Pandora Black Friday Charm – A Precious Gift

It’s Black Friday and the beginning of the biggest shopping season of the year!  For our international readers, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when stores turn profitable for the year.  Many stores have extremely good sales and open very early in the morning, some even at midnight.  I didn’t make it out quite that early, but given my Pandora store didn’t open until 9 am, I was able to pick up my charm and bracelet set at a reasonable hour.

This is the second year that Pandora has offered a North American exclusive Black Friday Charm (BFC).  Last year’s was the Midnight Hearts featuring 3 black hearts and 1 gold foiled heart engraved with 2011.  This year’s charm is named a Precious Gift and which is a present with a red enamel bow and a Pandora “Ô” gift tag.  One of the biggest criticisms is that there is no year engraved on this charm which is certainly disappointing.  However, it is amazingly detailed as the edges of the ribbon are raised and goes all the way around the charm.  My favorite is the moveable gift tag which adds just the right touch.  I think I would have liked this bead even more if I didn’t know there was going to be a pink version out next season.

What impressed me even more is the packaging for the BFC and the bracelet set.  I’m usually not super interested in the boxes that come with the jewelry, but I gotta say this one is adorable!  It’s primarily the reason why I decided to get an extra charm :razz:. The bracelet set box is the one pictured in the Iconic Set re-introduction email that was sent out months ago. The best part is the second tier in the box which holds 12 charms individually.

This year’s BFC has seen a more limited release than last year’s Midnight Hearts which can still be found in some stores today. I hope that means Pandora has learned from last year what the demand is likely to be and has changed their production accordingly.  The individual charms are selling out fast, but it sounds like the bracelet sets will last longer since retailers are not allowed to split them up and it’s at a higher price point.  So, have you gotten your Precious Gift?  What do you think?

  • Jo

    This charm is so lovely! I am in the uk, so am wondering if you know if the pink version which is coming in march/April next year will have the little tag on it? As for me that’s what makes it so special. I love dangleys x

    • Leann

      I was wondering the same. Can’t really tell from the angel of the shot though :(.

  • Ammerline Lam Sze Yi

    this is such a lovely charm!! how i wish Singapore has it too 🙁

    • LaShonda

      Many people bought extra so I’m sure they’ll be out on ebay soon enough!

    • Marisela

      Yes, you can find them on ebay already. And the prices are soaring! I also read on that the individual is sold out.

      • Endangered Trolls

        Just to clarify, I said it was sold out at Pandora Mall of America 🙂 Not sold out everywhere 🙂

        I’ve absolutely no idea of what Pandora’s stock levels or sales have been like 🙂

      • Marisela

        My mistake! Sorry, thank you for the clarification!
        But on the other hand, there are quite a few available at ebay. For those who couldn’t get one on a nearby store, or don’t live in USA.

  • Wendy

    Me and BFF got ours today!!

  • Joy

    Do you know of any pandora locations that still carry last years BFC that I can order from?

    • myla

      Hi Joy, so I was looking for one myself and found it at and I confirmed it as one of the authorized online retailers. I just ordered one myself and waiting for its arrival 🙂 Good Luck

      • Joy

        Wow thank you so much! I’ll definitely will be snagging one from here 🙂

  • Tornadogirl

    Well dangit! I was not even remotely interested in getting this bead ’cause it had no date…but it is kinda cute in person….hmmmmmm….. 😉

    • Ashley

      I know what you mean Tornadogirl!! 🙂 As soon as I seen the charm and the two “star” clips all set on a bracelet, I knew I had to have it. BUT, I agree I still think it would have put this charm ‘over the top’ if it would have had 2012 on it! This particular charm just looks better in person than online…dunno why?

  • Jan

    The charm is so lovely… jealous much 🙁 how come we don’t have such sale here in UAE

    • Leann

      Black Friday is tradition in the US and Pandora wanted to do something special for the biggest shopping day of the year, so that’s why it’s not available in other countries. 🙁

  • nelia almeida

    thanks for the info was able to order one from perrywinkles in plattsburgh, new york and now will go across the border to pick it up on saturday and also get the ornament promo too …yay so excited
    thanks so much for the info

  • Angela

    I am happy that so many of you ladies like the charm, as even though I bought it only as a continuation of the BF theme ,I a not impressed. I dared to hope and expect that Pandora would have made it larger so that it would not so closely resemble the original gift box or the one to come in the Spring. That it has the little hang tag was a nice touch.
    It appears that the recurring theme with the Pandora Black Friday charm is that it will just be a remake of a selected charm from the collection.Don’t expect anything special or creative it’s just a charm like any other. There is so much more that Pandora could have done to make this a really special charm. Even though I hoped to like the charm I am feeling so deflated, even after playing with it a bit .. there it sits boxed up, in the Jewelry store bag waiting for me to decide if it will be returned or not.
    IMO the Pandora jewelry box , especially since there is no other charm like it, Would have been a better BF charm. The date could have been placed on bottom. Oh well off to the next bead .

    Leann, on Friday the Troll Tree charm that you had featured a few weeks back arrived in the post. I adore it, a wonderful end to my day of bead shopping. Did not play with it as thats one from Hubby and I regretfully had to hand it over till Christmas.

    • Leann

      It’s so funny that the “exclusivity” makes it more special for me. I hear it’s selling out in stores, so maybe it’ll actually be exclusive this year! 🙂 I’m so glad you like the Troll Tree, isn’t it delightful?

  • Jan

    hi! just would like to ask how much is BFC there in US? I thinking of buying it online 🙂


  • Jennifer

    Well, much to my surprise, my local Pandora concept store still had the individual Black Friday charms today! I kept telling myself I wouldn’t be spending any money today, because surely they would be out of stock…but there they were! 🙂 They do not do mail order, but if anyone is close to the Hudson Valley of New York – the Galleria at Crystal Run still had them!

    • Leann

      Yay! How do you like it?

      • Jennifer

        After trying to talk myself out of buying it, I have to say that I really like it! I love the touch of color with the enamel on the bow, and since I prefer bold colors, the Spring pink gift charm would not work well for me. I also love the tag on this charm, it is very cute!!

  • samantha

    Ive got my precious gift already for christmas. Its a lovely charm, cant wait to add it to my bracelet.

    • Leann

      You won’t be disappointed, Samantha :).