Pandora Autumn 2015 Free Charm Promotion (US and Canada)


Now that the Pandora Autumn 2015 Collection has debuted, many of us are eager for the semi-annual free bracelet event.  This year is quite different though and in place of the bracelet GWP, Pandora is offering a free charm worth up to $65USD ($75CAD) with any purchase of $100USD ($125CAD) from September 17th to 20th.  Unfortunately, Pandora […]

Ohm Beads Death Barrels 2015 Review


My favorite glass collection from Ohm Beads last year was the surprise release of the Death Barrels.  So I was highly anticipating this year’s Ohm’s Death Barrels and they did not disappoint!  There are 6 beads in this collection called: Rolled Over, Tropical Fever, Toxic Pox, Poisoned Apple, Zombie Attack, and Strangulation Veil.  It’s a fabulous […]

Pandora Autumn 2015 Collection Release


Today is the official debut of the Pandora Autumn 2015 Collection!  This includes the Pandora Rose Autumn 2015 Collection and the Pandora Essence Autumn 2015 Collection as well in select markets.  It’s a very strange collection this season as there are tons of charms that are only coming out in certain countries.  This is (hopefully) a […]

Pandora Black Friday 2015 Sneak Peek


As I was finishing up my article for the Pandora Autumn 2015 Collection release for today, I noticed that Pandora inadvertently released a photo of the Black Friday 2015 charm! It is a two-tone pavé snowglobe called Wonderland and will retail for $75USD. It will be an exclusive and limited edition for North America, only […]

X Jewellery Autumn 2015 Promotion


I’ve got news about a fabulous offer from X Jewellery that will start on September 1st!  This is the exact same promotion held last year which will be available for the entire month of September – purchase a lock and receive 18 rubber links free.  You’ll have a choice of color from the traditional black […]

Pandora Sale on Rue La La


  Pandora is on Rue La La again today! It just kicked off and will be open for 4 days, closing on August 29th.  The items on sale include charms, rings, earrings, and pendants, but it looks like mostly the same things as the past few times.  If you’re not familiar with this website, they offer designer […]

Trollbeads Autumn 2015 Campaign and Prices


The Trollbeads Autumn 2015 release is getting closer and retailers have received their stocks already!  Today’s post takes a look at a few of the campaign shots from the collection, the prices, and ordering links available.  The set is called Mystic Nature and from the brochure pictures, they have certainly taken inspiration from that name.  […]

Ohm Beads LE Black Sheep Review


This month’s Ohm Bead of the Month Black Sheep is selling out fast and before they’re all gone, I wanted to feature it here.  It’s already sold out from the official website, but still may be available from some retailers.  Only 555 were made, as part of its extremely limited edition status, and it’s proven […]

Kathy Perras’ Silver Uniques


Kathy Perras has been busy over the summer and she’s created a brand new collection for her shop.  She is one of my favorite artisan glass designers and she’s constantly innovating and improving her craft.  Today, I’m honored to feature her Silver Uniques; these are a wide range of colors and patterns so can be truly called unique […]

Ohm Beads Special Edition Love Quote


Rounding off a big day of previews is a look at the special Love Quote charm from Ohm Beads.  This brand really takes care of their retailers and fans as we’re all part of the Ohmily.  Love Quote is designed specifically for Charms Life, an authorized retailer, and will be launched on September 4th, along […]

Ohm Beads September BOTM – Argh


The Ohm Beads Bead of the Month designs have been a hit and their limited edition status only increases their desirability.  In September, Ohm is celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day for the third year in a row and they’re releasing a Bead of the Month pirate themed charm called Argh.  This will also be debuting […]

Ohm Beads Sacred Geohmetry Preview


The next major release for Ohm Beads is scheduled for September 4th, and includes Sacred Geohmetry and a couple other special designs (more on that soon).  This is a collection of various shapes in various sizes.  There are 5 shapes including: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron.  Since there is a size difference, the prices are […]