Pandora free bracelet promo starts today!

pandora-spring-2013-free-braceletIt’s my favorite time of year again!  Starting today through Sunday, receive a free bracelet with the purchase of $100 or more at any participating Pandora retailer.  Multiple bracelets, upgrades, and substitutions are at the discretion of the retailer.  I picked out my charms last weekend and just need to pay for them after the bracelet promo starts.  I’m very excited to get the new pieces from the spring collection and also to complete a couple projects I have going on.  😉

I’ve been thinking about what to get and it changed weekly.  So after much deliberation, I finally settled on the new Scottie, fairy tale book, song bird, and cherry blossom Murano.  I also decided to add a couple pieces from the old collection – the two-tone peridot heart clips and the pink polka dot Murano.  I cannot wait to pick these up from the store!  What is on your wish list?  Will you be upgrading your bracelet?


  1. Janet L. says:

    I’m getting ready to make the 40min. each way drive to my favorite concept store to pick up the charms I bought during the pre-sale last week!…I too am getting a pair of the two tone heart with peridot clips, a brown swirly swirl murano, the topaz daisy dangle, the pearl dangle with flower top, a wanda’s garden spacer, and the cherry blossom pendant…that’s three bracelets and I’m upgrading two of them, one to a gold clasp and another to my first oxy!…then from my favorite online store I’m getting a pair of cherry blossom clips, the cherry blossom earring charms, and the single bloom cherry blossom ring along with two more silver bracelets! whew!! I’m broke but it’s so much fun! 😀

    • Wow!! What a great order! You must really like the new cherry blossom charms/jewelry? I saw the single ring stacked with the large pearl ring (Forever bloom?) and it looks amazing! Makes me want to get one too, but I’m not sure about the pink. I may be tempted to pick out a few other things before the promo ends on Sunday :o. Ahhh, so many things on the wish list! It’s the best deal of the year, IMO. 😉

      • Hi janet! do you mind if I ask what website you used to get the free bracelets? I thought it was only in stores-but that would be great to not have to pay the sales tax! thanks! melissa

      • Melissa – online stores can’t offer the promo online, but you can call the physical location and they’ll usually accommodate you. I’m doing the same thing! :)

  2. Have you finished your red/pink bracelet? I can’t wait for your video. I’m working on a red one myself. Hope to get some ideas from you because I always love your Pandora bracelets! I bought the doghouse & the January birthday bloom to add to mine.

    • It’s almost done! I’m waiting on a couple pieces from the Mother’s Day collection – the pink pave Love of My Life clips, and the red sweethearts Murano. Then it’ll be finished! It’s taken on the darker pink hues than I originally planned; I was going to add the light pinks from the spring collection to it, but it’s got a mind of its own ;). I do have a red/family bracelet that might be better for inspiration, Velma. Let me know what you think! :)

  3. I would like to upgrade the free bracelet for 5 clips station bracelet 😀
    Do you think is this possible??? 😀

  4. Wendy Carr says:

    I’m hoping to substitute a triple leather silver for my chain. I want the castle, the tiara, the book, the frog prince and the cherry blossom murano, the cherry blossom pendant and clips! This is CRAZY!!

    • I hope they’ll let you, it’s cheaper to do the leather! I went with different textured bracelets for this promo too – got a macrame and the triple leather as well. You must really like the fairy tales and cherry blossoms this season! Great choices ;).

  5. My local concept store would not allow me to upgrade to the 5-clip station bracelet :-( but they did let me do 3 transactions under different names so I will get 3 bracelets (one silver, two oxy) and ended up purchasing the 5-clip station in one of the transactions (thank goodness for zero interest for 12 months with the Pandora card!!!). I pre-ordered on Monday and get to pick everything up tomorrow! Can’t wait!

    • That’s great! A Pandora credit card?! Now that sounds dangerous :O. I’m glad you were able to pick out more than one bracelet. What charms did you end up getting, Mindy?

      • Uh, it’s extremely dangerous LOL but sooo worth it. I get to go crazy and hubby doesn’t go too crazy when he sees what I spent because he knows I will pay it off in time.

