100 Best Selling Charms Part 3 (#70-79)

Continuing our countdown of Pandora’s bestselling charms, here I’ll go through number 70-79.

79.  CZ puffy heart – as I’ve said before, Pandora has a ton of heart-themed charms and this one has a little extra bling with the CZ in the center.  It’s a clear CZ though, so can accommodate many different themes.

78.  Silver stiletto – this charm also comes in the two-tone variety, and I still need it for my fairy-tale themed bracelet as a symbol for Cinderella (my favorite Disney movie).  This one has dual meanings for me as I LOVE to buy shoes!  Which was a much more robust part of my budget before I started collecting Pandora ;).

77.  Aqua hearts – I have to be honest, these aren’t my favorite Muranos.  I’ve got the green one from this set, but since I’m not a big fan of hearts it doesn’t ring my bell.


76.  Purple captivating – the captivating collection is interesting in that the color on top of the bead is different than the glass itself, to the point where it really obscures the underlying color.  These are great if you want to do a dual color themed bracelet, e.g. pink and purple with this Murano.

75.  Santa – with Christmas being such a holiday, it’s not a surprise that this little guy is a top seller!  During the holidays, I saw a lot of ladies with the Santa charm on their bracelets.  If you have this charm, do you keep him on a special holiday bracelet or have him on year round?

74.  Openworks wildflower walk – my first openworks charm!  I remember this one coming out earlier in the year and knew that I had to get it.  At such a great price point, what’s not to love?  I’ve got this one on my oxidized bracelet that I’ve been working since last November (must be a record for me!).

73.  Pink oval lights – I wonder if all the oval lights are on this list ;).  A great accent piece with sparkle.


72.  Sunshine – this is a really cute charm and represents something we don’t get a lot of here in Seattle!  I’ve got Mr. Sunshine on my wishlist to add to my alma mater bracelet since UW’s mascot used to be called the Sun Dodgers, but they thought it didn’t inspire respect so changed it to the fierce Huskies.  Gee, I wonder why.

71.  Purple bubbles – the deep purple of this bead is perfect for my alma mater bracelet!  It’s got that royal deep purple color to it which is so striking.  I really like the bubbles collection as there are so many colors to choose from!  I’ve got a fair number of these.

70.  Best friends scroll – Pandora is wonderful in that it’s something that can be shared whether it’s with your friends or family.  As with the other scrolls, this one has enough surface area on the back that you can engrave a name or date in it.

  • Addie

    This is such a great idea! I like all your input on each charm! 🙂

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Thank you so much, Addie! I’m glad you’re enjoying it :).