Pandora Spring 2013 First Look!

Wow, we are not even to the holidays and photos have already come out for the Pandora Spring/Summer 2013 collection!  These pictures were leaked from the company’s own look book, and the charms are absolutely to die for.  There are 5 main themes for this collection: Cheery Blossoms, Romance, Fairy Tale, Love and Hearts, and Artistic.  The spring release will be March 11th and the summer release will be April 15th; although with Pandora’s track record, these will probably be just estimates.

For easy digestion, I’ve put the new charms into groupings by theme.  Feel free to share these, but please don’t reproduce without credit :).  There are a few charms that feel out of place within these themes so I’ve made up my own terms for them.

Someone at Pandora must love elephants because this is the third incarnation we’ve seen for the animal, and cats too as this is the fourth version of this pet.  I am positively in love with the Scottie dog; as I have a Westie, I will be using this charm as a substitute!  While I’m not a fan of pink, pair it with the cherry blossoms motif and I’m sold.  Spring is one of my favorite times of year, especially when the cherry trees were blooming across campus.  I have fond memories of walking to class through the quad and being showered by petals.  I love it!  I hope Pandora not only has the pink cherry blossom Murano, but a whole line with different colors as well coming out next season.  I’m also delighted to see so many fairy tale, family, and hobby charms (hairdressers are going to be so happy!).

What I’m surprised about is Pandora releasing a charm very similar to the Family Ties – Family Love looks strikingly alike, except for the added “Family” engraved on it.  Read the whole story of the Family Ties fiasco here.  Plenty of ladies will be ecstatic since the prices for the original charm have reached meteoric heights.

This is just part of the collection; I will be doing a separate post on new Pandora jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces, etc.) in the next few days.  So, what do we think?!

  • Janet L.

    I’m ecstatic to finally see a new safety chain!!…love the teddy bear with the gold heart and the mother and son dangle…and darn if I just the other day didn’t receive a frog prince from Perlen!…had them place their gold crown on the Pandora froggie…if only I had waited a week or so I would have seen this one!

    • Leann

      I knooooow. I’m tempted to get that little guy and I have the modified frog prince too :/.

      • Stephanie Joy Bouley

        I ordered my modified one a month ago, it’s so frustrating!!! Any idea how much the new one will be?

      • Leann

        No prices yet, but I expect it to be around $70-80 with the gold.

    • Carin Farrell

      I’m confused…Perlen modifies charms for customers?? Please elaborate. Thanks.

      • Leann

        Hi Carin, Perlen had a crown that they could add to a few charms (frog, girl, boy), but I’m not sure if they offer that service anymore.

  • Ewa Lalik

    I’m more and more dissapointed abt the direction Pandora is heading to. Looks more and more trashy trying to become similar to Chamilia. It is of course change caused by the new american management. Pity :(
    I love some items like a bear and gold butterflies but the feeling that I don’t want to be identified with the trampery became stronger.

    • mary jean

      Oh wow, I did not know about the “new American management”. Well then. That makes sense. I love Danish design. Troll always seems to maintain their “look”. Pandora is really branching out, and so many releases within one year is also different for them.

  • Becky Bella

    I am not happy with the road they are taking. Many happy customers out there… their requests have become true. The style is absolutely different, I think it looks cheap :( There are very few beads I find appealing.

    • Amy

      It pains me to say I totally agree with you. I think it looks cheap and some charms are plain tacky. In that whole selection I would actually buy two or three for myself :'(.

  • Alice

    As with the comments above I was very excited to see the new charms but very disappointed at the direction pandora designers are taking – I want unique charms not like those produced by their competitors. My husband will be pleased that in tha collection there are no charms that I absolutely must have! Maybe they will grow on me?

    • Leann

      I’m hoping they’ll look better in person, Alice! I had the same reaction to the pave collection from this season, but was actually pleasantly surprised when I saw them IRL. :)

      • mary jean

        Yes, I just saw the pave for the 1st time and it is very classy. Not blingy and different from the flashy Chamilia. They are very pretty but not my style. They do look lush on the bracelet.

