Pandora Loyalty Program?

Pandora just started testing a brand new loyalty program last week in a select part of the US.  I am incredibly excited by this prospect as I always love getting free things!  Before we get too excited though, as I mentioned, this is only being tested out in a small portion of the country – Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.  It’s been confirmed that if it does well, it could be rolled out across the country.  😀

Now for the details:
The loyalty program is a simple punch card: BUY 10 GET 1 FREE (value of up to $35).

The other part of the promotion is a limited time offer – beginning November 6th through the 18th, customers in participating stores (see above) can “upgrade” your current bracelets towards the purchase of a new bracelet, however, multi-strand, 5-station clip, leathers, two-tone, and gold bracelets are not included…so what can you upgrade?  Seems like the only upgrade option is from the lobster clasp to the barrel bracelet, and possibly the macramé since they don’t mention it?  OR trade-in your current bracelet and save 50% towards a bracelet of the same type.  Customers taking advantage of this offer can receive 2 punches towards their loyalty card.  This is a great option for anyone whose bracelet has stretched out or no longer fits.

What are your thoughts about the program?  I hope it becomes widely available across the country!

  • t

    The free silver bracelet with barrell is still by far the best promotion!!

  • Wendy Carr

    i know you wrote that the free charms were in limited areas. Is the bracelet trade in, in the test stage too? What is your guess on how much credit they would give on a lobster clasp to a barrel bracelet?

    • Leann

      Yes, it is also being tested out. It doesn’t specify in the flyer, so I’m guessing 50% the cost of the lobster clasp towards the purchase of the barrel bracelet? :)

      • Wendy

        Thanks Leann!!

  • Bec N James Halliwell

    I definately want this lol

  • Maui

    Wishing they will have that promo in ASIA…I’m so jealous!

  • Becky Bella

    I like this!!!!!! Please do this worldwide!!!!! :)

  • Angela

    Thanks Leann,
    These two are very interesting. Love the free stuff, but so far the only promo offer that I really like is the free bracelet.Pandora is going in many directions IMO.. Panic mode… I have visions of a bunch of the Corporate people sitting around tossing out ideas and since no one person wants to be in charge especially if a floated idea fails after implementation or they don’t want to hurt anyones feelings they decide to use all presented ideas. Can’t you see them 1 says lets offer punch cards, another says yeh ,and lets do another BF charm with the date, and another says , no date just a little tag thingy, and another says what about a bracelet exchange and on and on it goes…
    In my area all the jewelry stores have Loyalty cards , my favorite one does 1 punch for every $50 in purchase ,including Pandora a filled card 10 punch gives $60 towards any store purchases Pandora not included. Cards can be combined, so can get $120 or more off. Not too thrilled with Pandora giving a free charm for $35. Why not $35 towards another charm or anything Pandora. Many of the 2 tones , earrings or pendants are a bit pricey , above $50 getting $35 off would be a bigger draw than getting another $35 charm. I say leave the $35 open for the customer choice.
    The Bracelet exchange .. doesn’t Troll do something like this? My full bracelet got too tight and they exchanged it. Wonder why anyone would buy Pandora bracelet without the Pandora clasp? Silver could be cleaned or melted and resold but wondering about them taking the braided leather or Macrame ones back . Even with the customer paying the difference between the original and the upgraded bracelet and adding the 2 punches (each punch is valued at $3.5 two =$7 towards the bracelet) it may not be cost effective unless they are planning on( gasp.. gasp … I hope not) doing away with free bracelet promo. I think Pandora has to think this one through a bit more.
    The majority of Pandora charms may fall into the $20-35 range,but usually by the time we buy 10 charms they add up to more like $450 , sometimes a lot more, for gold or two tone. If Pandora is thinking charms bought in the 20-35 range = $35 is 10% off. Even though we are not getting any perks now $35 seems low especially if tied to a particular group of charms The choice of using it to buy what I want or a particular free charm could make the difference between ordering from Perlen which offers 20% off and no s/h and using the loyalty card
    I hope the test is successful, as I think the Loyalty card handled properly could be great for us and tremendous win for Pandora

    • Ashley

      Yup I agree Angela that the Loyalty card sounds like a good idea, especially for serious Pandora buyers who could use a little incentive. :) A little can go a long way!

