100 Best Selling Charms Part 1 (#90-100)

With the arrival of the new spring/summer collection, I thought it would be fun to share a list of the current 100 most popular charms that I was sent from a charms addict!  Since it’s much more interesting with pictures, I’m breaking it up and doing a countdown of the top charms by 10s for this series.  This list does not include the new collection or retired beads.

Probably unsurprisingly the top 3 best sellers are the sterling silver barrel bracelets, in varying lengths.  So I’m going to focus on the charms, and start with number 90-100 for this first post.

100.  Lime green oval lights – this has got to be one of my favorite charms.  I originally bought it for my lime green bracelet, and loved it so much that at one point I had 3 of them.  I was going to use two on a necklace, but I just couldn’t bring myself to have so many of the same charm so I ended up trading it in for a couple other oval lights (I just love all the sparklies!).

99.  Pink CZ breast cancer ribbon – this is one of the charity beads released in support of Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Pandora has pledged a minimum commitment of $1 million to Susan G. Komen for the Cure from February 2011 through January 2013 with a portion of the proceeds from select charms going towards supporting the fight against breast cancer.

98.  Blue CZ trinity spacer – I recently just got this one with the bracelet promo for my blue bracelet.  It’s the same blue as the BPP, blue oval lights, blue bubbles, and blue pond.  These trinity spacers, while quite substantial for a spacer, do not have threads in them.

97.  Teal flowers for you – I really love the ‘flowers for you’ collection of Muranos.  They come great colors and I have a soft spot for flower-themed charms.  There are two teal-ish colored Muranos flowers for you and I have both on my teal bracelet.  They complement each other so well.

96.  Red bubbles – these came out last fall with the Dash of Rock fall/winter 2011 release.  Lots of colors are available in the bubbles collection and I need this one for the red bracelet I’ve just started with the Chinese New Year charms.  As red is a lucky color in Chinese culture, this is perfect for that bracelet!  I can’t wait to get it.

95.  Heart row spacer – Pandora offers lots of heart-themed charms so for lovers of hearts, this spacer provides a great accent on the bracelet.  I like to use spacer to fill in the gaps where there is a bit of space but not enough room for a full charm. This one is also not wide enough to have the threads, so you can slide it right on.

94.  Green captivating – to me this looks teal colored and not green.  The underlying glass is the same color as the teal flowers for you, so I matched these two up together on my teal bracelet.  I’m quite impressed at how many teal colored charms Pandora has that I was actually able to find enough to fill a bracelet.

93.  Pink bubbles – from what I’ve seen, pink is a very popular charm color!  It’s actually the only colored bracelet I don’t have planned yet, lol.  I really like all the Muranos in the bubbles collection; the colors of the glass are so deep and the bubbles on top are like a pastel creamy color.

92.  Study books – I love reading and it was literally my first hobby so I really liked this charm when I first saw it!  Then I realized that it was textbooks and wasn’t so excited because while I enjoy reading for fun, it was not fun to read for school.  But when I started my alma mater themed bracelet, I knew this was a must!

91. Forever Together scroll – this charm is perfect to commemorate that special someone and actually has enough flat surface on the back to be engraved on, which is great if you want to etch a date or name on it.  It is quite wide so takes up a bit more space on a bracelet, but I’m sure it’s well worth it.

90.  Alpha letter S – the sterling silver alphabet charms are a great way to spell a name or initials.  These provides great flexibility in representing your unforgettable moment. This isn’t the only letter on the list so keep your eye out in our upcoming posts!

  • Heather H

    Great list! Can’t wait to see the rest. I have forever together scroll on my you and me bracelet. It is being engraved with our anniversary date. ;). And I love the teal. Thinking of getting it in the future.

  • Joyce

    Interesting…I’m looking forward to the rest of the list…thanks Leann.:)

  • Lisa S

    I asked for the textbooks for my college graduation! It’s kind of a joke because all I did in college was study, haha.