  • Karen Leigh

    happy for all those that have requested charms having their wishes come true……however had i seen these in a magazine i would have thought Chamilia…….very poor show for the collectors of gold and two tone YET AGAIN……and i am not suprised to see the FT return…it will be very interesting to see if all those who begged for it’s return will actually buy it……my thoughts are, perhaps….although the cynic in me thinks many wanted it because it’s price tag when it was misprinted as being available in the US meant they were getting a bargain compared to what many had paid in the UK…..

    • Carin Farrell

      How can customers suggest a charm theme to the designers? I have some suggestions I’d like to offer, but have no idea how to do that.

      I want to see more realistic themes, not more elephants and fairies! Like a coffee mug (tea cup doesn’t cut it for me) and a variety of dog types or occupation symbols. Not all women want the sugary pink girly-girl look! Sorry, don’t mean to rant and rave at you! :)

      • Leann

        Hi Carin, Pandora takes product suggestions on their Facebook page. Just post what you’d like to see :). I completely agree with you on all the designs! I would love to see more charms like that.

  • Lucy Willis

    Well, I’m excited.

  • ellie

    This is one of the prettiest collections I’ve seen – the cherry blossom murano and the nightingale are especially beautiful!

  • Melissa Hogan

    Too cheap looking to be Pandora pieces

    • Leann

      While I agree with you that some are cheap looking (red enamel charms and the sparkling spheres), I think some of the charms are really nice like the animals, the cherry blossoms, and the vintage dangles.

  • millie

    Thanks for posting the new charms you made my day.

    • Leann


  • Anna

    I don’t like them :( I only like the elephant and mouse in the cup. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the comments above that Pandora is becoming like Chamilia and some of the charms look a bit cheap >_< I'm pleased that Pandora have listened to customers and created new charms to fulfill their requests :) I have to say though, that I definitely prefer Pandoras' older style

  • Elyse

    First impression when I heard there were pic’s of new charms was joy-o-joy. I swear my heart was skipping beats while flipping thru the online booklet.
    My first thought was wow there’s alot of pink! I get it -most women like pink and the whole cherry blossom theme is pink. I am just one of the few women that doesn’t gravitate toward the color. I like color so lets have a well rounded showing for all colors not just pink and purple.
    I am a big fan of the 2 tones so would really like to see MORE of those but can we have more than animal charms to choose from. Put those out too -I love animals but I really want the classic, high end look of Pandoras’ older releases.
    Having only recently joined the Pandora fan club I was and am attracted to the classic style Pandora charms had. The last two releases do seem to be going in a flashier direction which seems more trendy than I like.
    I look forward to seeing this collection in person as I am ALWAYS surprised how these charms look in person from online and usually buy those that didn’t initally impress me and not purchase the ones I was sure I wanted.
    I love that I can pick out other womens Pandora bracelets and think they look so distinctive and tasteful which is why I continue to seek out the retired, older charms to buying the newer ones.

    Side ? for Leann -seems there was a photo floating out on the web of the Black Friday charm -I can’t seem to find it and wonder if you’ve seen it/have a photo you can post??

    Keep up the great work -I always check your site out first for the latest Pandora news!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Elyse! I completely agree with you. I am not a pink-person at all, but I do so adore cherry blossoms. I really dislike the red enamel charms and the sparkling spheres, very Chamilia-esque IMO. I do have the picture of the BFC, but I can’t post it without permission :(. I’ve done my own mockup though, that’s the best I could find for now! 😉

  • María

    I love the new frog . .. is a lot people The will enjoy this charm ..I see the request in Facebook .. Different color different taste

  • Keri

    I like the frog prince. I wonder if someone that has received a frog prince from Perlen can share a picture? I was going to order one for myself as a Christmas gift, but now I’m not sure which one would be cuter. Since it would be two-tone, it would probably range in the $80+ price range in Canada anyways.

