusive. The individual charms should not, although it probably won’t be sold together in a set.

  17. Wow what a beautiful collection! I have always wanted to start a christmas pandora bracelet and now I may have to finally do it. Leann do you have any idea what the price point is at the value price for the whole set?

  18. Bob Rhode says:

    Love the Folklor Murano and Green Fascinating for Autumn. Looking forward to seeing the Christmas and Winter as well. Marcia Rhode

    • They’re very pretty! Saw them for the first time in person yesterday. Can’t wait to get the green fascinating :D.

  19. Karen Kett says:

    I’m a Brit so I have no idea what Black Friday is??? What can you tell us about UK releases and will there be another promotion this year?

    • Hi Karen, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season. Lots of stores offer sales and it’s a HUGE shopping day. Because there are so much revenue generated, it’s the day that stores are in the “black” (positive earnings).

      Not sure about other UK promos, I will update as I find out!

  20. I love these. Need the dangle mittens and the carousel! Think too many Xmas beads look a little silly the rest of year!

  21. You’re right – IMO I am more excited about the Autumn collection. The only thing I’d opt for is the purple crystal dangle charm. But that’s because it’s purple and I want purple dangly charm on my bracelet!

    • Ooh, love the purple dangle! I like the fall collection better too but there are definitely pieces from the winter set too that I like. :)

  22. Thanks for the sneak peek! I love the carousel and snow globe , two of my favorite things.

  23. Hi,

    Are the 12 days of Christmas charms limited edition?

    Thanks in advance!

  24. I want to get the 12 days of Christmas set but I hate not knowing what I am buying before I buy.

    • Are you referring to the box or the Black Friday charm?

      • Yes I Wish Iknew What It Is.

      • It’s posted above in the comments.

      • I Dont See The Black.FrdaY charm

      • It must be on the other Winter 2013 post.

      • I haven’t been able to find it

      • Thank you so much. I have become extremely addicted to Pandora and so has my 7 year old daughter. Not sure what we will do once our bracelets fill up. how many bracelets do you have?

      • I too am an absolute addict Maggie and have been since 2007 when I first discovered them in a small jewelers in the city of York, UK, where I live. The beauty of filling your first bracelet is that you can officially start on your second. I have eight complete bracelets and three on-the-go ones where I am waiting for the beads I have chosen to come up at a reasonable price or, in the case of the new Christmas ones, to be released. So dont let the fact your bracelet is full stop you collecting, its all part of the fun. Kudos on your little girl being a fan, I have never been able to entice my two into the fold. Much as I might try!

      • Wow aight bracelets that’s amazing!!!. yeah McKenzie has a little bit of Pandora and some fake stuff on her bracelet she loves it all. I have a few non Pandora beads on my bracelet not too many.
        so are your bracelet each themed differently or different colors?
        how many do you wear at a time?

      • Yes all colour themed, I am a little OCD regarding my Pandora, I design them first, the bracelet designer on facebook (Pandora’s own) is the best one, you can really see what goes together well. They don’t have the full range but enough to get you going. Then they stay that way, I dont change them. My first is as it was back in 2008 when I completed it. I only wear one at a time, they are a bit heavy otherwise. But I might wear a coordinating leather one to compliment, goodness reading this back I do sound like a nerd, LOL. However I make no apologies I LOVE pandora!

      • You go girl!!!

  25. Does Anyone Have The OxidizedpandPandora Bracelet?

    • Yes Maggie, Why?

      • How Has IT Held Up? Do You Wear It Often? Iwas looking at the new Pandora promotion were you get a free bracelet and I was thinking of getting the oxidized bracelet but I am worried about it fading

      • To be honest, i have the oxidised bracelet and necklace with the gold clasp and do not wear charms on them, i wear them stand alone. They haver held up very well with no wear on the coating over almost a year with daily use. BUT i have had some friends who wear them with charms and it does wear the oxidation off quite quickly, only a matter of a couple of months.

      • Thank you for that information because I was planning on wearing charms on minE if I got it I was going to make mIne A ChriStmas bracelet

      • you know it really depends. I have a co-worker who has had hers(oxi) for a year and it has barely faded. Mind you- she also follows Pandoras care guidlines to a T. She doesnt spray perfume with her bracelet on. She is careful about taking it off when needed. But she does however get it cleaned in the tumbler. She has it almost full and its barely faded.

