100 Best Selling Charms Part 8 (#20-29)

I’m glad to see some of my favorite charms are in this set, which means they are also popular all over the country.  Have you found that your favorite charms have been featured in this series?


29.  Turtle – I’ve never had a particular affinity for turtles, but I think this charm is so cute!  Recently, I’ve found that I had quite a few of the animal charms and it makes me want to get them all, lol.  I just might have to do another animal theme bracelet at some point ;).

28.  Pink ribbon enamel – this charm was created to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the organization.  One of the most important female causes, this charm helps support women with breast cancer.

27.  Leather cord (100 cm) – while this isn’t a charm, it’s also not a bracelet so I decided to leave it in :).  I’m surprised at how popular the leather cord is, I know Pandora recently retired some of the color cords.  I wasn’t interested in this at all until the Pandora cruise where I saw some of the ladies with really cool creations using this and I got one for myself!  Currently I have all my pale green Muranos and some other charms on it.  It’s very versatile and I’m loving it!

26.  Lotsa love – another heart themed charm, it’s completely silver and looks very similar to the Red Hot Love charm (which has red enamel hearts instead of silver).


25.  Sunburst clips – these are at a great price for being a two-tone clip.  I’ve just got one on my two-tone bracelet.  This also comes in an all silver version, called the starburst clips, which is kinda fun that they’re differently named.

24.  Rose enamel hearts – this charm comes in a few different variants; there’s also a grey matte enamel and the special Midnight Hearts black Friday charm.  The pink enamel is shimmery, and the same enamel is used for the other pink enamel hearts and the special UK heart dangle.

23.  Key to my heart – I really like this charm but I’ve always been hesitant to get it because the key dangle looks so long I’m afraid it’ll get snagged on something.  An all-silver version came out this season, and I think I’ll get that one at the lower price point :).

22.  Hope, Faith, Love – one of the simplest Pandora charms, and yet, one with so much meaning.  The anchor represents hope, the cross represents faith, and the heart represents love.  What a great charm!

21.  Clear primrose path – I just love this charm!!  Honestly, I love ALL the primrose paths.  The design is so dainty and pretty, and the stones are so sparkly!  I want to get all the primrose paths; which includes brown, orange, clear, and the highly coveted blue.

20.  Friends forever butterflies – this is my all time favorite charm and one of my first purchases.  I love how cute they are together and they make this fantastic tinkling sound on my bracelet.  These bring such a smile to my face.  I even got a set for my mom when I started her on her bracelet.  Love love love it!

  • inkypaws

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Smiles.

  • Gail

    I’m new to Pandora, having three charms- dangling girl and carriage, representing my new granddaughter(and first grandchild)’ expecting another in Sept., and the giraffe( I collect them.) love your website. How many bracelets and charms do you have? Looking forward to more posts.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Hi Gail! Thanks for sharing :), I’ve got too many bracelets, haha. Currently, I’ve got 4 completed bracelets and working on another 8 bracelets in various stages.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002977372919 Ewa Lalik

    Where are No. 1-20 LOL

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Tomorrow ;). I’ve been doing about one a week, so the top ten will be revealed next week!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211043649 Maggie Swan

    Hi, Leann, I luv your informative blogs, they are such an interesting read 🙂

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Thank you so much, Maggie :).