Pandora Mother’s Day 2013 Collection Preview

pandora-mothers-day-2013-coverThe Pandora Spring 2013 collection will be released in two parts: in the US and Canada the first set is named The Beauty of Spring and the official release date is March 11th, the second set will be released on April 15th for Mother’s Day called Celebrate Your Family’s Love.  While in most countries, the holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, in the UK their Mothering Sunday is on March 10th this year, so the release date for the Pandora Mother’s Day 2013 collection will be February 22nd with the Spring collection following shortly thereafter.  In this preview, we’ll take a look at the charms that will be coming out in April (sooner for the UK).

pandora-mothers-day-2013-animals2The charms are very much family oriented given that these will be coming out for Mother’s Day.  I’m not a huge fan of these children bears, but I can certainly understand the appeal that they would have for new mothers.  The kitties are named Purrfect Together giving them a loving connotation, perhaps for two cat lovers?  This will be the 4th cat charm that Pandora has in circulation, so lots of options for feline aficionados!

pandora-mothers-day-2013-family2Continuing the theme the release will be a multitude of family charms, including Sweet Sister, Loving Mother, and Grandmother.  Sister and grandmother charms have been much requested so it’s great to see Pandora listening, although I would have preferred to more elaborate designs instead of engraved disks.  The same thing applies for the Mother/Son charm, which is the same style as the Mother/Daughter dangle released last spring except in bright teal instead of red.  The two-piece charm allowed the wearer to choose whether to keep both pieces or share one piece with their mother or daughter; this feature is less useful as most sons do not have Pandora bracelets.  The Love & Family bead is exactly the same design as the Family Ties charm except without the enamel heart and instead has the banner with Family and Love engraved on the front and back.  The Mother’s Heart is the same as the Language of Love puffy heart released for this Valentine’s Day, with Mom spelled in 8 languages on the front and back.  It is interesting that this set of charms are so strikingly similar to other ones already released.

pandora-mothers-day-2013-sparkling2Adding to the pavé and sparkling collections are the Whimsical Lights, the Leading Ladies, and the pink Love of My Life clip.  These look a lot better in real life, as evidenced by these lovely pictures from the Pandora Blogger’s Luncheon in Vienna last weekend, provided courtesy of  Sonja Petrkowsky from Fashiontweed (please do not reproduce). I’m quite excited to see them in person, especially the Whimsical Lights since I was not keen on this design when the first photos were leaked.

What do you think of the Mother’s Day collection?  There are a couple other surprises for this collection, so stay tuned!  :)

  • Jennifer Wr

    I think the whimsical lights look interesting! I love surprises, I can’t wait to see what is next. :)

    • Leann

      It looks way better in the live shots, Jennifer. I hope you’ll like the surprises ;).

  • Carin Farrell

    This post honestly made my day. Seeing the “piece of my heart – son” charm and the mom heart makes me even more excited and anxious to get them! I only started my first Pandora bracelet last September and I think it’s safe to say I’m already full-fledged addicted to Pandora! 😉

    • Carin Farrell

      I forgot I wanted to say something else….I personally love the mom/son charm for me, because I view it as my sons “completing my heart” or “making my heart whole,” which in reality they do. <3

      • Ashley

        Awww that’s exactly how I feel too about my own son! :) I’m so excited about this particular mom/son charm. And so glad they are finally bringing it to us!

        I’ve been collecting Pandora for a few years and my one and only son is eleven and he “helps” me collect my Pandora charms, so I know he’ll want me to get this one! :)

        **sniff sniff** Kids grow up way too fast!!

      • Leann

        Aww, that is so adorable, Ashley! Does he help you design your bracelets too?

    • Leann

      I’m so glad you like it, Carin! It’s not hard to get addicted ;).

  • Suzan

    Does anyone know when the Whimsical Lights are going to be released? March or April?

    • Leann

      As I mention at the top, this is part of the Mother’s Day collection released in April.

  • January

    Hi leann. Pandora gives a link for whole spring summer 2013 collection

    Im looking forward for those new charms and bangle bracelet ^_^

  • Shannon

    I wonder if my brother would ever get me the sweet sister charm. lol

    This collection is incredibly sweet, and I can’t wait for its release, either! I’ve had my heart set on the purrfect together bead since you first teased us with pictures, and I’m so happy to see the all wrapped up charm on the bracelet in that one shot, as well.

    • Leann

      Aww, that would be really touching if he got that one for you! I hope he does :). Purrfect together is adorable; I’m glad I was able to get higher rez images.

  • narelle

    Do you think the engraving on the mothers heart is hand done or they come out of the mould like that?.

    • Leann

      It’s definitely out of the mold because the lines are so crisp.

  • Marisela

    I don’t know if any of you noticed, but the Android version of the Pandora app shows part of the new collection. It has the codes, but now pricing. I was able to see the pink murano drop and the cherry blossom dangles, studs, pendants and rings. I don’t know about the iPhone version, but it probably shows these items as well.

    • Leann

      Wow, just checked my iPhone app and some of the spring collection is there!

      • Marisela

        I forgot to add something else: I was able to add them to my wishlist using the cellphone app, and when I logged on my computer I saw them there as well!

  • becka

    Im so excited for the cat one 😀 ! I already have the maneki neko cat which my boyfriend got me because I love cats and the japanese culture , but I can’t wait to get this, I got my mum a pandora bracelet and a few charms for her 50th but none of the other mothers day collection screams out at me , I might have to go see them in person :) , im glad there’s a sister charm now I can buy my sister her first pandora for her 13th birthday

    • Leann

      That’s wonderful! Are you going to get her the Mother’s Heart or the Loving Mother dangle? :)

      • becka

        my mum is a big fan of dangle charms we try an do one normal charm then one dangle to even it out , I get excited when I see new charms so I showed my mum and she likes the loving mother dangle :) so when its out I’ll have to check it out in person 😀

      • Leann

        How cute! It’s engravable so it sounds like the perfect gift for your mom :).

  • Brianne Adkins

    Leann do you know what the price of the Love and Family bead will be?

    • Leann

      It’ll be $45USD, and I’ll be making another post with complete pricing information :).

  • Victoria Ramirez

    Hi Leann! I love your blog!
    I have a question, in the first picture of Fashiontweed, do you know which is the charm that can be seen between the pink murano and the pink whimsical lights?

    • Leann

      Hi Victoria, that is the Love & Family bead. :)

  • Lorene Thomas

    I love the mother & son dangle charm! I plan on buying 2 to represent my sons. It is about time for us ladies who only have sons. Even better, love the mom, mum, ma….etc. heart charm. My grown sons always call me these different ways of saying mom. Thanks Pandora, you made this mom happy this Mothers Day!

    • Leann

      That’s perfect! I hope they get you something special for Mother’s Day ;).