More pictures of the new Asia exclusive Pandora charms

I wanted to write a quick update to share a few more photos of the new Asian country exclusive charms that Pandora is releasing this week. My post yesterday has a bit of background on the new pieces and what they mean/why they are significant.  Here’s some close-up pictures of the hong bao and dragon charm:

The Dragon Dangle looks amazing! I really like how it’s in an S-shape; it shows off some great details with the little dragon claws and fins on it’s back. Very nice sculpting!  As you can tell, the Chinese dragon looks more like a serpent than the Anglo-Saxon dragons of yore, so this is stylistically correct.

Fortune bag and dragon dangles in silver, gold, and two-tone
Courtesy of Hyunin C. Chung

And finally a Pandora fan posted an official-style photo of all 4 charms from the Chinese New Year exclusive set (silver and gold Fortune Bag, and silver and two-tone Dragon Dangle). The two-tone dragon looks so good! I don’t usually get two-tone pieces due to the costs but I might have to make an exception for the two-tone Dragon Dangle. He just looks so much better in gold!

I’m super excited, but I wish they made these easier to get :(. I’ve been trying to find someone in China to help me get some of these but it’s been tough going. I know Leann had spent a good part of yesterday calling around to friends and family to try and get a hookup. Has anyone else out there managed to score one? If so we’d love to hear about it in the replies/Facebook comments!

  • Christine

    I have both of these charms in silver and they are SO PRETTY! I actually think (after having seen them with my own two eyes) that the silver looks better then the two-tone gold/silver ones.

    • Leann

      Lucky lady! I was able to track down the money bag, but not the dragon yet :/. Knowing the price, I think the silver is more attractive too! Haha!

  • Hyunin C. Chung

    I made the bottom picture :)

    • Leann

      Oh wow, Hyunin! I thought that was an official Pandora stock photography. I hope you don’t mind that I used it? I’ll credit you of course ;).

  • Ann

    I think it would look better with the dragon curled around a bead.

  • Stacie N Brenskelle

    I found one on Ebay. Its weird I thought it was the year of the snake? I’m so confused now. :(

    • Leann

      Stacie, this is the one for last year – it was the dragon.

  • Jessica Horsman

    Just bought both the dragon and the bag :) Love them!

    • Leann

      They’re wonderful! I love the hong bao ;). I need all the good fortune I can get!

  • Joann Mason

    Australia must be the last to get Pandora goodies! We still have the dragon pendant charm and hong bao charm for sale here! :o)

    • Leann

      Wow, that’s great! A few other countries seem to have picked them up too.