Pandora March Free Bracelet Promo

pandora-braceletsI can’t believe we’re already in March, but it’s that time of year again! In a few weeks, Pandora will be offering a free bracelet with $100USD ($150CAD) purchase. The dates run from March 21st to the 24th and should be available throughout North America. I am so glad that the new Spring 2013 collection will be released right before this promotion on March 11th. There are a quite a few charms I have my eye on and I can never resist getting something for free.

This offer is for the silver barrel clasp bracelet, a retail value of $65USD. If you would like to substitute leather or oxidized bracelet, or upgrade to the two-tone, gold, or station clip bracelets, you will have to check with your store. Every store is a franchise and operated independently so their policies will also vary. This includes whether you will be able to get more than 1 bracelet if you purchase greater than the spend.  This promo will not be offered online, but you can order over the phone at any participating retailer.

This is my favorite promo of the year and I am so excited that it’s almost here!


  1. Leann, this is GREAT news for me and not so good news for my hubby! lol Thanks for the update!

  2. I can’t wait either! I have set money aside for this. I will have to take a look at the spring collection again. Is the Amor heart charm available yet for purchase?

  3. Jennifer Wr says:

    Oh boy, I can’t wait, but I am wondering if they will still have the new charms that I want by then…(the castle, the fairy tale book…).

  4. My bf and I already went last month to put what we want, as well as the free bracelets, on layaway so I don’t have to worry about charms or bracelet sizes running out during that weekend. Plus, two of the charms I wanted were out of stock at the time so they’ve ordered it and will arrive well in time for the promo. :) In total, we’ll be getting five free bracelets. LOL

    I just can’t wait for the September promo because I’ll be waiting to get the new bangle until then!

    • Wow! Where do you reside that a pandora store has layaway? That’s awesome

      • It depends on the store policy, but my Concept store (owned by Ben Bridge) has 30, 60, and 90 day layaway plans. :)

      • LaShona – I try to avoid shopping at our local concept store at all costs. The associates are very snooty and often act like helping you is a bother to them. I get my Pandora from a Ben Bridge with wonderful associates that go the extra mile.

    • Wow, good planning! I know I won’t be able to wait that long to get the bangle ;).

      • Oh, yes! I always plan ahead. LOL

        While I’d prefer not to wait for the bangle, I will have my hands full with everything from the March promo so I’m able to wait. Hehe.

  5. I am in SC and happened to stop at my concept store yesterday. They already have the spring collection available! There will be more coming in April, May and June!! Lots of summer themed charms coming!!

  6. Orialis says:

    When I asked at my local pandora store about the promo, the sales associate mentioned that with the free bracelet I could just connect it to my current one and make one long bracelet which I can wrap twice, I guess like the leather ones. Have you done this before? or recommend it?

    • I do that with my 5-station clip and single clip multi-strand bracelets. Otherwise I find double wrapping a silver bracelet to be too cumbersome since they’re not as flexible as the leather.

      • Orialis says:

        That was my first thought , that you can connect 2 to make a necklace. I cant imagine two to make one bracelet. Thank you ladies!

    • You can connect two bracelets together and make a necklace. That is what I’m planning on doing w/my free bracelets.

  7. Frances says:

    What website would this promo be available? Can you show me the links? Too bad it’s not in Australia…

  8. Hello, I just found your blog I think is great. Thank you for all the news about Pandora. Do you have any info on which charms are going to be discontinued? Is that even possible to find out? Thank you, have a great day :)

  9. Leann, doesn’t The Jewel Hut ship Pandora here to the USA? Just checking….

  10. Hello, is there any special promotions happening in the UK do you know?…

  11. Hi, is this event first come first serve or doesn’t matter as long as you spend over $100?

  12. Hi Leann Have you gotten any news about the sea collection for pandora? I heard about a oyster with a pearl that sounds soo cute!

  13. carolina says:

    how do you find out about promotions? I have not seen any listed anywhere and i am a member of the club and like them in facebook.

  14. I am so excited. I went a picked out my charms and was able to get two free bracelets for spending $200. I will be gifting a bracelet to my mom.

  15. is there any online store that have the free bracelet promo or any stores that I can order from over the phone that you know of?

  16. Hello! I know that I missed the March bracelet promo event, but is there another in the fall time? I thought I remember one in the fall a few years ago…


  17. Robin Lindsey Scarisbrick says:

    I am new to Pandora and would like to start my first bracelet. I’ve heard about the free bracelet promo but am not sure how to go about it. Is it offered anywhere Pandora is sold or does it have to be a Pandora store? Can you pre-order? If so how? Thanks for any help, Robin

    • All Pandora stores are franchises, so it’s up to them to participate in the promo but most do. Some stores will allow you to preorder and get your charms reserved. You should call your local store to ask for details :). Have fun picking out your new Pandora!

  18. Sarah Anne Collins says:

    no march promo in new Zealand disappointing :( I could how ever do with some ideas on what to put with my animal charms not sure what to use in-between them to make them stand out any Ideas? also does it really stop the bracelet from breaking by putting the clips on?

    • Pandora recommends the clips so that the weight is evenly distributed among the segments, and so the charms don’t catch on the threading, which can also weaken the bracelet. I think it’s helpful, yes. I’ve got clips on all my bracelets :).

      You could add spacers in between your animal charms to make them pop.

      • Sarah Anne Collins says:

        Ok so thats me shopping for clips then I have the gold bracelet so I wouldn’t want it to break ive just never had anyone tell me they were nessary before. Yes I will look for spacer too my favorites were the lights spaces but are retired now they would of looked great in between. Wish there was a pandora trading website so you could swap to get the ones you want or need as part of a collection. Ebay and other sites seem to have alot of fakes at the moment .

      • That’s not good! All the associates are suppose to recommend the clips. :/ I’d be careful shopping on eBay but there are still authorized retailers that have retired spacers including :)

      • Sarah Anne Collins says:

        thanks Leann I brought new clips now so all set I ended up putting red charms with the animals I got the black Friday present so red and pink for that one , I realize you may not all buy second hand , but would you have any advise on buying second hand? I have seen a lot of Pandora charms marked 925 ale for example the shell with the gold star fish but it doesn’t have the gold on the starfish, I was told weight was a good indication of Pandora been authentic? we have second hand gold and silver seller in our town and they have a handful of Pandora charms when I go in , some are retired which I love but on the other hand am I just wasting my money..

      • I’m on a lot of groups on Facebook that sell second hand, and I’ve only had good experiences. The seashell comes in a silver version; weight is a good indication, you can also check to see if they’re magnetic (if so, it’s fake). Take a look at my guide on fakes:

      • Sarah Anne Collins says:

        thanks for that Leann, I guess it can be a bit of a gamble when buying online and on groups but is the only way I get the rare charms I want .i have holy grail, mushroom, lion, sideways fish, princess and the pea, red present black Friday, royal carriage, royal wedding heart , spotty charms and few more, really want a whiplet not sure if that’s his name lol he’s soo cute its the staff charm , one day maybe lol were did you get yours?

      • I think they call him Winniper, I got mine online. I love it!