100 Best Selling Charms Part 5 (#50-59)

We’re almost halfway there through the countdown!  In this installment, I’ll list numbers 50-59 on the list of 100 best selling charms today.  Again, this list excludes the retired beads and also the ones that were just released this season (Floral Nostalgia).  We’ve seen some real fun ones; I’ve found that I have quite a few of these, do you have a lot off these lists?

59.  Heart dangle – Pandora has got a lot of heart themed charms, and this is a prime example.  It’s very simple, elegant, and pretty.


58.  Red hearts – as I was saying, another one for you hearts lovers!



57.  Alpha letter J – J names are very popular for boys, so this is not surprisingly as many people use these letters as initials.


56.  Black swirls – I didn’t like the swirls at first because I didn’t think they were very eye catching, but they’ve grown on me!  They’re actually quite cool because the color is banded around the core and it’s clear glass on top with the “swirl” added to the top layer (does that make sense?).  They remind me of the candy cane and looking glass Muranos.

55.  “Red” daisy – this is actually pink enamel, but it’s named red daisy for the center of the daisy?  Lol, anyway, I’m not a huge fan of this one because I don’t think it’s very delicate and a bit heavy handed with the design.  But it’s nice if you like flowers and have a pink themed bracelet.

54.  Green four leaf clover – this also comes in a red enamel version, and was one of my first charms because I thought it was getting retired soon but it wasn’t, lol.  I got it because I love green, but it didn’t fit with my other lime-green Muranos so I ended up having it as a centerpiece on my green cord bracelet.  It’s perfect for St. Paddy’s day.

53.  Baby carriage – or also called the pram.  This one is super cute!  I don’t have kids yet, but when we do, this’ll have to be one of the first charms I get ;).  It’s a good thing strollers aren’t this big anymore, lol.  Lots of moms out there, so not a surprise that this charm would make it onto the list.

52.  Graduation hat – I’m really loving mine.  It’s so cute and represents a lot of accomplishments for me; I’ve got this one as the centerpiece on my alma mater bracelet (rightly so!).  I’m not sure why I hadn’t bought it before, but I guess I didn’t have a place for it until I came up with the bracelet idea.

51.  Blue bubbles – this one is certainly on my list!  It’s a very deep blue color, similar to the blue ribbon Murano and I still need one for my fairy tale bracelet to balance out the blue ribbon Murano.


50.  Sleigh – since this is a holiday/seasonal charm, I’m quite surprised that it’s placed so high on this list!  I guess everyone loves presents, lol, especially when they’re Pandora.