Pandora Free Bracelet Promo (Spring 2017)


Pandora released their Spring 2017 Collection last week, and today they’re starting their semi-annual bracelet promotion!  From March 23rd – 26th, receive a free bracelet ($65 value) with any purchase of $125USD.  If you want to upgrade the bracelet to a different style, it will be $65 credit towards that other bracelet. The guidance is 3 bracelets per customer, and in addition, you can get a two-tone bracelet with a

Trollbeads Spring 2017 Free Bracelet Event


Trollbeads is hosting one of their most popular promotions right now!  From March 13-19, receive a free bracelet with the purchase of any decorative lock.  This is a great time to get that clasp on your wish list or if you just need another bracelet.  It is one of my favorite deals and I can’t resist picking up a few of the new locks.  It is available in stores and

Trollbeads People’s Bead 2017 Contest Starts


Trollbeads kicked off their annual bead design competition on Monday (March 13th) and this year’s theme is called My Happy Bead.  You are invited to create and submit your charm idea online through April 3rd.  Trollbeads is doing something different for this contest – for the first time, they are opening up the judging portion to fans worldwide.  When you register on the People’s Bead website, you can choose to enter

Pandora Spring 2017 Collection Complete Look


The Pandora Spring 2017 Collection debuts this Thursday, March 16th, so I know this is a late preview but I’m excited to share HQ pictures of all the designs coming out soon.  The spring collection is one of the biggest releases of the year, and this one features more jewelry than usual.  There’s the typical floral and love motifs, so not many surprises in this collection. Pink and purple has been the

Pandora Essence Spring 2017 Collection


The Pandora Essence Collection is coming out with new designs for this season and it will debut with the rest of the Spring 2017 Collection.  It will be available on March 16th, so not much longer now!  I’m so glad to see this line expanding as I really like this dainty style. There’s not a lot of new beads in this release but it is a fun set nonetheless.  I especially

Ohm Beads March 2017 Releases


For this month, Ohm Beads had another big release at the beginning of March.  It includes the Bead of the Month Bunny Reaper, another limited edition charm Woodstock along with a regular set of accompanying dangles, and a couple of single designs called Dirty Laundry and Ohm Jar.  It’s a really fun collection as we’re gearing up for spring! The Bunny Reaper is a grisly yet still adorable take on

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Collection Preview


In addition to the Disney Parks exclusive charms, Pandora also has a few new designs coming out with their main Spring 2017 Collection.  This set will debut on March 16th, and will be available at regular retailers.  It’s great that Disney is finally focusing on characters other than Mickey & Minnie, so this collection includes Donald, Daisy, Winnie the Pooh, Tinker Bell, and Beauty & the Beast. Likely to coincide with

Trollbeads Feel Good Starter Bracelet Preview


Trollbeads always keeps things fresh and this spring they will be offering another fabulous starter bracelet set called Feel Good.  It is coming out on April 7th and will be available online and in stores.  These bracelets are great for newcomers and collectors alike since it features 2 new beads and a brand new lock.  These photos are courtesy of Trollbeads, please do not reproduce without crediting. The glass is

Pandora Disney Parks Exclusives Spring 2017 Sneak Peek


Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated lines from Pandora is their Disney Collection and nothing is more exciting than having a look at the upcoming Disney Parks Exclusive charms!  For Spring 2017, most of these designs should be coming out around the same time as the regular release around March 16th, but it’s not a hard date. I love all things Mickey and Minnie, so I adore the new enamel Ear

Trollbeads Mother’s Day 2017 Collection


Since the UK celebrates Mother’s Day months earlier than most other countries, Trollbeads typically releases their Mother’s Day Collection worldwide early as well.  This year’s offering includes two beads, the limited edition Roses for Mom and Opposites Attract.  The photos are courtesy of Trollbeads, please do not reproduce without crediting. The LE Roses for Mom is the perfect followup to the very popular 2016 LE Mother’s Rose bead.  It’s similar in

X Jewellery Spring 2017 Collection


Apologies for the long absence!  It seems life just keeps getting in the way, and things start sliding to the right .  Thanks for the kind emails asking about my whereabouts, I’m still kicking!  I’ll be trying to update the blog by postdating to the release dates, so hopefully this information is not stale yet.   A lot happens in a month in the charms jewelry world, so let’s get right to

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 UK Release


Pandora typically debuts a small set from the Mother’s Day collection in the UK prior to the worldwide launch since Mothering Sunday is celebrated much earlier in the year than most countries.  This year has the same schedule and we see just the family/mother themed charms available early.  The rest of the collection will be released on April 13th for all markets so not much longer to wait now. I love that Pandora