  • RachelJo

    I’d bet that the “All Wrapped Up” is what the Black Friday charm is going to look like!

    • Leann


  • Veronica

    Oh I definitely see some charms I will be buying! LOVE all the fairy tale charms the most, and I will be getting the book, the cute frog, and OMG that CASTLE! I also love Cherry Blossoms so I will be picking those charms up too :)

  • Joana Maia

    Like most of you ladies i was very excited to see the new charms. Now i’ve seen them i’m kinda divided, there are some charms i really like (frog prince, princess castle, nightingale, love kittens, the two tone teddy bear and the cherry flower murano), but some of the others look so not Pandora! What’s up with all the enamel end zirconias?? I like gemstones much better, they are way classy then all those zirconias! Oh, and those eggs are so Trollbeads! I hope Pandora doesn’t turn into this, cause i will fall out of love! Trollbeads seem to be calling my name louder and louder now…

    • mary jean

      Me too, Joana. They are so Chamilia like, but they will look different in person. I love the Danish design in the older charms, you can really tell their style. But I guess they have to keep up with the times, lol. It is hard to believe they are not making tons of money. Pandora is so popular. Those animals are adorable, and they have “themes”, which is what everyone asked for. I love it that Leann snagged these pictures, it really helps with making a plan! I am thrilled to see it.

  • Jeanne

    I like the Frog Prince and Golden Nightingale, and maybe some of the animals (I’d have to see them in person), but for the most part this collection is way too cutesy for me. It seems that Pandora is stuck on pink. Where are the other colors? I’m glad I’ve started my Trollbeads collection.

  • Francine

    Thanks Leann for posting pics. All I can say is Ewww. I am not impressed. The spring line looks more for teenagers or very young adults. I also agree with other posters that this line looks very Chamiliaish.

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    • mary jean

      So glad, Leann!!!! TY

  • Angela

    Thanks Leann, but Wow seems like these companies are ramping up their releases, no time to save those pennies at all…. I understand Pandora is trying to cover all bases and I agree with many of you and can only hope that maybe some charms seen in person will look better than pictured. I love cherry blossoms ,not too sure about all that red enamel, too childish for me.
    Started collecting Troll in August this year already working on my 4th bracelet. Love ,love their glass .Love the distinct features, heft and themes of their S.S charms. Pandora seems to be grasping, throwing a bunch of stuff up not sure where or what will stick . This could mean 1) panic because they made poor decisions resulting in a few bad quarters 2)they are not sure what or which customers they want to attract 3) lost customer base due to finances, or collectors who have lost interest in Pandora 4) don’t want the old customers because they demanded higher quality and a more expensive to produce charm , or 5) Trying to be more Chamila and Troll to cut into their market share. or 6) all of the above ,
    Not sure what it is , maybe it’s just the times and I don’t believe the Pandora folks know either ,but I am not feeling about Pandora , like I did in 2011. Normally, especially with free bracelet promo, I would get 6-8 charms from the new collection, this past September I got 3 plus 3 older charms have not even put them on a bracelet and I have not redone my other 7 bracelets in months. I know one of my Sons will get me the Mother /Son charm but there is not one other that I would classify as a must have.
    IMO when I see Chamila I think younger, flashy ,cutesy trendy . Troll is beautiful , unique ,hand crafted, artistic more personal , serious yet whimsical more grown up/ mature but not old fashioned.Pandora used to be elegant sophisticated, rich, smooth,classic and timeless, now that they are being more Chamilia and Troll not sure if I will be a fan.Add Redbali Frog stunning, real, unique simple artistry ,size and cost to the mix and Pandora is really starting to loose its bloom.
    Don’t get me wrong , the collection is not bad but not exactly exciting , love the animals and really like that they are expanding the occupational charms wish they would add more to that group.. Spring and the cherry blossom/pink theme are great but glitz and sparkle seems out of place. Maybe if they were with the Christmas collection they would not seem so out there. IMO the Murano dangles are takes from Trolls Christmas and Easter egg ornaments, the barrel charms remind me of the Troll royal crown and the Castle reminds me of one from Troll. Most of the cutesy ones can be matched up with existing Chamilia charms. Is it me or does it seem like Pandora is moving away from one of their major selling points the screw on cored charms?