        I ended up getting 3 cherry blossom muranos, the 5-clip station bracelet, the loving Pandora clip, the rock star clip (in silver), the clear encore clip, the midnight bloom clip (I already have the rock star clip in rhodium to round out the 5). I also started my Halloween bracelet with the ghost, pumpkin, 3 orange oval lights and 3 black pave lights.

        I love your site!!

    • It is soooooo hard to resist. I have alot of Troll which I love, but Pandora has been coming out with some REALLY nice stuff this time around… I am super tempted! Can you tell me more about the Pandora credit card? Is there a purchase minimum? There is a lovley concept store close by, I have never seen any advertisements for a Pandora credit card! Please tell me all about it, I am thinking of going tomorrow!!

      • Hi Melinda, Pandora does not offer a corporate Pandora credit card. Each store can choose to offer this option, but it wouldn’t be used universally at all Pandora stores :).

      • Hi Melinda,
        The Pandora card is through GE Capital and the purchase minimum is $250 for 6 months zero interest OR $750 for 12 months zero interest. It is only available at select concept stores but it has been expanding so maybe yours offers it now :-) Not sure where you are but I talked to 2 concept stores (by mistake through email trying to contact mine lol) in Plantation, Florida and Champaign, Illinois and they definitely offer the card.
        Good luck if you go today! Let us know what you end up getting!

  6. Hi!

    I was wondering if this promo is in the store in Holland too, because it was last oct, but I can’t find anything about it..

  7. I’d call the Pandora Store in Amsterdam and the girl told me that it’s only in december here in the Netherlands..
    I can’t find the promotion online, so I can’t join this promo, pff, so sad it’s not in Holland/Belgium

  8. I have spent too much on charms/beads since Christmas so I was going to skip this promo, but I really wanted a plain silver Pandora bracelet (believe it or not I have only oxidized and black leather), so I caved and went to my local dealer today. I got the friendship flower clip and the twinkle clip and called it a day! I love the frog prince and will probably get it at some point.

  9. Leann: I love your site!! I also love my concept store in Edmonton too. They have very friendly staff and they allow upgrades so I got two 5-clip station bracelets, two 7.5 sterling silver bracelets and one sterling silver necklace. Now I am broke but love my purchases.

    • Hi Marilyne, thanks! It’s good that they let you do multiple bracelets but sad they wouldn’t let you upgrade :(. What charms did you end up picking out? :)

      • Marilyne says:

        The 5-clip bracelets and the necklace were upgrades. I was allowed to pre-order the muranos coming out in April which was 2 of the pink hope and 2 of the red sweethearts. I also got the new pink clips, red fascinating muranos, red bubbles muranos and golden spacers. This was to complete my brown and red bracelets. I also purchased the dragonfly pendant for my necklace as well as the blue topaz dangle for my turquoise bracelet. I now have 8 bracelets completed.

        WOW! This is so addicting.

      • Wow! Good job, Marilyne! That’s really great your store let you preorder the Mother’s Day charms, I’m looking forward to the red sweethearts and pink pave heart clips myself to finish off my dark pink/red bracelet. It’s so hard to wait! Your bracelets sound gorgeous :).

    • Lorraine says:

      Hi Marilyne. I’m in Edmonton too and didn’t realize they would let you upgrade and get more than one promo per person. Which store were you at? Still have time to get out there today! Thanks. Lorraine

      • Marilyne says:

        Hi Lorraine: My store is West Edmonton Mall. The manager, Tom, is wonderful. It does depend on the store whether they let you upgrade or not. Good Luck and let me know how you make out.

      • Lorraine says:

        Marilyne. Thanks so much for getting back to me. I’d asked at other stores in the past and some wouldn’t even let me downgrade to leather. Plus only one gift per person so in the past I’ve run around to different stores. Will definitely go to WEM and see what I can get. This could get pricey!

      • Lorraine says:

        Thanks Marilyne for all the info and store details, as well as Leann for this blog. It’s all such a help and will enjoy all my purchases. – got necklace and another bracelet with what I bought today.

