Surprise Pandora bracelet promo

If you missed the last free bracelet promo, you’re in luck!  Unexpectedly, Jared The Galleria of Jewelry is offering a free Pandora bracelet with a $125USD purchase from November 30th through December 2nd.  This special is only available in stores and sorry ladies, only in the US.  In fact, I’ve heard from customers across the country say other stores are willing to match this offer so check with your local Pandora retailer to see if they’ll honor this promo!

This offer is not organized by Pandora North America, but they do allow retailers to create their own promotions at certain times of the year.  Exactly this time last year, my local franchise store offered a rare buy a barrel necklace, get a matching bracelet free which was how I got my first two-tone bracelet for free!  It was such a great deal and this is another one of those special opportunities.

I couldn’t help myself and of course went out to get this promo!  The free bracelet offer is my favorite of all the Pandora promos and what a great opportunity to get your holiday shopping done.  And don’t forget that tomorrow is the start of the Pandora stocking ornament GWP, and it is the best one designed so far.  Unfortunately, the ornament GWP cannot be combined with the free bracelet, but you can certainly ask your store ;). 

  • Wendy Carr

    I just saw this on tv and was going to let you know! I might have to take advantage of this one too :)

    • Leann

      Thanks, Wendy! I saw it too, lol.

  • Kristy

    Got my free bracelet tonight and it wasn’t from Jared’s.

    • Leann

      Sounds like lots of retailers are honoring the offer :D.

  • Nichole

    Thank you for the heads-up Leann. I was planning on taking two friends to a Pandora concept store tomorrow. They are new to Pandora and wanted to buy bracelets as Chrismas gifts for their moms. Guess I’m taking them to Jared instead! :)

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!! I love your blog. Thanks for all the work you do keep us updated (and fuel an addiction! Lol)!!!

    • Leann

      Yay! Happy to help; their moms are going to love their presents! 😀

  • Ashley

    Goodie! Goodie! Another way to get a free bracelet and shop too!! :) While I’m out tomorrow Christmas tree shopping with my family for the perfect tree, I will be making a quick little bitty stop at Jared’s. Thanks Leann for letting us know…..not a long promo at all, huh?

    • Leann

      Not at all, have fun shopping! Let me know what you get ^^.

  • Wendie Edwards

    Thanks for posting this Leann. My girlfriend and I are going to make an impromptu run across the boarder from Canada for a couple of days of shopping because of this post!!! And new bracelet to boot!!! Love it!!! :)

    • Leann

      I hope you got lots of fun presents! :)

      • Wendie Edwards

        Just got home with 3 new charms, a free bracelet and the stocking ornament which I was suprised to get because of the bracelet. I love Jared’s

  • L.C.

    I went to a Jared’s in Dallas last night and puchased two Pandora charms for $140, and they gave me the BOTH the free bracelet and the stocking ornament!

    • Leann

      Good job, L.C.! :)

  • Terri May

    Went to Jared’s here in KC at the Independence Center. Got the murano glass Breast cancer awareness bead I’ve been wanting, the third rose heart charm celebrating each decade I’ve been married and a young love dangle celebrating this years anniversary on 11-29 (32 years). Then I got a free silver bracelet and the stocking ornament! I was told that in January they will have a promotion with Pandora jewelry boxes, can’t wait!

    • Leann

      Congratulations on your anniversary, Terri! Great deal and can’t wait for the promos next year :).

  • Michelle

    I stopped @ Jared today to get my mom her Xmas present (pandora beads), I will keep the bracelet for a new one to start. they also gave me the ornament. They did have the Black Friday charm in stock @ the one near me (Henrietta NY, Hylan Drive) if anyone still interested and there stores are out.

    • Leann

      How fun! Your mom is going to love it :).

  • Jen Tab

    Last Sunday (11/25) I bought my 2nd bracelet and 2 two-toned charms spending a healthy chunk of money. When I got home, I stumbled onto your blog…it’s been great! So when I saw on your post about this promo, I headed back to the Pandora concept store and was able to get a refund on my bracelet AND I talked them into giving me another bracelet since I had spent over double the $125. (Don’t understand the hard core “one per person” since it would encourage loyal customers to buy more) Anyway, thanks to you, I was able to save money and my husband got me another charm. So I really scored!

    • Leann

      Good job, Jen! That’s a great deal :).