    • Annette Stewart Curcio

      Very nicely said, Angela.

    • mary jean

      yes, yes, yes. That is what I see too. Especially with the gold, they have reduced it and the new is not screw on. I like the Pandora style, but I guess they are branching out. I am glad they are sticking with the cute animals. That mouse is adorable.

  • Carrie

    I can see the logic for some of the charms in the collection. I’ve been under the impression that many ladies have, or are considering fairytale bracelets so I can see the fairytale group of charms being really popular. I think they’re the best part of the collection but I have no intention of making a fairytale themed bracelet. I can see all the family/relationship charms being popular too, but since I’m single & childless I have no reason to get any of those (and they make up such a large portion of the collection too!). The only one I might get would be the nightingale charm because I love birds & am generally drawn to bird imagery. The rest? I don’t like pink, bejeweled charms, or enamel, so this collection isn’t doing much for me. I’ll admit the mouse in the teacup looks adorable though. Is he wearing a little crown?


    Im sad, theres nothing to die for in this collection, compared to this last collection, that is absolutely gorgeous, still have a couple on my list, red faceted, another lotus clip, the white faceted, the dress dangle……etc. lol..But thanks so much Leann, for getting us this sneak peak…..

  • Brianne Adkins

    This is a great collection! I am very excited for the mother son, grandmother, sister, murano drops! And………. <3

  • kelcie

    The only thing i like enough to buy is the wheel of hearts murano. What do you all think?

    • Leann

      I like a good half of the charms, I’m hoping the other half will look better in person :).

  • Veronica

    Just looking through those fairy tale charms again…Man I am so screwed LOL Looks like I need to start accepting that I WILL have to start another bracelet :)

    • Leann

      I feel the same way, Veronica! Some very pretty two-tone charms coming out…at least now I get to get the royal carriage that I ran out of room for with my blue fairy tale bracelet ;).

  • Annette Stewart Curcio

    It looks like there is something, maybe a dangle, on top of the Nightingale’s cage. Any guesses as to what it is?

    • Leann

      My guess is that it’s a Pandora tag? Can’t really see from this angle.

  • Christine

    Does it look like the safety chain is a clip on to anyone else? Do you know if it is?

    • Leann

      They do look pretty big when I look at them closely. But I’m not sure :(.

  • Fiona

    It’s great to get previews like this. Thank you. I’m not a fan of the vast majority of this release, just as I wasn’t really sold on the last one. It’s probably a good thing for me though as I can totally devote myself to gathering the few remaining older charms I like before they are recalled. I personally am not a fan of pave and enamel. Precious stones and solid charms are more my thing. Hopefully in the future Pandora can find a balance and release a more equal mix of older and newer designs.

  • rose mello

    What do you think the circle game spacer is? Looks like flowers with cubic zirconia>

  • Michelle

    I only hope they look better in person! Not into all the bling but when I saw some of pictures of bracelets that Leann had done with the recent releases, they do look nice! lets hope these are equally as nice :)

    • Leann

      I have a feeling they’ll look better in person, but in these photos they’re very flat :/.

  • Jess

    I adore the Cherry Blossom clip and the fact that they are putting out another safety chain (it’s about time), but like what everyone else is saying…kinda disappointed. As said before, it looks like their collection is taking a different turn and not exactly in a favorable direction. The Pave charms kinda crossed the line for me (yes they do look nice in person though) but it still seemed slightly tacky.
    I’m hoping they’ll take back their old style and bring back what Pandora fans really like!

