UK inspired charms available for sale!

Courtesy of Donna Walters


The UK charms will be available for sale on Perlen starting June 1st ;)!

Ever since news leaked (and Pandora confirmed) the release of the UK inspired charms a few months ago, many of us Pandora addicts have been eagerly anticipating the release of these charms!  While Pandora initially indicated that these would be released in July, yesterday UK webshops began sales for these three charms, ready to be shipped immediately (stock photos courtesy of John Greed Jewellery).  The limited edition 2012 Olympic medal has already sold out!

In the past month or so, there have been a slow trickling of these charms made available for sale.  A special shipment of the swirls Murano appeared at the Perlen shop about a month ago and was sold out within minutes (well before I woke up for the day :/).  And the picture you see on the left, were purchased on a Virgin flight to the UK a few weeks back.

Our friend over at Endangered Trolls was one of the lucky ones to snag the Murano off Perlen when they appeared suddenly a month ago and she’s done a fabulous review.  These Muranos do indeed look huge compared to the regular ones!  We, in the US, will be getting the Muranos for the 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day (is the irony that these are the UK inspired charms lost on anyone?), but the double decker bus and medal will not be available for sale in the States.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these myself!


  • shirley

    hi i managed to get a swirl murano from perlen too , got the other 2 from John Greed last night , limited ones sold out but still some of the other bus and murano left :)

  • Diane

    How do you get the bus if you are in US? I put it in my cart at John Greed, then went to check out and said it was unavailable for my area!

  • inkypaws

    I’m in the US also and it said the same to me. Tried to go back in and re do order, then it wouldn’t even let me add the bead to my shopping cart. I really really want the bus charm.

  • Leann

    John Greed and other authorized UK retailers are not allowed to ship outside the country :(.

  • me

    Hi ladies,
    Check out
    I am pretty sure that they will have the charms very soon and they have an amazing service!!! Really worth trying!And they do have lovely Gift with Purchases!