      Hopefully this will work out for the few States who get to try the cards out. Personally, I know plenty of people here in my home state (Arkansas) that would use this consecutively.

  • AngieFisher

    Any loyalty type program is better than none. I, for one, always think that good customers deserve some sort of bonus. That’s what keeps us coming back! Know my name, have fun with me and give me perks because I am loyal….that’s all I ask!LOL
    I have another line of jewelry I collect called Kameleon and all their stores do a stamp prgram where you buy so many and then get a jewel pop free( or credit towards a more expensive one). And if you are a regular at some of them then sometimes they double stamp just because they are glad to see you! Or sometimes they do doublestamp promo’s. I am always a sucker for a “good deal” on my fave things!
    Anyways, just my two cents worth! Happy Collecting!!

    • Angela

      Hi Angie,
      Exactly right ” Know my name, have fun with me and give me perks because I am loyal” I would add …throw out the words ” Special, Retired, or Limited Offer” and my debit card is out of the purse LOL One of the Pandora store I shopped at split off last March and became a Concept Store . Have not been back to them since.. I DISLIKE with a passion the Concept Stores.. too sterile, the staff is usually young and unfamiliar with the line. I walk in they give me a canned sales speech. They do not seem to understand the line or care to know it or their customers. Thank goodness the other Pandora store has remained in the Jewelry store.
      On the other hand my Troll store is in a small boutique , I love going in, the owner is usually there, she wears a lot of Troll and she loves the line . It’s visiting a friend, I leave happy with more new beads than I had intended and she gets to pay her bills.

  • Rachel

    i think this program is a good idea! maybe to help lead us away from perlen a little and actually buy more in store? hope it goes country wide!

    • Leann

      I think so too, Rachel. The discounts are still better with Perlen, but psychologically it feels better to get something free, right? :)

  • Christine

    Just an update on this program: Pandora is now changing it. Which I am none too pleased about. I was two charms away from getting a free $35 charm. Now instead you get a plastic card (rather than a stamp card that is left in the store) and when you accumulate 600 pts (every $1 spent = 1 pt) you get $25 towards a purchase. The reason they are switching I’m being told is to make it more fair for people who buy the gold charms. Previously, you would get a stamp for every bead purchased. So if you buy gold beads you could potentially spend $4,000 on 10 beads (assuming an average of $400/ gold bead) and only get $35 towards another bead. But under the new program, that person would get about $233 towards another bead (4,000/600= 6.66 x $25 =$233).

    The only thing is it sucks for everyone else. For example, under the old rewards program you could buy 10 muranos at $35 each and get a free $35 murano. Now you have to buy a little more than 17 muranos to reach the 600 pts (600/35=17.14), and then you only get $25 off instead of $35. I’m peeved, too, because I was only 2 beads away from my free charm!

    Not all of the stores in my area are switching over though, at least not at the moment. I found one store that’s still using the punch card system. I have 515 pts at my usual store so I think I will just get my additional 85 pts to get my $25, then switch over to buying at the other Pandora store.

    • Christine

      I should add, too, that they did give me 60 pts for each stamp on my previous card, but still, that doesn’t make up for me getting $10 less now towards a new bead. :-(

    • Leann

      Wow, that’s a huge update! Thanks for informing us, Christine. That is completely ridiculous; if they want to reward the people that spend a lot on gold, they should make it comparable across the board since most people stick to silver/glass and maybe the occasional two-tone. Ridiculous! :(

      • Christine

        My biggest gripe about the whole thing is that they should have at least honored the old program for those of us already enrolled, at least until we at least got our $35 charm. Granted, I guess the $10 difference isn’t that huge, but there’s just something about being able to say you got a *free* charm! $25 off just isn’t the same somehow.

        PS- I can forward you the email announcing the new program if you want to read more about it. I’m assuming you can view my email from when I post to this blog, so just shoot me an email if you want.

      • Leann

        I completely agree! I would be so mad >:{. I sent you an email. Thank you! :)

  • Bonnie May

    Guessing they decided not to expand the program?

    • Leann

      No word on them expanding it, so who knows?

  • Denise Legarreta

    Sounds exciting

    • Leann

      I always love sales! 😉