    Other than that, thanks Leann for posting! I always look forward to what you have to say :)

    • Leann

      I agree with you, Jess! Not psyched that the safety chain has hearts on them though.

  • Susan Hagenah

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to finally see that there is a Grandmother charm on it’s way. What took you so loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong? Wish It was sooner.
    Thank you Pandora

  • Caroline Jones

    Eeeeekk!!!! A Scottie charm!! I was NOT expecting that!! Now I can represent my 2 babies with the proper charm, not just the doghouse/other dog….. I am very pleased!! Some nice pieces in the collection, although some really don’t look quality you’d expect from Pandora. Thanks for this Charms Addict!!! x x x x

  • Ann

    I collect frog prince things because my oldest son was the frog prince in a play at school. I wish they had come out with this before I bought the Pandora froggie without a crown.

    • Leann

      It’s a different style of frog though, different enough to collect :).

  • zuraida

    ohhhh there’s nothing that I really really like :( . am a bit dissapointed
    i only like the cherry blossom
    anyway, thanks so much Leann for the sneak peak.

    • Leann

      I think it’ll look better in person, Zuraida. Don’t despair! :)

  • Veronica Velasquez

    My only daughter will be 10 in April and I have a long list for my Princess first bracelet.

    • Leann

      I’m really looking forward to the new collection with the fairy tale charms too! :)

  • Chelsea

    I find myself on FB Pandora pre-loved pages and carefully looking on ebay for their older charms. There’s no charms in their new collection that I *have to have*. Some might grow on me, but I agree that they are going a bit too mainstream with their designs.

    I hope some of you have taken your thoughts to the FB page since they seem to listen. I plan on posting a message after I get to look at the new collection in person.

    I’m hoping their release after the spring/summer collection is a bit more of the classic Pandora. :-)

  • Lauren

    Thanks so much for posting these, Leann. I do like a few of them, the love kittens, the frog prince, & the mouse in the cup is cute. But I’m disappointed that there’s really no two tone charms. I still have an empty bracelet from the last promo & was hoping they’d have some new two tones. I don’t like all the pave charms, or pink/red charms. The pave charms remind me of the line that Kohls Dept Store sells, which IMO look kinda cheap.

    • Leann

      I agree, those are my least favorite next to the red enamel charms. Hopefully they look better in person!

  • Robin D

    Except for the fact Cherry blossoms have five petals but the cherry blossom pave has six . . .its an OK collection. I do like the clips. I’d like to see a pic with more detail of the new safety chain. But I absolutely adore the nightingale and really is the only “must have” until I see these in person.

  • Anna Desmonde

    Agree with y’all. Pandora getting to be too blingy like Chamilia. Prefer there older beads. Thing to do is – mix and match. I use Trollbead or Novo bead bracelets – less hassle with the winding cores, then I mix Trollbeads plus Cham’s, plus Pands, plus Novo’s, plus Ohm beads, plus whatever takes your fancy or theme. Mix em up and they look great, especially if you choose well. That’s what they are ‘forcing’ one to do – if they want to go same-same, I will too! And damn the warranty – I can clean my beads just as well as them.

  • Anna Desmonde

    I mean, I see the advantage of the screw on core beads but some of the other brands, chosen wisely, which don’t have screw-cores, are just as lovely. The core makes it a real pain to ‘switch-out’ beads to suit a certain theme or style. Better to have more bracelets!! (I have eight!) The thing I am not so keen on is the larger sized core, such as many from Red Bali Beads. Some of their designs are simply gorgeous (the frangipani for one – or plumeria, depending on where you come from!) but the core is so huge, it makes the bead way too big to be on a bracelet with other cute flower beads from Pand or Cham or Troll. Shame about that (otherwise I’d be buying more!).

  • JeanneP

    Thanks so much for sharing this!!! I absolutely LOVE the new pinks for Spring!! And my daughter just started me on a new pink bracelet for Christmas…perfect timing!! Love those hanging glass charms too!! Thank you!!

