Happy New Year and January Pandora news

Pandora-new-yearHappy New Year, everyone!  It’s the beginning of the year and another year full of possibilities is ahead of us.  It’s also a time to make resolutions, and even though it’s likely that these resolutions will get left behind as the weeks go on, it’s worth a shot!  For our new readers, there’s a few exciting things to look forward to with Pandora this month.  As a part of the fall/winter 2012 collection, there were some charms that are being held back until January in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.  These include the pavé hearts, pavé heart dangles, other romantic charms, and the new Chinese zodiac dangles.  While news on these charms were released some time ago – the pavé hearts photos were leaked along with the fall 2012 collection and pictures surfaced on the new zodiac charms back in September, it’s helpful to review them here.  The official date for this release is January 14th, but Pandora has not been known to hold strictly to those dates so it’s likely that we’ll see these in stores earlier than that.

I’m very excited for the next installment of pavé charms, the hearts are priced at $65USD each, the same as the pavé lights, and the heart dangles are $45USD, the same as the pavé stars.  Some countries in Europe are already selling the pavé hearts, even though they won’t be available here for another couple weeks.

Pandora-new-zodiacsThe new Chinese zodiac dangles can be found in the Holiday Collection 2012 Look Book and are already available in some European markets.  Some of you will recognize that the dragon was released as part of the limited edition Chinese New Year set last year, together with the Hong Bao “fortune” money bag charm.  Even though the dragon began making an appearance in Europe in late 2012, I was surprised to see the dragon reused in this revamp of the zodiacs since I believed that it was supposed to be country exclusive to Asia.  Pandora posted their response to the uproar that this caused on Facebook:

Hi ladies – The so-called ‘Asian charms’ were released in Asia in time for the Chinese New Year 2012. As communicated here on the page the charms were at that point available in Asia only.  Unfortunately, we cannot be 100 per cent sure that shop assistants in all stores have phrased this clearly to customers. If anyone should have failed in doing so PANDORA sincerely apologises.

We understand how the circumstances around these charms might have seemed unclear. We regret if the dragon charm and the money bag charm were perceived as being exclusive to Asia.  We really do understand your frustration. We are of course not interested in using wrong or misleading phrasings about our products, e.g. when using the terms ‘exclusive’ or ‘limited edition’.

We have no intentions of misguiding or misinforming you and will going onwards do our utmost to avoid similar situations. We have for your information contacted our Merchandising dept. to make sure that everyone is following up on how the ‘Asian charms’ were marketed in the countries where they were first released.

Best, Anita

pandora-chinese-zodiacsTo me, the dragon still feels out of place among these other animals; it’s so stylized and edgy compared to the dangles.  Still, I am so happy to see an update on the zodiac designs for these charms, these are heads and shoulders above Pandora’s current zodiac charms.  I usually love to buy zodiacs since they’re such a simple and basic way to represent you or someone you love, but I have not bought a single one of these.  They’re a bit too cartoonish for my tastes and I’ve never liked them so I hope they’ll be retired once the new ones are released.  Given that these dangles are $65USD and the updated animals are $45USD, it’s a no-brainer!  I’ll definitely be buying the new dangles.

My new year’s resolution is to not spend so much money on charms ;).  What’s your resolution for this year?

  • Jennifer

    Hi Leann! New Year’s resolution? Mine should also be not to spend so much money on charms. :) I still have a few orders on the way…trollbeads, frightlings, a pandora charm, yikes! And I recently received the Rebeligion bracelet I ordered.

    But now I see something of ByBiehl that I really like, and the new releases by Trollbeads and Pandora, how am I ever going to keep that resolution?! This is so addictive. The only benefit I can tout at my house with my fiancee is that they don’t really take up any room in our house. :)

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      It never ends, Jennifer! They are tiny, but they’re starting to take over my house, lol! I had to get a cabinet to fit all my promo stuff.

      • Jennifer

        Wow! :) I don’t have any promo items yet, but I did get a stackers jewelry box to neatly hold everything!

      • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

        I love the Stackers box. I just keep buying more trays ;).

