Pandora July Bracelet Promotions

pandora-july-bracelet-promosI’ve been enjoying the Pandora Summer 2013 Collection all too much already so I’m very happy that it’s almost time for the next bracelet promo. In the US and Canada we will be enjoying the free leather bracelet promotions; spend $100USD or $150CAD and receive your choice of a free single leather bracelet starting July 8 – 15. This is a $40 value and you can pick from the 7 colors available: black, grey, champagne, brown, red, purple, and pink. Upgrades are permitted but it’s best to ask your local store if they will allow you to upgrade or substitute for the promo, which means applying the $40 value towards the purchase of a different bracelet (double leather, silver, etc.).

For our readers across the pond, there’s also great promo news!  Starting from July 25 – 28, receive a free silver barrel bracelet with the purchase of £125GBP, which is a value of £55.  Upgrades and substitutions will be subject to your local retailers so I would check with them if you want to apply the value of the promo to a different bracelet.  Personally, I prefer the free silver bracelet GWP any day and with so many new charms on my wish list, I’d appreciate this one a whole lot more too.  What have you been saving to purchase for this bracelet promo?

  • Perljay

    I just don’t get why we Canadians have to pay $50 more than the USA! It is so out of propertion to our exchange rates and its long past time Pandora fixes this.

    • Grace

      Yes I agree, I live in Toronto and it’s terrible that we have to pay more than the US when the dollar is about the same. I’m tempted to go to Niagara Falls USA side for September’s silver bracelet promotion, but I don’t think that there is a concept store (more selections) near the CDN-USA border.

      • Nataly Paquin

        Yeap, so unfair! For that reason I will pass for this promo.

      • Leann

        :(, I agree. I don’t know why there’s such a big difference!

    • Leann

      Maybe it has something to do with import duties and whatnot? I know the products are shipped from Maryland, US :(.

      • Gisele

        I live in the province east of Maine and am about 1 hour from a hardware store that has a postal outlet. I purchase charms from Pandora authorized jewellers, items from Amazon and eBay, etc and have shipped to Calais. We make a day of it, fill up on less expensive gas, collect parcels and head home. Even paying 13% tax upon re-entry to Canada, I’m still ahead. For the most part, shipping is free on US to US purchases.

        Yes, I should shop close to home but when there is such a price difference, who else will protect my wallet but me!

        My husband did buy Love Struck and Splish Splash for me locally so that counts, right?

        Any news on the appearance date for the summer Muranos?

      • Leann

        Wow! That’s hardcore, but that’s so such a bad drive. Glad you’re able to take advantage of the US prices. The summer muranos are backordered until end of July I’ve heard. I’m hoping they’ll make an appearance before then but there’s no guarantee they’ll arrive by the bracelet promo. :(

  • Tracy

    I don’t know if I’ll take advantage of this promo. I’m trying to save for the fall and winter collections, and there aren’t any new charms right now that I need.

    I’m not really interested in the leather. If it was for the regular silver, it would be different, I’m sure I could find something!

    • Leann

      Wow, I’m loving the summer collection so you’re lucky that nothing appeals right now :). I think I’ll end up getting the new destination charms and see if my SA can upgrade the leather to a silver. 😉

      • Tracy

        Oh no, plenty appealed to me, I just don’t have anything left to buy :)

      • Leann

        Good job, Tracy! It’s been difficult, but I’ve managed to restrain myself a little bit and save some charms for this promo ;).

  • AnnWoo

    I would like to trade up to the turquoise triple leather bracelet but don’t know if they will have them in by then. I want the One of a Kind and the Happy Crab, oh, and the fishy and the star fish and…………

    • Leann

      I hope it comes in that! Those are the only leather bracelets I’m interested in :/.

  • dochri

    There is a Pandora concepts in The Walden Galleria.

