100 Best Selling Charms Part 9 (#10-19)

There are quite a few surprises for me in this list!  I would never have guessed that some of the more seasonal charms would be this high the top 100 best selling Pandora charms list :).  After this post will be the grand finale that everyone has been waiting for — the top 10 best sellers!  Will there be big surprises there too?

19.  Doghouse – I think this charm is so cute and represents my little fur baby, especially since there’s a red heart on the back.  I do wish Pandora would do a line of dog breeds since this doggie looks nothing like my Westie.

18.  Aqua snowflake – this is one of the surprises I was talking about, I guess I’m not very into the holiday themed charms so this is one I haven’t really thought about getting, but it would go great with a winter wonderland bracelet.

17. I love you – one of the few two-toned charms to make it on this list!  I really like this charm and I think it’s a wonderful present to give and get from your loved one.  My husband gave it to me after some heavy hinting; this was one charm I wasn’t going to buy for myself, lol!

16.  CZ cross – this charm reminds me of the show, GCB on ABC.  I love how this brings a bit of bling to the faith.


15.  Flower clip – this was my first clip and I still love it!  I’ve got it on my lime-green bracelet (my first bracelet) and it still makes smile.  I loved these so much, I even got a pair for my mom when I started her bracelet.

14.  Snowman – another holiday charm and it’s so high on the bestsellers list!  Great for a Christmas or winter themed bracelet and matches well with the snowflake charm.


13.  Cupcake – one of my favorite treats!  All the great taste of cake but with fewer calories.  There’s some great cupcake shops in town and I always manage to stop by after dinner out.


12.  Forget me knot – this charm reminds me of a celtic knot and I really like it.  I’ve got this one on my teal bracelet and the intricate details are just so cool.


11.  Love me (mother of pearl) – I didn’t know the name of this charm and it’s one of the most popular ones, lol.  I have this one on my crystal/silver bracelet and I love the iridescence.  One thing I am worried about is that I’ve seen some ladies’ hearts have fallen off of the charm.  I hope that doesn’t happen to mine!

10.  Crazy clip – at first this didn’t catch my eye at all, but the more I saw it, the more it grew on me.  I have this set on my red/Asian/family bracelet and it’s a bit more bulky than the other clips.  I wonder why it’s called “crazy”?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002553756375 Trish T. Pandora

    I have the crazy clips on one of my relationship bracelets…. it fits in well! LOL! And I too had to HINT STRONGLY to my husband to get me the I <3 U cube. It's one you just can't buy for yourself! Love your articles and posts (as always)!!!

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      You crack me up, Trish! Thanks :D.

  • Pandorian

    Mother of Pearl is my favourite charm. The falling out heart issue…Please do not put this charm in water…it makes the hearts fall out…Repeat do NOT put that charm water.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Great tip, thanks!