  • Elyse

    My plan is to continue with my resolutions from last year: to contribute supplies to our local animal shelter and food shelter. In 2012 we managed to make donations on a quarterly basis so in 2013 I’ d like to increase those donations.
    We seem better keeping resolutions that involve others than those that are just for us although I do plan to get back to using my elliptical on a regular basis and eating better.
    Oh and adding to my charm collection!!!

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      How thoughtful, Elyse. Getting to the gym regularly is also on my list and I should probably eat healthier. Lots of pretty charms coming out this year, I’m sure your lats resolution won’t be hard to keep ;).

  • Janet L.

    Oh my I cannot wait until the pave hearts are released!!…I’m a heart fanatic…LOVE anything heart shaped!…I want the clear and the red for sure!…oh and the Love Birds, yes definitely!!

    • Mary Jean

      I know, I love hearts too!

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      I’m quite tempted by them as well, I think all the pave charms would look amazing together! :)

  • Mary Jean

    Happy New Year to you, Leann! Thank you so much for this amazing blog. I think I am with Elyse, good resolutions. I really think you need more charms, Leann, or that love pod. Now we’re talkin’. xoxo

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Thanks, Mary Jean! Now don’t get me into trouble; I’ve definitely been eyeing those lovepods, but oh the price – yikes! Happy New Year :).

  • Meghan

    Leann, I know you were asked to take it down but when can we see the sneak peak of spring 2013 charms again? The post is password protected :( do you know when these ones will be available too? I’m dying to look at them again!! :(

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Hi Meghan, please use the Contact Us form.

  • Angela

    Happy New Year and may it be a year filled with Prosperity and Blessings for all.New Year resolutions… lets see .. it was to buy less beads/charms, well already I have bought another Troll bracelet and two beads.. neither is it the eat healthy or exercise thing as its day 2 and I feel as stuffed as one of those little sausage in blanket things. I gave up making resolutions a while back as too soon after they were made as Leann said they were forgotten or broken.
    Still I am promising myself to be more selective in my bead charm purchases… I’m telling myself I do not have to have every bead in every set or collection as soon as they are released ,to wait a few weeks after release to see them a few times and just get the ones that I really, really like.
    Leann,I am curious do you rearrange bracelets weekly or do you compose to match season or outfit when you are ready to wear ?

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Happy New Year, Angela! My great struggle is to exercise more restraint when it comes to my buying decisions, let me know how I’m doing! 😉 I hardly ever rearrange my Pandora bracelets once I get the charms on there, the Trollbeads I play with a lot more as I get more charms and the color combo speaks to me.

  • Michelle

    my resolution is to buy more beads! Seems the last few yrs. I’d get a few for Xmas and my bday, then not really doing anymore with my Pandora. After finding you Leann, I am re-obsessed with Pandora along with Redbali and Troll.And still really wanting a ByBiehl! I need to buy a Stackers jewelery box soon.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Glad to help ;).

  • Christine

    Any idea when the 2013 promotions list will be out?

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Hi Christine, it’s already out under Lists in the Main Menu. :)

  • Debbie

    Happy New Year Leann and everyone.

    I am going to try to be more planned about my charm buying and think about finished bracelets, instead of just buying things I like and ending up with a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t go with anything else!

    I think you need to keep buying lots of charms Leann so that you can continue to tell us all about them, and we can lust over your purchases by reading your blog and save our bank balances! LOL

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Lol! You should talk to my husband, Debbie ;). I totally agree, my goal is to stick to my bead budget and be more picky about what charms I buy too. Wish me luck!

  • Isa

    I am very new to Pandora; received my first gift-set this Christmas. I can see how addictive it can be as just looking at the Valentine’s collection, I am starting to plan for the add-ons to my bracelet. The love birds and dangling pave heart, adorable! I am trying to find the Black Friday 2012 gift box, so cute and would look great with the other beads I received. Does Pandora-MOA restock these popular items?

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      They sure do, Isa! Welcome to the addiction – MOA is a large Concept store and receives stock regularly.