    • Tam

      In Buffalo, NY? I’m about 1 hr drive from there 😉

  • Orialis Feliciano

    I kept telling myself I am going to wait for the July Promotion to purchase all the summer charms I want which will total out to more than $400(want a couple muranos, 2 star fish, sunglasses, fishy, clips, etc)! But I honestly think I rather wait till September for the Silver bracelet promotion. I am not a big fan of the leather bracelet and rather save my money instead of having to pay the difference to upgrade. The bangle is included in the promo right?!

    I think I’ve asked this before, how long do charms stick around before they are retired?

    • Leann

      Don’t worry, it’ll be a couple years before any new pieces get retired. The bangle is included in the September promo.

      • Orialis Feliciano

        You just made my day Leann for a second I almost lost hope, but now I know i have more than enough time to buy all the charms I want!

  • Lianne

    I have been waiting patiently and not bought any summer charms yet, we get the silver bracelet promo in July but in the UK, or at least my local, stores never seem to offer upgrades, would love the bangle free instead but will have to buy it…I want the bangle, splish splash fish, sea star, murano’s and sunglasses. I better put some overtime in! I’m looking at a £250 spend. I am in love with the sea glass but we won’t get it over here

    • Leann

      Nice! It’s torture to wait, but it’s better for the checkbook ;). Sounds like you’ve got a plan though and you won’t have to wait too long now!

  • Robin

    I am hoping for an upgrade option so I can get the bangle before September. :)

    • Leann

      I hope so too! I’m not too keen on the leathers so I’ll probably end up getting some silver bracelets instead.

      • Robin

        I have a single, a double, and a triple now. I like the single the best of the three so I’m not sure about the new ones. I love the teal though!

      • Leann

        I want to get one but I don’t really wear my leathers all that often. I hope they will be available by the time of the promo!

  • Nicola Beeson

    Oh man!! The bangles will be offered as part of the September promo!?
    I adore the new bangles…I bought two last weekend. I wouldn’t mind having tons of them :)

    When I was in Pandora last weekend…the sales person said she wasn’t sure the leather bracelets would be out for the promo…major bummer. That’s what I wanted.

    But I’ve pretty much spent all my money…just couldn’t wait any longer…was killing me :) drama.

    But will start saving up for the September promo!!

    I’m sure I’ll buy a couple charms at the July promo…just to get a leather bracelet and add a couple of the late arriving muranos. :) Love the colors for summer!!

    Thanks for the update…please let us know if you hear when the new pieces will be available.

    • Leann

      You bet. They’re really starting to grow on me too :D. I think I’ll have to get a couple extra during the promo.

  • Maria Liza Lorca

    Can’twait for UK promo, very excited!!! :-)

  • Melinda Foofie Deyhle

    i want a teal leather, but we will see! I haven’t seen one IRL yet, nor have I seen the teal fascinating yet…

  • peiling


    I am from singapore. Any website that allows me to buy from usa to enjoy the free bracelet offer & at the same time delivery to singapore?

    • Leann

      Unfortunately not, Peiling. US retailers are not allowed to ship outside the country.

  • Sandy

    Hi Leann! I’m new to pandora so I was wondering if we can buy other things such as the rings and use that to count towards the $100/$150 needed for the free bracelet or is it only charms? Thanks for your help!

    • Leann

      Anything in the store, doesn’t have to be charms. :)

  • sharon

    hi Leanne,
    is the offer on in july for the leather bracelet in the uk

    • Leann

      Leather promo is in North America, silver bracelet for the UK. See above for the details. :)

  • Ruthy

    I just got the peridot ring in May for my 16th wedding anniversary (peridot is the stone for the 16th anniversary), and I am planning to get more rings to stack with it. Maybe 2 forever love rings and the royal crown charm for my niece. I want to get a leather bracelet for my niece’s 13th birthday in October.

    I had it all figured out, but that was before I saw the Autumn 2013 jewelry preview!

    • Leann

      My list never ends either! There’s always someone new coming out that I love ;).