        On the other hand my other co-worker, doesnt follow it quite so deeply. and hers has faded alott. So i think it depends on how you care for it.

      • ArE the Pandora cleaning guidelines the same for the oxidized bracelet as it is for the silver bracelet? Thanks

      • Yes, mild soap and water or you can take it into the store for cleaning. :)

      • thanks

      • I don’t wear mine often, but IMO the ones that are filled wear away the oxidization less since there’s less space to interact with the skin. It’s usually sweat and skin chemicals that rub off the oxidation, not the charms. If you wear it all the time, it’s likely to wear away quicker.

  26. Its honestly crazy to see how many people are shocked at the (small) ammount of gold charms being released. At least in my store, gold doesnt sell NEARLY as well as silver and two tone. we havent even sold either of the 2 new gold charms from the fall collection. And we have had it for a while now…

  27. Do you happen to know if the ‘silver bells’ charm jingles or tinkles when it moves?

  28. Hi Leann! I am kind of new to Pandora, but I am SUPER loving it so far! Earlier someone asked whether 12 Days was limited edition, and you said no but the promotion was limited? What does that mean–that they won’t make any more after this November? ALSO have they done 12 days of Christmas any other years? I CAN’T STOP now that I have started collecting!!!

    • Hi Charlotte, welcome to the blog! So, the charms will be around (except for the limited edition Black Friday charm), but the promotion is limited time only. The promotion saves about $200 if you buy them together. I hope that makes sense.

  29. Hi, Love this blog, read it avidly to get all the latest news from Pandora, thanks for putting it together! Can I just ask, when you say these will not be world wide restrictions on the snow angel and pine cone, do you mean they will be available around the world? The UK for example, but in the US they will be restricted to pine cone, shop in shop and snow angel concept stores?

    • That’s exactly right, Julia :). They will be available as part of the regular collection for those not in US and Canada.

  30. Lovely, thanks, the snow angel is so very pretty, I am glad I will be able to get it here!

  31. Tina Neilson says:

    Hi Leann,
    My store in store today told me about the special set of the 12 days of christmas and the black friday bead included. So dumb question, that is just the beads right, not a whole set with the bracelet as well??
    I am so excited to see the new Essence collection as well. Unfortunately that is the just coming to the concept stores correct? I keep hoping that my wonderful jewelry store will get it.
    As always I love the blogs, so great to see you in my inbox!!!!

    • Hi Tina, thanks for you kind words! No, the bracelet is not included but you’re right, it seems like it should be :/. I’ve heard of one jeweler doing that, so I would ask but it’s technically not included.

      Essence will only be available at Concept Stores until January 2014. :)

  32. ZombieCupcakeXO says:

    Im so excited for the purple pave. Just started collecting this year, so I really really new to pandora. Since all the charms are getting released during the 12 days event does that mean they are going to be available for after christmas?

  33. Hey Leann
    Do you know when the purple pave lights is coming to Canada?

  34. Plz let me know the exact “christmas promo”. Can save 200 bucks if buy it a set? Then if buy individually, What can I get? And..Nov 30~ Dec 08 over 125 bucks purchasing can get “GWP” clip, right? What’s the GWP clip?

    • Yes, if you buy the whole set it’s $500USD, which will include 12 charms and an extra winter wonderland clip, as well as a jewelry box GWP. Otherwise, the charms are also being sold separately. 11/30-12/8 is the Santa ornament promo.

    • Nancy Welke says:

      Hi MJ:
      Just purchased this set and it is simply gorgeous. I cannot wait to receive my bracelet so I can fill it up and start wearing the set. The box it came in is gorgeous. You can store all your Pandora treasures in there. This was a great find….Go For It, Well worth the Money!

  35. disqus_hbPDeApz0T says:

    Hi! When do you think Pandora will release the pictures for the Spring collection for 2014! Really excited!

    • Well, Pandora doesn’t release any of the pictures until the official launch probably some time in March. I’ll try to get some photos before then ;).

  36. I have to have this bracelet. Started working on this today. I have 6 of the charms so far…..