    • Leann

      That is perfect timing! The pink is very soft, I was hoping for darker pinks ;).

  • Lizzy

    Ok. So, this will be a quick review worth reading!
    I went to Pandora concept store (in Willowbrook Langley BC Canada) I don’t recommend this store, they are prissy jerks there and Crystique accross hall is similar. I prefer to go over border to Ben Bridges in Bellis Fair.
    Saw whole new collection.
    The Cherry blossom murano and pink hope ribon suck! There is way less silver, and look like cheap generics off ebay or from Troll or Camilia. I really dislike, and intend to buy all the old style muranos that I like, like looking glass and fascinating, and blue python, while I still can, and they don’t decide to cheapen all the muranos with less silver. Cheap scates! They look junky and not authentic Pandora. $40
    As for cherry clossom pave lights, absolutely beautiful, as are all pave charms, although I don’t like Pandora making less without the threading, but they are so shiny and sparkle so pretty. $75 Cad, $65 USD
    The mouse in tea cup is really cute, and I like it a lot, I hope Pandora doesn’t retire tea pot, I think it looks like a nice compliment for that. $45 Cad $40 usd
    The easter bunny is cute but not my cup of tea. Good detail, and if you like rabbits with backpacks, it’s great. about $45
    The fairy tale book is so so, I don’t like it much, but if you like that kinda thing, it’s nice and has details, but can’t compare to Pandora’s box charm and other ones, but still, nice for a kid, I just can’t immagine many older women, and those who are 20+ who want cutsie charms with little girl look.
    The castle is nice, and has good detail, but takes up a lot of space and is kinda boxy, and for some dumb reason has a cz on bottom, where you can’t see it. It’s pointless to me, you don’t wanna see bottom of castle! about $85
    The scottie dog is very cute. I like it a lot. The scratches of the fur are a little deeper than I care for, especially since oxidized, but still great detail, and has Pandora on collar. $45 Cad $40 usd I think
    The princess tiara dangle is cute, a little big and barbie sized, but still pretty, but once again for young buyers. I’m 20 and I think its nice and I only had grad 2 years ago, but I don’t want it.
    The drop coloured murano blown glass dangles are lovely. They are a touch over priced, but lovely. $50 Cad 45 usd. Nice colour, I want both. Lovely looking and vibrant and each a little different.
    The frog prince is very nice and Leann, I feel for you having made regular from a prince with crown, Idk if you’ll want this one? The frog prince has great detail, and 2 flower on back and same crown as carriage, but no pearl. But it costs a rip off. Same price as carriage, $105 Cad, $90 usd
    Bride and groom are cute but very Camilia esque. Nice, cute, but I don’t want them. $45 Cad, $40 US, cute, and good Price, but not very Pandora like, but many would like them.
    Overall, I love drop coloured egg type ones and scottie and tea pot, and frog prince is very expensive but very nice, and so are cherry blossom pave. New muranos suck though, and look fake.

    • Leann

      Wow, thanks for the detailed accounting, Lizzy! I’ll be adding my thoughts regarding the collection soon ;).

  • Geertje Hoogenboom

    Can you perhaps tell me how big the vintage fan and the like are? They seem somewhat smaller than the normal charms, but I haven’t seen them yet and I’m very curious ;).
    Lots of love,

    • Leann

      Hi Geertje, here is a picture for you. It’s actually quite larger than other charms. I like it :).

  • Fran Kirby

    love so much the frog prince charm i have him pride of place on my bracelet ,the detailing on him is stunning , also have been looking at the fairytale collection but like some of you find it to girlish , some of the pandora charms are very beautiful and my opinion is if you do not like what you see then hang on until you find something you do ,as for me looks like another bracelet need to be brought as mine is now full ,also may i add when u give a pandora charm it always puts a smile on the face of the person you give it too

  • Kimmie Divver- Frye

    How do you purchase an item off this site?