Game of Thrones bracelet featuring Trollbeads

trollbeads-game-of-thrones-coverI have completed this bracelet for a few months and could hardly wait to show it off! I thought since Game of Thrones will be back on HBO tomorrow night for its 3rd season, this was the perfect time to unveil it. Ever since I watched the first season and devoured the books within weeks, I have been obsessed with this series titled “A Song of Fire and Ice”. The following will probably only make sense if you’ve read or watched Game of Thrones, so pardon me for my indulgence. :)

The story takes place in a land that resembles the middle ages plus a bit of magic named Westeros. Winters do not last months, but years, and the longer the summer, the worse the winter. The first book opens upon the autumn in this world as the brutal cold is about to set in. The king rules Westeros from King’s Landing but there are 7 kingdoms headed by different Houses: Starks of the North, Greyjoys of the Iron Islands, Aryns of the Veil, Lannisters of the Westerlands, Tyrells of the Reach, Baratheon of the Stormlands, and the Martells of Dorne. House Baratheon currently hold the Iron Throne but occurring before the start of the plot, the Targaryens were overthrown as the ruling house and cast into exile. A large part of the plot involves the last surviving Targaryen fighting her way back to Westeros.

These books and show include plenty of violence, sex, and intrigue to keep my notoriously short attention span. I picked Trollbeads to represent the characters and symbols from the story because they had the most to charms that fit and also for their gothic styling. This is one of my few Trollbeads bracelets that actually has a theme and meaning to me. I choose to use the LE Christmas 2012 Decoration Kit because the colors are so regal and represents the shade between autumn and winter. The rest of the silvers are listed here:

1. *redbalifrog* dragon lock = Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon
2. Trollbeads Tower (retired) = the Wall
3. Trollbeads WT Baltic States Iron Wolf = House Stark
4. Trollbeads Zanzibar = resembles a dragon egg
5. Trollbeads Happy dragon = Daenerys’ other two dragons
6. Trollbeads King and Queen (retired) = King Robert Baratheon and Queen Cersei
7. Trollbeads Horses = Dathraki
8. Trollbeads Three Siblings = the Lannisters, Cersei, Jamie, and Tyrion
9. Trollbeads Castle (retired) = King’s Landing

I couldn’t be happier with how this bracelet turned out. I’m so glad I found enough charms to represent the various major plot points of the series. Are you a fan of this grandiose story? Will you be watching the season premiere tomorrow night?

trollbeads-game-of-thrones10Bead index (starting from left): *redbalifrog* dragon lock, tower (retired), unique black clover, WT Baltic States iron wolf, LE flower shadow, LE golden petals, zanzibar, LE tourmaline, happy dragon, unique black petals, labradorite, king & queen (retired), LE festive feather, LE Hartwell House unique, horses, LE fireside glow, LE night blossom, three siblings, unique grey scallop, unique grey dot, castle (retired), smokey quartz.


  1. Very cool! It turned out so nice, just beautiful. Now I want to start watching the series, lol!

  2. Would definitely be watching the Premiere Season Finale. I love Game of Thrones!!!! Love your bracelet idea, so appropriate!

  3. Yes! I love Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. Just like you, I watched the first season & devoured all the books immediately after. I’ve been mulling over the idea of a Game of Thrones bracelet too & it’s really interesting to see your take on it. I was getting really bogged down trying to pick a charm to represent all of the major houses, so it’s great to see your take on it & how you came up with some more creative & abstract representations of the series. Unfortunately, I won’t be watching the premiere because I’m in the midst of exams & can’t lose precious study time.

    • Aww, that’s too bad Carrie. I’ve been waiting months for the show to come back and I cannot wait for tomorrow’s premiere! The books are so long that I’ve forgotten most of what has happened. Sometimes I watch the show and I can’t remember if it’s following the books correctly. LOL. Good luck on your tests!

  4. LOVE it!! Can’t wait for the premiere tomorrow night!!! :)

  5. I was so excited when I saw this posted on your blog. I love Game of Thrones! I was actually contemplating on doing a Game of Thrones Pandora bracelet using their bracelet builder. I would include the bird and the hound as well, LOL. Sandor and Sansa. <3

  6. What a great idea, and your bracelet is spectacular! Now I have an excuse to buy House Stark…er, Iron Wolf! πŸ˜‰

  7. We just got HBO last week and I am looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. My youngest son has been telling me I should watch it, he has read the books and gotten my oldest son hooked on them. Love your bracelet!

  8. This made my day!

  9. How clever of you!!!

    Yes, I’ll be watching it tomorrow night and looking forward to it until then.. But I doubt I’m going to remember much of the twists and turns of the first 2 seasons so I’m sure I’m going to have to do some debriefing on the HBO summaries to fill in my lapses.

    Anyway, fabulous bracelet and fabulous interpretation!

    • Thanks, Rainey. I can hardly remember the plot point either and I’ve read the books! There is just too much going on, but I’m going to enjoy watching it anyways. :)

  10. I love the series and these beads are lovely!!!

  11. My hubby and I have been waiting it seems forever for Game of Thrones to come back from hiatus. So of course I’ll be in front of my television excited!!! It’s such good entertainment for sure. I’ve been back and forth about deciding whether to try reading the books. I really really want to read the books but I hope it’s not confusing when it comes to remembering who a character is in the book and placing his/her face in the series. :) I always wondered how close the show is to the actual story line in the books.

