Introducing Endless Jewelry


There’s been a huge new brand that has exploded into the charm jewelry industry in the past year or so and that’s Endless!  I’ve had many inquiries regarding this companies and I’m excited to be introducing their concept here today.  I’ve actually discussed this line before in connection with Christina Watches, so it’s not completely unfamiliar to […]

Chamilia Season 1 2015 Music Charms


We’re almost at the end of the first quarter for the year and today I’ve got my last review from the Chamilia Season 1 2015 Collection.  This release has an assortment of themes beyond the typical Valentine’s Day love motifs.  I was most taken with the music charms that came out and I’m excited to […]

Trollbeads Ultimate Exchange Program


Trollbeads is offering an exciting promotion for new fans called the Ultimate Exchange Program!  For a limited time, they are giving away a free Trollbeads chain and basic lock with the exchange of any Pandora or Chamilia bracelet.  Only certain retailers are participating and the two Concept stores are part of the program.  You can call […]

Waxing Poetic Personal Vocabulary Review


From the recent Waxing Poetic Spring 2015 Collection, I was immediately drawn to their new line of charms called Personal Vocabulary.  This brand is known for their boho chic aesthetic and accent dangles.  Most of their charms are two-tone and made with sterling silver with brass accents.  I was delighted to get a number of […]

Ohm Beads One World Preview


Ohm Beads is coming out with two new designs for next month; one being the Crown of Thorns and the second is One World which both will be released on April 2nd. I previewed Crown of Thorns a couple weeks ago and tonight we’ve got a sneak peek at the One World dangle.  This design is […]

Alex Cramariuc 4 Elements Collection


Alex Cramariuc just introduced a new collection called 4 Elements to his line, ACA Kreations featuring earth, wind, air, and fire. He’s one of my favorite artisans and his designs never disappoint!  These charms are based on a set he was commissioned to do last year for a blind client so they focus on textile sensation […]

Trollbeads Easter 2015 Collection Debut


It’s the first day of spring and Trollbeads is launching their Easter 2015 Collection today!  This release includes a fabulous set of dragon themed pieces, including a Dragon Egg, Easter Dragon, and Dragon lock, and the Daffodil Tassel.  It’s a departure from the traditional Easter theme except perhaps for the egg part of the Dragon Egg […]

*redbalifrog* Gypsy Easter Collection

The newest *redbalifrog* collection releases today called Gypsy Easter!  It’s an absolutely beautiful set which includes 6 charms, a pendant, and another bracelet style.  The pieces are named: Calla Lily, Easter Bunny Egg, Gypsy Crystal Ball, Peace Sign of Twigs, Peacock Wrapped Feathers, Tiger Eye, Peace Flower Pendant, and Leather Strap Bracelets.  This is probably […]

Pandora March 2015 Free Bracelet Promo Starts


Pandora is kicking off their semi-annual free bracelet promotion today for the US and Canada with more options than ever! From March 19th – 22nd, receive a free sterling silver bracelet with the purchase of $100USD. For $500USD, you can get a two-tone bracelet or even an all-gold bracelet with a $3000USD spend. The offer includes […]

X Jewellery Spring 2015 Collection Preview


Most fans know this brand as X by Trollbeads but recently the line has been changed to X Jewellery, which for all intents and purposes has little effect other than in their future marketing campaigns. Today we’ve got a preview of their newest release and information for an upcoming promotion! The X Jewellery Spring 2015 Collection will debut […]

Ohm Beads Dark Shadows Collection Re-release


The Ohm Beads Dark Shadows Collection has been an incredibly popular release and today we’ve got details regarding a revamping of this set!  The Dark Shadows Collection debuted for Halloween in 2013 and received much acclaim from fans.  This was the first time the brand offered black ruthenium plated charms which worked perfectly for the […]

Persona Spring 2015 Collection – Dreamland


Persona is launching their latest collection for spring 2015 called Dreamland.  As is fitting for the time of year, this release focuses on the beauty of the season with gentle pastels, wonderful flora and fauna, and a few fun outdoor activities beads.  As is typical for this brand, these charms combine a number of different […]