100 Best Selling Charms Part 10 (#1-9)

We’re finally at the end of the series!  I think there are some really interesting charms on this list, some surprising, some not.  There are a lot of clips in the top 9, but I guess that only makes sense because those are usually the first purchases you make when you get a bracelet; and if other people are like me, I get the same 2 clips for a bracelet which adds up to them being in the top 9.  Again, these are just the 100 bestselling charms in North America, excluding retired charms and the new ones from Floral Nostalgia.

9.  Angel of hope – has a lot of symbolism, it could represent your guardian angel, someone you’ve lost, someone you love.  I’ve seen a couple really cool alterations where the ladies have added a gold halo to this little guy.  There’s also a 14K gold version as well, but very spendy!

8.  Smooth heart – my dad got this one for me and it’s very simple and elegant.  This charm is also excellent for engraving; I’ve seen people engrave MOM or DAD; a shop in NYC has actually engraved this charm with a starburst to represent cancer survival.  There are a lot of variations on the heart as well, there’s one with pink CZ and clear CZ, and the royal wedding charm with blue spinel.  Very cute!

7.  Sunburst clip – I thought that the all silver one would be called starburst, my mistake!  The two-tone sunburst was listed further down on the list; I still think it should be called starburst ;).  These are the only clips I haven’t gotten yet, but I definitely need a couple – they’ll be perfect for my new nautical/turquoise themed bracelet.

6.  Present – I thought this was a Holiday themed charm, but I guess everybody loves presents!  Giving them and getting them, especially when they’re Pandora presents.  This charm is a good gift for holidays, birthdays, and all different occasions!  What would be really cool is if there was a two-tone version with gold ribbon.

5.  Beveled clip – I have these on my alma mater/purple and yellow bracelet and I really love them!  At first they didn’t catch my eye at all, but my sales lady has them on her bracelet and their simple elegance just really drew me in.


4.  MOM charm – can I say I’m really surprised this one is in the top 9?  I actually haven’t seen it on a lot of ladies’ bracelets, but of course I agree with the sentiment!  This charm just didn’t really appeal to me mostly because of the salmon CZs; I wish the color was more neutral.  This charm was part of the Cherished Mother giftset for Mother’s Day 2012.

3.  Ribbed clip – this is another clip that didn’t really scream at me, at first, but I’m really liking them.  Again, there’s a simplicity there that doesn’t take away from the other charms.  I’ve got this pair on my African safari/brown bracelet and they’re getting along quite well.

2.  Everlasting love – since the next one is a clip, we can consider this the top charm!  I think this one looks much better in person.  Great for any occasion, or just to say I love you.  I don’t have this one, but maybe one day.


1.  S clip – these were my second set of clips!  I got them for my teal bracelet, and they’re great.  I love the oxidation and all those squiggles look really cool.  I cannot believe how many cilps were on this list, especially in the top.  I’ve almost got all the clips now (except the gold of course!), and hoping there are more in production for the next release.

I hope you all have enjoyed this series!  It was a lot of fun to do and I found quite a few of my favorite charms on the list.  I’ll be doing a recap of my favorites from the list next.  Which ones were your favorites?

  • Caroline Jones

    I have really enjoyed reading this blog, I have learned that I’m not very original as I have the most popular stuff!!!

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Aww, thanks, Caroline! The wonderful thing about Pandora is that every bracelet is unique because you choose your charms, and everyone’s is different ;).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507275774 Lucy Willis

    After looking through the top 100 lists I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to go to Pandora rehab! Thanks for the fun blog 🙂

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      I definitely need to go, Lucy! 😀

  • Lauren

    Thanks so much for these great series, Leann. I”m fairly new to Pandora so I really enjoyed learning of all of these charms. I recently got the S clips and I love them. They look so much prettier in person. Regarding the Everlasting Love charm, is that a spacer or a regular threaded charm?

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Hi Lauren, it’s a regular threaded charm. 🙂

  • Janet

    I found your favorite charms list very interesting. Loved all your comments too Leann. Thanks for doing a great Pandora blog! Janet PS Please save me a spot in rehab. : )

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Thanks, Janet! I bet if there was a rehab, it’s be full, lol.

  • Janet

    I am pretty new to Pandora collecting…started my first bracelet just last month and have started a second this month but out of this top ten list I have to say that I adore the ribbed clips!…they are so petite and simple!