    Rainey– I believe it was last week or maybe two weeks ago, Game of Thrones recap show came on. Our DVR taped it automatically, I fast forwarded a lot because it literally recaps from the very very beginning till the last episode where we saw zombies riding horses…hehe Check it out, maybe it will reair tomorrow before the new series begins. :)

    Leann, beautiful choices for your bracelet. I wouldn’t have thought there would be the right attainable charms to fit a show like Game of Thrones. I was wrong, very impressive! :)
    One of your readers above said something about a Pandora Game of Thrones bracelet…great idea but they don’t have near the selection of charms to show off Game of Thrones, just my thought. :)

    • We have been too! It does feel like forever and by the time the next season comes back, I’ve forgotten what half of what’s going on. The books are really fantastic, it’s not hard to keep up with the characters but there are definitely parts that the show has glossed over. The most frustrating part is that GRRM won’t write faster! It’s taking him about 5 years to finish each book and I’m afraid the show will overtake his books if this pace is any indication. I highly recommend reading the series. :) I think Trollbeads has the most to offer in terms of charms that can represent the show as well but I’d love to see a Pandora GoT bracelet. :)

  12. Leanne, you have chosen a wonderful selection of beads to represent this incredible story. Just wanted to compliment you on your Game of Thrones bracelet – you have a great sense of style and colour – always look forward to your themed bracelets! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  13. inkypaws says:

    Great design! Love that inspriation is everywhere for charm design. I love Game of Thrones also! Been strickly Pandora but I love this braclet.

  14. Jennifer Wr says:

    You did a great job on this bracelet, Leann! Very creative. :)

    As for the show, I won’t be watching it, but I do want to know what happens! I love fantasy and sci-fi books and shows/films, but I have discovered that this one is just too graphic for me. Maybe it is my stage of life!

    (On that note, I have a US sealed DVD set, that needs a good home. Do you need one Leann? I would be happy to drop it in the mail to you! I apologize if it is inappropriate to mention this here, I would understand if you need to delete it.)

    • Jennifer Wr says:

      Season One set

      • I don’t mean to jump in, but…if Leann doesn’t want it, I definitely know of a good home for your DVD set. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Jennifer! There is quite a bit of violence on the show, have you read the books? I don’t have the first season, that is such a generous offer, Jennifer! I will email you. :)

      • Jennifer Wr says:

        Oh good! I’m glad it will go to a good home! I will look for your email. I have not read the books, I was considering it…

      • They are wonderful! And much easier to skip the grisly scenes ;).

  15. Hi Leann! Your GoT bracelet is incredible! I adore how you found charms to represent the main houses/points, and the glass colors are perfect! I finally watched Seasons 1&2 on demand this winter, and am engrossed in the 2nd book now. I’m psyched for tonight’s season premier, although a little disappointed with the timing – with the holidays none of my friends are doing viewing parties so we can all watch together! Oh, well, we’ll still all be able to talk about it tomorrow! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, Bonnie! I’m glad you like it. I was quite impressed Trollbeads had enough charms to represent the main plot points too. We are having a few friends over for a viewing party tonight, I can’t wait! :)

  16. Your bracelet is outstanding and gorgeous as always. It well represents all main characters and story atmosphere.

  17. I”ve never seen the show…but I do love the bracelet! It’s always so much fun to fashion a bracelet after a show! Great job, Leann.

  18. Jessica Shimer says:

    “It’s a game to you isn’t it? Because they are the Knights of Summer and winter is coming” πŸ˜€

  19. OK, so now I am hooked on Game of Thrones….thanks a lot Leann

    • For some reason the rest of my reply didn’t ‘take’…I said I am up to Season 2 Episode 1 and loving it! Now I just have to get that Dragon charm since it is my Chinese birth year sign and also my oldest son, my husband and my late Mother’s sign.

      • I’m so glad you like the show! It’s been one of my favorites on TV and I’m so glad it’s back. Season 3 started off spectacularly so I can’t wait to see what happens :D. Which dragon charm are you going to get? There’s so many! Lol.

      • I have ordered the Pandora Dragon dangle…..the new one. Hopefully it will be here soon along with the Bear my Heart and the Viking charm from Perlen!

      • Very cute! :)

  20. LOVE IT!!! I enjoy Game of Thrones (even if I do think Martin is somewhat misogynistic & his female protagonists under age!). This bracelet is truly inspired! I will try to make one like it this Winter using my TB grey wolf bead also. It will be a challenge since grey TB’s are hard to find, even uniques.

    • Thanks Faye. I love the story but my problem is how disposable the characters are. It’s heart wrenching when your favorite character gets killed off and it happens so frequently! :( Yes, greys are difficult to find, but the LE Christmas kit was perfect for it! :)

      • Oh yes! Leann that LE Christmas Kit is PERFECT Games of Thrones inspiration! I have two of the beads from the kit… now I need two more, ha ha! Your bracelet is inspired.

  21. Very cool!!! Game of Thrones is my favorite show and I am SO glad it’s back!!! I love Sunday night again!!! And I LOVE you bracelet designs!!! BTW – Winter is coming.