Trollbeads Small and Beautiful Uniques

trollbeads-small-beautiful-coverIn the past few months, a series of smaller and thinner uniques with certain designs have appeared at retailers around the world. These have been dubbed “Small and Beautiful” by Trollbeads Heaven, a popular UK Trollbeads site that offers a number of OOAKs. On their website they state,

Referred to as “Small and Beautiful” in some quarters, these new Limited Edition Unique (formerly OOAK) glass Trollbeads explore the variations in a number of basic themes. Only 800 kits (of six beads) are available worldwide and with between 12 and 18 original styles in each batch, the individual variants of these beads can be very rare indeed. These beads are available in the UK exclusively from Trollbeads Heaven.

If only 800 kits (6 beads/kit) were made then this is quite the limited edition OOAK which I don’t believe Trollbeads has ever done before. I have noticed a number of US retailers received these S&B uniques in smaller quantities and they have been very popular! As far as I can tell there are a few distinctive designs (these names are generally created by Trollies):

  • blue, green, yellow, pink cherry blossoms
  • navy peacock
  • pink and aqua ridges
  • pink and clear ornaments
  • turquoise tiger stripes
  • cream, purple, blue, and dark navy galaxies
  • mint, pink, blue, and peach swirl bubbles
  • lavender, olive, light blue umbrellas
  • orange, light blue, and cerulean stripes
  • koi pond
  • green stepping stones
  • brown/cream eye of the storm

These photos are wonderful examples of the S&B uniques, courtesy of Trollbead Boutique. Most stores sell out of these as soon as they are posted, and given their rarity, it seems like a good idea to get them while they’re hot!

At first I wasn’t sure why they were called small when they looked normal size to me – compared with the normal size OOAKs, some are thinner, not necessary smaller so perhaps the name “Small & Beautiful” is a misnomer at least to the small part.

I was able to pick up a kit from overseas, a couple from Trollbeads Heaven, and Trollbead Boutique had a nice selection as well. I was fortunate enough to get a few of the more popular beads including a clear ornament, turquoise tiger, and purple galaxy, as well as the more common olive umbrella, koi pond, mint swirl bubbles, and the eye of the storm. Unfortunately, since I had to buy the entire kit to get to a few special beads, I just have one that I have no interest in (the brown tribal pattern).  Since I’m so OCD about bead size, I decided to put them together even though the colors and patterns don’t match.  I added these to my new big butterfly from the recent collection on a necklace and they are perfect for spring!

What do you think of these? Are they worth the hype?

  • Jennifer Wr

    Due to my obsession with the color orange, I have tried to purchase koi pond and olive umbrella in the past, but did not have any luck. Since I don’t want to purchase the entire kit, I have let it go for now. :) I did not realize they were so limited, though! I love how your butterfly looks, have fun wearing it!

    • Leann

      Have you tried Trollbeads Heaven? It’s a bit pricier ($50USD) but I’m pretty sure they have an olive umbrella. The koi pond is going to be harder to find but they’re not as popular as some so I bet you’ll run into one eventually!!

    • Shinae

      Hi there!

      I work for Trollbeads in Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, MD. We currently have a single Koi pond bead left if you are interested.

      Everyone else, we have a wide variety of Uniques and Universal Uniques in stock and we receive new beads about every other week. We are a corporate store and therefor have first pick of all the rare Unique beads. Like us on Facebook (Trollbeads At Montgomery Mall) to see photos of new arrivals, special order beads and more. We ship everywhere in the U.S.

      Happy trolling!

      • Leann

        Very cool! Welcome, Shinae. :)

  • Mars

    Thanks Leann, that’s a really comprehensive overview of all the beads, have been getting confused by which ones belong to this range! I’ve managed to pick up 3 types but still looking for a cream and a dark navy galaxy bead, love these designs! Really like the brown and cream eye of the storm and koi pond too, oh and tiger stripes, that list is getting longer by the minute…

    Good to know about availability as may just concentrate on these a bit harder as I’ve been meandering about buying as and when!

    • Leann

      I’m so happy this is helpful, Martine! I was skeptical at first as to how rare these beads are but they haven’t come out en masse yet and there are definitely distinct designs. Good luck on the galaxies! Very poplar those are. :)

  • Alexandra Mitchnik

    I got olive umbrella, it is very sweet bead. Koi pound is still on y wish list as well as navy galaxy . I like Goldmine Trollbead Boutique is my favorite for OOAKs.

    • Leann

      Those are great choices, I really like the olive umbrella. Goldmine Trollbead Boutique has great OOAKs!

  • Debbie

    There are some very pretty beads here. I particularly like Koi pond and the peacock. Whenever I look at OOAKs I never seem to see any ones like these!

    • Leann

      I really like these designs, Debbie. They are truly unique! I think I’m online too much, lol.

  • sally borden

    OK I never thought I would stray away from Pandora! But I bought my first Troll bead yesterday! The sandstone bead . Love it. I will wear it on a necklace until I can buy the bracelet. I can’t wait. Thank you Soooo much!

    • Leann

      Congrats, Sally! I’m planning on doing a Rocky Beach kit review soon and love to get your take on it :).

  • Andy Ragdoll

    trollbeads small and beautiful or Universal Unique – Galaxy Flowers, Universal Unique – Blue Galaxy … :-(
    I do not understand!

    • Leann

      Hi Andy, yes it looks like TB is making UU with the Small and Beautiful designs. Some calling them Big and Beautiful.

  • http://nil Alex

    Small and Beautiful beads are truly art work beads, congratulate Trollbeads for these lovelyand unique beads, These beads have very detail work, peacoke is just amazing, keep this gook work alive. All the Best .