Trollbeads 40th Anniversary Bracelet and Trollbeads Day Preview


Exciting news for Trollbeads as we finally know what the brand will be doing for their 40th Anniversary celebration this year!  It’s hard to follow their fabulous 30th Anniversary Bracelet but they sure are making a great effort with this year’s offering.  The release will coincide with Trollbeads Day which will be July 2nd.  The launch includes a bracelet set and a very special bead, both are limited edition. Unlike

Trollbeads Spacer Collection Debut


After the big spring releases, it gets pretty quiet until the fall.  To break up the monotony, today Trollbeads is launching their highly anticipated Spacer Collection!  Decorative spacers been long awaited and much requested, so I have been as eager as anyone for this collection to debut.  There are 7 designs in this set: Beehive, Sunbeam, Sweet Berries, Dot’n’Dot, Connected Love, Heart, and Bumble Bee.  The photos are courtesy of

Ohm Beads Ambulance Release


The other surprise Ohm Beads charm launching today is called Ambulance.  It is also not limited so will be part of the regular collection.  This single release is a very detailed design of an ambulance.  Great for paramedics or medical professionals, it’s a niche piece for a target group of fans. There was no preview for this bead either, so another nice revelation by the brand.  I love the detailed back which shows an enlarged

Ohm Beads Animal Aptitude Collection


Apologies for the short hiatus as I’ve been busy moving and unpacking all week.  But today I’m excited to share the newest Ohm Beads debut called Animal Aptitude!  This is a really fun glass set featuring 3 new designs called Dalmatian Dactylogram, Frog Fantasticism, and Salamander Schnozberry.  Animal Aptitude is being sold as a kit from Ohm Beads headquarters, although individual retailers may split them up. The brand did not post

*redbalifrog* Life is a Song Collection Release


Today is the release of the newest *redbalifrog* collection titled Life is a Song. The theme is music of course, and there are 6 new pieces. They are called Love the Music, Music Scroll, Peace Guitar, Skull King of Music, Songbird pendant, and Stardust.  The designs in this set are very inspirational and beautifully crafted, something we’ve come to expect from Amanda! It is obvious what the inspiration is behind these

Pandora Essence UK Promotion


Pandora UK has been awfully quiet on the promotions front this year, but today kicks off their first free bracelet promotion of the year!  With any purchase of £95 or more receive your choice of the regular Essence bracelet or the beaded Essence bracelet.  The event runs from April 28th through May 2nd, so it’s a great time to indulge in Pandora.  Unfortunately, retailers are not allowed to ship overseas, so if

Ohm Beads Luna (May BOTM) Debut


The highly anticipated release of the Ohm Beads Luna is finally here!  Just ahead of the new month, we see the May Bead of the Month which is a little different than before.  For those who preordered, you’ll be receiving a surprise in the mail as this is a “blind bag”.  There are two versions of the charm, one completely oxidized and one that is silver with oxidation detailing. Both are gorgeous

Rue La La Pandora Boutique Sale


Rue La La is hosting another Pandora sale today! It started this morning and will be open for 9 days, closing on May 6th.  The items on sale include charms, rings, earrings, and pendants, and includes some of the newly retired pieces from earlier this year.  If you’re not familiar with this website, they offer designer sample sales including some of the best luxury brands around. This site is by invitation only, so

Trollbeads Mother’s Day GWP Begins


Reposting from earlier in the week, the Trollbeads Mother’s Day gift with purchase begins today!  For any purchase of $150 or more, you will receive a beautiful grey tassel key ring (which can hold beads) and a surprise Universal Unique glass bead.  This promotion is running from April 27th to May 8th for the US and Canada (but most retailers will ship overseas).  It can be found on my recommended retailer, the official

X Jewellery Retirement


Today brings news of X Jewellery’s first retirement and a price reduction! This is an official list and the designs have already been discontinued.  Retailers will sell through their remaining stocks and then they will be gone for good.  Presumably, the retiring links are the ones that do not sell well, so for some it’s not a surprise. All the pendants and Asian cords are getting the axe; I did

Ohm Beads Mama Terra (April BOTM) Review


Today is Earth Day and to celebrate I’m taking a look at the new Ohm Beads April BOTM, Mama Terra! It’s a gorgeous bead representing Mother Earth and she’s beautifully detailed. Only 555 were made and stocks are already low, if not sold out, at headquarters.  I’m so lucky to get one and I’ve been enjoying her immensely since I received it. It comes in amazing packaging with a burlap

Alex Cramariuc – Tupilak


Alex Cramariuc is debuting his newest creation today and it’s a doozy!  The design is called Tupilak and is made for a fantasy necklace.  The Tupilak is an Greenlandic Troll and represents “one of the most iconic symbols of the Greenlandic Inuits, the Tupilak originates with the practice of witchcraft and used to be made exclusively by the shaman who then used it in different rituals.” These are traditionally made from “whale, walrus