  10. I am so jealous of this bracelet promotion, and I do so wish we had it in the UK.

    Enjoy all your purchases and free bracelets everyone. I shall have to be content with reading about all your lovely goodies on here :-)

    • We got the offer in the UK last april time if we spent £125 – me and my daughter both took advantage. I’m sure it will come back around to us at some point Debbie…hopefully! It’s depressing that the US only have to spend 100$ though – ours is always so much more. I’m booked for a hol to Florida next year so saving already for a huge pandora fix while there! I did see a post from Leann on here somewhere I’m sure that said we might get a ring promo in may so fingers crossed for that! :)

      • You are absolutely, right Lianne! It is a big difference with the exchange rate. Getting anything from the UK is always a gasp. You read right, ring promo in May in the UK! :)

    • Hi Debbie, don’t be jealous! The UK will be having the same promo in July with a £125 spend. More details when I get them! :)

      • Oh wow, thanks for the heads up on that Leann :-) Fantastic, the summer release will be out by then, and based on the sneak peek I think I will end up with more than one free bracelet 😉

      • I think you’ve got the better end of the bargain! I know I’m going to be getting most of the summer collection ;). No Perlen to help us out at that point too, so I would love to have the bracelet promo during that time :).

      • Hooray!!!! Bit more expensive unfortunately but on the other hand, I’ll probably get to that amount anyway with the lovely twotones..

  11. Yes, I was there probably first in line! I got more of the Cherry Blossoms stuff. I was just not sold on it but in person it is truly beautiful. The glass bead especially. I still think my favorite bead from this release was the “blingy” Cherry Blossom but shoot I love them all as usual. And what is it about me that I always want two of everything…the glass or the blingy stuff. Balance? I don’t know but I got two of everything! I am so lucky I have a local store (just a little shop) that I have a personal relationship with the owners and of course they love me as half my money goes to them. But it was nice to get a free bracelet again. I think that is always gonna be my favorite promo.

    • Fantastic! I was very impressed with the cherry blossoms too; I’m probably going to end up getting the whole set – the Murano, the pave, the clip, and the pendant. I’m impressed with your symmetry! I try not to buy duplicates, there’s so many charms to get in the collection that I need to get them all! Lol! I love shopping at a store that appreciates you, it makes it a much better experience :).

      • I’m the same Ali I like 2 of everything unless it’s a centrepiece and it works out expensive and Leann has the right idea – a huge diverse collection, but my OCD just gets the better of me lol :)

      • I’m glad my OCD’ness lets this one go, because I definitely can’t afford two of everything, lol! My need to collect them all overrides my need for symmetry. 😉

  12. I preordered last Firday. I got three Muranos, purple bubbles, blue and turqouise looking glass. Can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  13. Too bad I’m in Australia… :(

  14. carolina says:

    So exciting! I was able to score two bracelets, but they would not let me get the oxy had to be the regular silver ones. I also got the turquoise looking glass, the happily ever after castle, two pave heart clips! I love it all!!!!!

    • Nice! It’s so hard to pick, isn’t it? The castle is wonderful, I can’t believe how detailed it is. The pave clips are so blingy, they’re my favorite clips from the recent collections. :)

  15. My boyfriend was kind enough to participate so it made it easier on my wallet – we got the two tone heart safety chain, the I love you two tone cube and the forget-me-knot, which allowed me to get two oxi bracelets.

  16. I just spent over $300 thanks to the free bracelet promo! I guess you can say i got carried away. I picked up the charms I’ve been dying to own: cupcake, cloud’s silver lining, and (thanks to your lariat string post ;)) I decided to pick up the black string and make a necklace with it using the black fascinating murano, wanderlust, the clear lights pave and the fleur de lis on the end. It looks sooo pretty!! I’ll post the pic on your facebook wall. I had no idea all of the things you could do with the lariat string until I read your post and your bracelet video was really helpful!

    • Thanks for the wonderful picture on Facebook! You did a great job with the lariat necklace and I love it. The leather lariat is very versatile as well, so many possibilities ;).

