Trollbeads Summer Stones Kit Catalog Shots

trollbeads-summer-stones-kits-coverIt’s just under a week until the release of the much anticipated limited/special edition Summer Stones Kit from Trollbeads and today brings a special look at the catalog photos for these delightful charms. I’ve been excited for this set ever since word of these leaked out, and these pictures are whetting my appetite.  There are 6 different types of stones featured and a tremendous variation from bead to bead.

This Trollbeads kit includes African Amethyst, Red Mud Jasper, Dalmatian Jasper, Rhyolite, Canadian Jade, Zebra Jasper.  I’m particularly interested in the Jade and Amethyst as these are such pure shades of green and purple.  Seeing the live photos of the Summer Stones Kit has made me really interested in the Rhyolite as well.  These nature rocks are one of my favorite things that Trollbeads offers, unlike any other competitor.

Look for them on May 31st available at $186 for the whole kit, however, retailers should be offering them each for individual sale as well ($31 per).  Again, I can’t wait for these! Which stone(s) will you be getting?

  • Michelle

    I ordered this set from my local trollbeads store and picked them up yesterday! I do love them, however the variations are great. I only had two sets to choose from and the mud jasper, rhyolite and the zebra jasper look totally different from the pics. Like Leann said if you are going to buy online get some pics before you choose!

    • Leann

      Wow, that’s awesome! I wonder how your store got them so early. I loooove the variations too, it makes these so fun to buy. :)