100 Best Selling Charms Part 7 (#30-39)

Just a few more charms until we get to the top 10!  Again, this is the bestselling charms in North America, not counting retired charms or the ones from the new collection (Floral Nostalgia).  While some of these pieces are super popular and make total sense, a few did surprise me with how high they were on the list.  As we get closer to the top 10 I’m sure there will be more unexpected charms that pop up.

So without further ado… on with the countdown:

39.  Pink tendril clips – I just got a pair of these!  I just recently decided on doing a pink themed bracelet because I got the UK exclusive pink enamel dangle.  I wanted to get one for my mother-in-law for mother’s day, then couldn’t resist and ordered 2 while I was at it.  Now I’ve got the blue and pink CZ clips for my blue and pink themed bracelet; I think they look very nice!

38.  Champagne tendril clips – this is the last variety for the tendril clips – they come in blue, pink, and champagne CZs and I can’t believe all three made the list!  They add just a dash of color and don’t take up too much space on the bracelet.  The clips don’t slide around the thread at all.

37.  Queen bee – I know this one is very popular; I see it on ladies’ bracelets all the time.  I love what it means and it totally represents me too!  But…I have to be honest…her legs sticking out just makes it look weird for me and I don’t like it :(.

36.  Sparkling CZ clip – this is another good all-purpose clip that fits snuggly.  I love how Pandora has so many clips now, and yet somehow it’s still not enough sometimes, lol.  I like to have matching clips on my bracelets, but otherwise, I don’t have any duplicate charms.

35.  Bible – this is perfect to represent the Christian and Catholic faiths, along with various cross dangles (two-tone, pink and blue CZ).  I always thought that this charm would be a good candidate for a two-tone upgrade — they could make the cross and the page edges gold to simulate gold leafing.  Maybe for a future collection!

34.  Girl – I was wondering if this one was going to be on the list!  We saw the other girl dangle lower in the list, so it seems that people prefer the bead style more than the dangles.


33.  Elephant – I really prefer this elephant more than the retired sideways elephant.  I think one important thing for me is that the sideways elephant took up too much bracelet real estate since it’s so wide.  I also love seeing the face and trunk on this “full-bodied” elephant.  I just recently got this charm and it’s hanging out on my African Safari bracelet, he’s perfect!

32.  Suitcase – I really wanted to get this in Cozumel while I was on the Pandora cruise, but unfortunately, none of the stores had it :(.  The charm has cute little details that are different on either side – it says “DK” (for Denmark) and a palm tree on one side and “PARIS” and the Eiffel Tower on the other.  Up until now, this charm was the closest to represent Paris/Eiffel Tower, but soon Pandora will be releasing the much awaited destination charms!

31.  Boy – while we saw that the girl and boy dangle were one after another further down on the list, it looks like the boy is more popular by a hair.  He’s a cute little guy!


30.  Christmas tree – this is pretty impressive for a holiday themed charm!  We saw Santa in further down on the list, and I’m surprised that this one is more popular than Santa to represent Christmas.  A fun little detail for this charm is that the bottom is engraved with criss-cross boards like a stand for the tree.  I love all the details that Pandora puts on these charms!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1800133673 Jill Blakley

    I hope I get the queen bee for Mother’s Day! I know what you mean though about the legs, I have the hedgehog and the little legs on that are kind of weird, too.