100 Best Selling Charms Part 6 (#40-49)

Alright!  Now we’re getting to the good stuff.  These are number 40-49 on the list of best selling charms.  I hope you ladies are enjoying this list!  It’s been quite interesting for me :).  I wonder how it’s going to change when they add in the new charms from Floral Nostalgia.

49.  Clear oval lights – I love my sparklies!  I just adore all the oval lights; I think eventually I’ll get them all (maybe with the exception of the fuchsia one).  I’ve got this on my clear crystal/silver bracelet which is coming along nicely.  It’s one I’ve been working on since the last bracelet promo (September/2011) and it’s taking a while, but it’s going to be worth it.

48.  Openworks swirls – apparently this is also called Ocean Breeze.  I have this one on my clear crystal/silver bracelet.  I wasn’t really into the openworks when they first came out earlier this year, but now I really like them!  They’re very useful too because I like to place mine over the threads at the end so that my beads won’t get stuck on the thread.  I love the designs as well and at the price point, what’s not to like?!

47.  Girl dangle – Pandora has a couple options when it comes to children, one is this dangle and the other is a full bodied little girl.  Both are great if you have a daughter or niece to represent.


46.  Boy dangle – same as the girl dangle, this one also comes in a full bodied little boy variety.  Perfect to represent your son or nephew.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they’re one after another on the list, but I kinda am!  Looks like people buy both equally.

45.  Alpha letter A – more letters on the list!  🙂



44.  Inner strength – this charm is actually more oxidized than it looks in this picture.  Along with the journey bead, this one is also a good way to remember any significant events or struggles.  I have this on my black/oxidized bracelet, which I started with my clear crystal/silver bracelet, which I’m also in the process of finishing.

43.  Alpha letter M – here’s another popular letter.



42.  Plain clip – one of the most basic clips, I haven’t gotten this one yet because I like the more elaborate styles but this is definitely a good clip to start out with.  Pandora has definitely gotten fancier with the designs for clips, especially with the Dash of Rock (Fall/Winter 2011) and Floral Nostalgia (Spring/Summer 2012) collections, which I particularly like.

41.  Blue tendril clip – I ended up getting this for my fairy tale bracelet because I couldn’t resist the blue CZs in this clip.  Originally I was going to pair the two-tone elemental clips for that bracelet, but I felt those were not feminine enough to go with the fairy tale theme.  It’s amazing how all the blue CZs are exactly the same shade; I love them!

40.  Sea shell – this is the two-tone variety, which I think is very darling because the gold starfish on the shell is a really nice accent.  In Floral Nostalgia Pandora released an all silver version of this popular charm.  The price is certainly better, but I feel that the detail is slightly lost without the gold accent.  I’ve got this one on my fairy tale bracelet as well because it reminds me of the Little Mermaid and I bought it on the Pandora Cruise so it has some extra special memories for me :).

  • Jeanette

    Would like to get the inner strength, but wished it wasn’t so oxidized. In the picture is looks so shiny, but in person it’s too dark. 🙁

    • Joyce

      Hi Jeanette, At first, my Inner Strength was quite dark. However…after a LOT of polishing…it’s lightened up quite a lot. Adds a lot of character to my bracelets.:)

  • Joyce

    Glad to see the Inner Strength charm among this list. It’s one of my favorites…not a real showstopper…but still a treasure to me.:) Thanks Leann!