Two-tone bracelet finished

pandora-two-tone-braceletI had some time this morning and thought I’d share my memories from my two-tone bracelet that I just completed, with the help of my husband’s lovely Valentine’s day present.

I got my two-tone bracelet back at the end of November from a promotion (buy the necklace, get the matching bracelet for free) and since I had known about the promo beforehand, I started collecting two-tone charms in anticipation of actually getting the bracelet.  I’d stayed away from getting two-tone charms before that because the prices just start climbing higher and higher.  But now I’ve started, it’s doesn’t seem so bad anymore, I wonder why…?  Lol!

The bracelet is a 7.1 in. but I think for my next ones (hello, bracelet promo!) I’m going to move up to the 7.5.  I usually prefer the feel of having a tight bracelet because I don’t like it when it slides down to my hand, but I really like the look of a loose bracelet now after seeing everyone’s.  I’m willing to experiment ;).

  • Pamela Percoco Fortman

    I like your 2 tone bracelet design…I am contemplating starting one myself and have already designed what I think on want on it. I would really like to get the bracelet with the gold clasp and am going to see if I can upgrade during the free bracelet promo. Have to see if my sales person will work with me. Have a great time on the cruise…I live in Miami but couldn’t find someone to go with so……..sniff, sniff.

  • Mary Jean

    Leann, I loved your video, and your beautiful two tone. I also have the 7.1 and was “finished” with my two tone, but it is snug, and luckily I had a leftover 7.5 from the Sept. promo, swapped it, and I love it. I now have room for a few more two tones. I can’t wait to get the dragonfly and I want the I Love You for my bday. I am getting the heart safety for the March promo, and another 7.5 blet for my silver charms. I sold one of my 7.1’s but my other I will keep to start a new bracelet. I like the smaller size with less beads. I cannot wait to see what you get during the cruise, and I hope you are able to update with all of the fun and happenings!! I am thrilled that you are going!!!

    • Leann

      Thank you so much, Mary Jean! I will definitely keep everyone updated ;).