Pandora Christmas charms

Continuing the features on holiday jewelry, I take a look at the popular Pandora Christmas charms.  This is my favorite time of year, where people are filled with good cheer, giving thanks, and of gift-giving.  Hence, charms representing these feelings and memories are very much in demand.  Pandora has a wonderful selection of Christmas charms including, Santa, Santa’s sled, Christmas tree, and stocking as quintessential pieces for any holiday themed bracelet.  There are also charms closely associated with the festive season that I have also added them to this list – gingerbread man, present, and the two-tone drum from the song, Little Drummer Boy, a classic Christmas song.

Santa is one of the bestselling charms from Pandora which was quite a surprise for me since I assumed this one would only be a seasonal favorite.  Old St. Nick is an iconic figure for Christmas and represents some of my best memories as a child.  The eager anticipation and anxiety as I waited for Christmas morning…definitely an unforgettable moment!  Santa’s shoes are so clearly depicted and you can see the sack of goodies he’s carrying on the back of the charm.  But where would Santa be without his sled?  The sled charm is piled high with presents and has a poinsettia detail on both sides, showcasing a tiny garnet in the middle.  It’s not glaringly red, so can be used with other color schemes if the traditional green and red is not your preference.  I decided on a blue theme and the sled is definitely not out of place.

The Christmas tree is another bestseller from Pandora, and is absolutely darling!  I love the gold star topping the tree and I especially adore the tree stand on the underside of the charm, which is hidden from view on the stock photos.  It’s always fun to discover the little details that aren’t readily apparent on these charms.  The stocking is a brand new addition, released with the Fall 2012 collection.  It’s amazingly detailed for how small it is – the stocking holds a ragdoll, teddy, horn, present, and a candy cane.  It was one of my first buys from the collection.

These other charms aren’t necessary “Christmas” but they represent the season well.  Frosty the Snowman is a must for my wintery/holiday bracelet and it’s a great complement to the other festive charms.  The present can represent many occasions including birthdays and other celebrations, but for most this is definitely a Christmas charm.  I opted to put the Precious Gift, black Friday charm on my Christmas bracelet in lieu of the silver charm which I have another place for ;).  The gingerbread man, I received as a gift, so although it clashes horribly with the typical Christmas colors, I had to put it keep it with this theme.  Lastly, the drum would normally be completely unrelated, except for the Christmas carol so it’s also secured a place on this bracelet.

As you can tell, these are the more secular charms that represent Christmas.  For those celebrating the religious holiday there are plenty of choices too – bible, hanging bible, angel, sideways fish (retired), and church (retired) to name a few.

  • Danielle Pandora

    Would love to see a pic of your blue Xmas bracelet Leann!

    • Leann

      Thanks Danielle! Pictures and video are coming this week ;).

      • Jeanne

        Yay! Can’t wait!

  • Amanda

    I also look forward to seeing your new blue Christmas bracelet. I’ve been really enjoying all the Christmas charm reviews – thanks. Ok, I’ve also been enjoying all the other ones too. Lol.

    On my Christmas bracelet I currently have the new stocking & gingerbread boy charms, as well as the angel, holly, snowman, sleigh, Christmas tree, present, poinsettia/edelweiss, dangle star (star is gold), elf (gnome?), house (no place like home for the holidays!), and two crazy clips. Also have the bows and red zirconia spacers. And…. Santa is on his way…. from Perlen. :)

    • Leann

      Thank you so much, Amanda. I’ll be doing a post on my holiday bracelet at the end of this week ;). Ohh those are great choices! I’d love to see a picture – feel free to post it on the Facebook page :D.

  • Jennifer

    I love your bracelet! I made the mistake of including the holiday charms on my Christmas wish list, and I don’t know if anyone purchased them, so I am worried that they will be out of stock before I know whether to buy them or not… :)

    But I keep telling myself I can always order them…! I really like the gingerbread man and the stocking.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Jennifer! They’re very popular especially at this time of year so hopefully retailers will be stocked appropriately. :)

  • Louise

    There’s a Pandora elf too, isn’t there?

    • Leann

      There is an elf/gnome, Louise, but I think of him more as a garden gnome ;). So I have him on my garden bracelet.

  • JeanneP

    Thank you for this post tonight…I just love looking at all of the Christmas charms!!

  • Meghan

    Love your blog!! Question, why cant we see the 2013 sneak peak anymore?!?! :(

    • Leann

      Pandora requested that I take it down for me. If you’d like more information, please contact us :).

      • Ashley

        What sneak peak are you talking about Leann? Could you email me info, please? :)

      • Leann

        It was the Spring/Summer collection. I’m sure you’ve seen it already ;).

  • Diane Shaw

    I am new to collecting Pandora. I enjoy your site very much, thank you.
    Now my question, I have finally decided I like the gingerbread boy dangle, which of course I can’t find anywhere now. Is it a limited edtion, or will it restock after the holidays?
    Thanks for your time, Merry Christmas!
    (any sneak peaks for 2013 so I am better prepared?)

    • Leann

      Welcome to the addiction, Diane! The gingerbread man is not a limited edition, but it looks like it’s on backorder until February :(. If you want to know about the sneak peek, please send me an email via the “Contact Us” form. :)