  17. It sure was a fun day! I got 2 clear pave heart clips and was able to upgrade to the 5 station clip bracelet. Didn’t go too crazy today because I have to save up for the next release…gotta have the LE Bear My Heart! And the next release, and the next… :-)

    • Hehe, I know what you mean. I tend to splurge for this promo and hold back on the others. Hoping for something amazing during the cruise though so will wait to purchase any Mother’s Day items until then! 😉

  18. It’s a bummer that in Canada we have to spend $150 instead of $100. Makes me want to drive down to the border for this. Anyways went to my local pandora boutique yesterday and made purchases for 2 free bracelets, my finace was nice enough to sponsor one the sets.
    They however sold out of most of the charms I wanted, which was the cherry blossom clips, cupcake, key to my heart.

    I got the sunburst clip (w/gold dot) instead and one of them could not open at all for the life of me! haha… Now I need to go back and exchange for another one or something else… which is kind of dangerous cause I want to spend another $150 for a free bracelet. I wonder if I go into another store they will have what I’m looking for.

    • That is quite unfair :(. You’re always welcome in the US to get the promo ;). You should definitely check out another store to see if they have what you want. I’ve already gone back twice for more stuff :O. I seriously love this prom!

  19. It’s a good thing this promo only comes around twice a year!! Six clips, seven charms, four bracelets and two trips to the Pandora store and I am done (and out of money lol)!!! I will have to save, save, save until Sept. I haven’t even been collecting for a year yet, I think I may need an intervention 😉 I now have my red bracelet almost done, blue one started, black & white one done and my safari one about half done and getting ready to start a two tone. Thanks so much Leann for all of your inspiration and information you provide us fellow charm addicts!!

    • You are so welcome, Jen! We’re all terrible enablers here ;). I have been back a couple times to the Pandora store as well, it’s a deal that’s just too good to pass up! I also need to save, I want that bangle so bad and all the summer charms are just too delicious to resist. Sounds like you’ve got some beautiful bracelets, I’d love to see the photos (you can post to the FB wall) :).

  20. I wasn’t going to buy during this promo as I’ve been picking up older charms when I find them online (thank you Perlen) -but I caved and went to my local shop-in-shop and picked up a second clear pave heart charm and the aqua/green swirly swirl murano and got a free b’let.

    I don’t have a ton of muranos but noticed if I wore even 2 on a full b’let it didn’t fall the way I like and felt like the b’let was strained a bit. Fearful that could somehow cause it to break I decided I should have at least one b’let a size larger to be able to wear the muranos I am slowly amassing. This is how I justified the purchase to myself anyway.

    Also got a close look at the frog prince and he will be my next purchase. I need serious help.

    • It’s hard to resist, Elyse! I found myself going back a couple of times to get more stuff, my bank account needs a breather. I generally don’t wear more than 4 Muranos and I definitely had to go up a size too. What colors are you gravitating towards?

      • I’m a green girl so I’ve picked up a pair of the green captivating muranos, I now have a pair of aqua/green swirly muranos and a pair of the navy blue swirls too (as I bought more today to get my sister another b’let). I think this will be it for me for awhile as well -unless I can get the frog from Perlen as it’s such a great price.

      • Me too! I love green so much, I wish Pandora comes out with more soon. Are you doing a teal theme with the summer charms coming out? The frog prince was briefly restocked last week and I nabbed him off Perlen. You’re right, it’s such a great price!

  21. Oh boy… Read all above posts. It’s good to know I’m in good company :)

    On vacation in NY this week and went to Badler’s on Park Ave.; camera, apple, small two-tone stars, turtle and airplane charms, 2 gold bubble clips, and one free bracelet (first bracelet full in 2.5 months). Onto flagship store in SoHo; 1 frog prince and polishing cloth, one free bracelet.

    My husband has mentioned that he’s never seen me purchase anything this way. I can’t even explain it myself… Leann?

    • There is just something so addictive about collecting! I tend to have a pretty strong collector tendencies so this hobby appeals very much to me. There’s just something so satisfying about completing a bracelet or finding the perfect charm to represent a significant moment. It is hard to explain, but I love it! :)

  22. I got the happily ever after castle & lifesaver, which are my 3rd & 4th charms. :)